Why Q Singapore

Q Singapore is a two-week immersion program for high school and college-aged adults. It was created by Qubee to help enhance the lives of its clients by providing them with an opportunity to make a fresh start.

Qubee was founded by a group of leaders from the business world who have experienced first hand the importance of creating an environment where individuals are motivated and encouraged to succeed.

This environment is known as a “culture” and it plays an important role in promoting productivity, creativity, innovation, and overall success.

The founders of Qubee saw this culture being missing in many corporate settings and decided to create it in their own company. They designed it to be strong but not overly burdensome.

Q Singapore is in an ideal location

why q singapore

Whether you are travelling to Q Singapore for a concert, convention, or just to see the sights, you will be glad that you came to this article. This article will talk about an important area to consider when planning your trip to Q Singapore.

The transportation system in Q Singapore is amazing! There are numerous public buses, taxis, and boats that serve the city as a whole. You can even use your ride card on these services which is another reason to visit!

Public transportation is very well organized which is great for planning your day. A lot of places and routes are listed on the city government’s site so it is not an overwhelming task to find your way around.

Easy transportation options

why q singapore

You’ll be able to visit Aunty’s, the Museum of Natural Science, and the Singapore Flyer at Tan Know Niongat. All are located within central Singapore in less than 30 minutes’ walk.

You can also take public buses or trains. Both buses and trains run frequently throughout the day, ensuring you have easy access to the city.

Many of central Singapore’s landmarks are accessible quickly via public transportation. The Biamax Tower is only a 10-minute bus ride from Little India, for example.

In case you want to visit one of them outside regular business hours, there are always plenty of taxi services available to help you out. Most drivers will ask if they can bring their guests as they are convenient to campus and transportation is easy.

A popular tourist destination

Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There’s a reason so many countries have a resort or city that’s about an hour away from Downtown Los Angeles!

As an attractive, fun city to visit, Singapore has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and entertaining attractions. From its wide array of temples and museums to its beautiful skyline and convenient location, no one is saying it isn’t worth visiting.

The things that make Singapore unique are what makes people say, “Why don’t you guys do this?” Like cycling and skateboarding are popular forms of recreation. Both are very prevalent in Singapore!

Singapore is also known for its efficient transportation system which promotes active lifestyles.

An international city

why q singapore

With its central location, Q has quickly become a city that people from all over come to. This is due to the diversity of services and experiences offered in the neighbourhood.

With its close proximity to Little India, Clarke Quay, Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, there is always something to do. Plus, it is also close to City Point and Discovery Times Square so you can enjoy some of the night life that this area has to offer!

International visitors can find international banks and high-street shops like Starbucks, Gap and even H&M. For food options, you will not go hungry at any of the many Chinatown restaurants or hawker centres nearby.

International students make up a large part of the population in Q because of its international appeal.

Cost of living is low

why q singapore

As mentioned earlier, Q Singapore is inexpensive. Most items are priced at under $5, with some being as low as $3. This makes it a great place to start exploring Singapore as a way to see the city and its culture.

Most restaurants and stores are open for under 24 hours so you can test this out. You will find that most items are cheaper in Singapore than anywhere else in the world due to the low cost of living.

There is also an abundance of fresh food in Singapore, which is costumed appropriately.

Quality of life is high

why q singapore

For people who are stressed out and constantly thinking about how they can improve their lives, Q Singapore is the best residential community for restless people. You’ll be surrounded by friends and neighbors who are also trying to improve their lives.

This is because most of the residents are younger (25 to 35) and married. This is a sign that people have made good choices in life so far and know how to take care of themselves.

Another great quality of this community is its price-conscious attitude. You will find that most people in this community don’t spend much on hobbies or other forms of self-development because the quality of life here is so high.

You will also find that most members of this community are workers who live in nearby apartments and rely on each other to provide good quality services for their residents.

Culture and cuisine

why q singapore

Q Singapore is set in the central business district, close to M-link and up-town landmarks like the Marina/Lido/TelokADA. This is why you will see so many people heading here for a lunch or dinner break!

It is also why you will be hearing so many voices of locals going here for inspiration and cuisine. Because it is so central, it has a lot of local businesses that operate out of here, which makes for great customer service and food!

Locals love to use the term ‘Korean BBQ’ when describing what they eat here. It is a way to describe an eclectic mix of meats and vegetables that are cooked in a very specific way.

Hearty yet delicious, local favourites include beef bones with black beans and rice, grilled chicken with cilantro spring rolls, or barbecue pork belly with bokaletongue sauce.

Relaxed business environment

why q singapore

You will enjoy the business environment in Singapore. There are many companies that offer relaxed environments where you can let your guard down and focus on your business.

Many of them offer free or low cost meals and drinks, making it a hui-hual (business drink) to join a company and learn how to run your business in the modern world.

Business training events are common at events like Confluence, where you can find many different corporate hubandts. They all have a reason for organizing business training events, and most of them are worth attending.

The organizers know that people who need help with their business are likely to come out of the gate strong, so they create materials that help prepare people for what they need to do next.

These kinds of training events could be used once, but the benefits stay with the person because they get acquainted with a new environment or technique and then go back to their normal workflow once they finish learning everything.

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