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Osaka is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. Many people choose Osaka as their destination because of its history, culture, temples, boats, rivers, and nightlife.

If you are looking for somewhere fun to stay in Osaka, we have found some good cheap options here! Read on for all the details.


trip advisor osaka

Tsūtenkaku is a shopping centre located just outside the Nippon Seiyu University area. It boasts over 200 shops and services, making it one of the largest shopping centres in Japan.

Tsūtenkaku is easily recognisable by its tall, red buildings and large parking lot next to it. This complex is home to some of the top brand shops in Japan with over 100 of them!

Tsūtenkaku was developed as a new shopping centre to compete with the famous Shinagawa Chome Chabad Lubavitch Centre. Both centres are very popular due to their large number of well-known brand shops as well as traditional Japanese stores like ukiyo-e artists’ residences.

Osaka Castle

trip advisor osaka

Trip Advisor reports that Osaka Castle is a great place to see at night. There are many bars and restaurants that offer excellent views of the city skyline at night.

Osaka Castle was built in the 1590s by Taira-kaku, a feudal lord who was a prolific builder. His goal was to create a strong isolation system for his family, who governed nearby villages with him.

The castle has been beautifully restored and is a fascinating sight in the dark. Tourists can purchase discounted tickets at certain times of the day, so don’t go until after dark!

It takes about an hour to go up and down the stairs at Osaka Castle, so make sure you have time before you go! You can also tour it by night if you are lucky enough to have good weather with you.

Oktoberfest Takadanobaba

trip advisor osaka

If you are looking for a beer-sodas-and-dance party, then Oktoberfest Takadanobaba is the right event for you. The event features over fifty beers and ninety-five drinks, all priced at under US$10.

At the event, you can mix and match your drink and beer choice to your liking, so you can have an Oktoberfest mixed with soda and cake, or a pumpkin ale with goats cheese cake!

Of course, there are also professional dance crews performing at the event so if you are a dance fan, this is definitely worth checking out.

This annual event takes place on the second Saturday in October and runs from noon until late.

Food in Osaka

trip advisor osaka

If you’re looking for Japanese food or Western food, Osaka has you covered. There are so many options that it can be hard to decide!

Many restaurants offer delivery and picked up services which is great if you are not in the know about food. You can also go to the restaurants and ask for guidance on what to order.

Overall, food in Osaka is pretty good quality, prices are reasonable, and there are many places to choose from. Many of them have a cult following which is half the fun!

Your best bet for Western food is probably San-San Food Company or Local 42 Doma. Both of these restaurants have clear influences from the U.S.

Excellent transportation system

trip advisor osaka

Osaka has a robust transportation system made up of buses, subway trains, and taxis. You can choose to use the buses, the subways, or the taxis but you will have to deal with their stop locations and fees.

Although taxi’s are expensive, they are an affordable way to get around. Most vehicles have a button that charges a payment device when inside. This payment device can be exchanged for a ride in either a taxi or the subway!

The subway is an excellent way to explore Osaka as it has several stations scattered throughout the city center.

Offbeat attractions

trip advisor osaka

If you’re looking to relax, you should know about some of the less commonly visited places in Osaka. There are many serene rivers and waterfalls near downtown, so if you’re looking for a relaxing day out, consider one of these offbeat attractions.

Osaka Numaebashi Temple is located in Numaebashi, a neighborhood just east of downtown Osaka. It is known for its beautiful wooden houses and lush trees.

Amedee Fountain Park is located just south of downtown Osaka. It features an iconic bronze statue of an angel that was erected in 1979 and was inspired by a fountain found in Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral.

If you are looking for something fun to do on a hot summer day, check out Takasaki Cool Water Forest Theme Park. This theme park offers various waterfalls and trails that will keep you cool as you adventure around on your own.

Amusement parks

trip advisor osaka

If you’re looking for some exciting thrill rides or fun activities, Osaka has plenty of them. There are several amusement parks within a short distance of Osaka station including: NAMBA (near Osaka station), NAMMU (in Chofu, about 30 minutes from downtown Osaka), and Dersu (in Higashiosha).

Of these, Dersu is our favorite and most highly regarded. It’s small but very enjoyable with its variety of attractions and good prices. Another favorite is NAMMU, which has a nice collection of rides.

As the summer season gets going, there are more fun things to do outside. A popular place to do this is at Kintai-san Beach, located in Higashiosaka city. There are also some beautiful parks in surrounding areas where you can go if you’re not inclined to visit waterfalls or the beach.

Shopping in Osaka

trip advisor osaka

If you are looking to shop hard, Osaka is the place to be. There are so many large-scale retail stores and 1000-shop intervals in Osaka!

Most of the retail stores have online sales, which is great if you cannot make it to the store to look at everything. You can still enjoy shopping in Osaka by using these sites!

Trip Advisor has listed several shopping districts in and around Umeda station, which is downtown Osaka. These areas include Nihombashi, Kinugo, Kamoshidai, and Tsukiji. All of these areas have very vibrant neighborhoods with lots of things to see and do.

Kinugo is famous for its traditional Japanese houses that you can rent. Many people book them in advance as they are popular springtime get-a-heads. Nihombashi and Tsukiji also have a number of these traditional homes you can stay at.

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