How To Travel Singapore

Traveling to Singapore is an awesome way to spend your time. There are so many things to see and do in this city-state, and only a few moments in time will be enough for you to fully experience them all.

Do not worry about overdoing it, as Singapore is a safe city-state. Everything you do is supervised by the authorities, so there is never any need to be stressed out about something.

Having visitors from all over the world makes traveling to Singapore easy, as they can learn some of the old customs that are still in use here. Visiting temples, seeing markets, and spending some time at one of the many beaches make for a great day of entertainment.

This article will go into detail on how to travel to Singapore! Read on for more information.

Book your flight

Once you have determined your travel date and location, it is time to book your flight. The first step in booking flight is to find the best prices compared to other airlines.

Placing a phone call to Singapore Airlines and S A Airways together can help you save some money! We recommend talking to at least one representative as they may differ in price between the two airlines but still offer a good value for money experience.

When calling, make sure to get the right Singapore Airlines account number as your Singapore Airlines card will only work for this airline’s services.

To find the best deal on flights, use airline websites as they may have special deals applied to their apps and/or email subscriptions.

Book your hotel

how to travel singapore

When you arrive in Singapore, the first thing you should do is book a hotel. Most of the major hotel chains have presence in Singapore, and they offer both online and offline bookings.

If you are planning a weekend get-together, recommend doing your online booking at least a week in advance to take into account for cancellations and changes. Also, since most hotels have their own web site, it is very easy to find a room using that.

In terms of amenities and services offered by the hotels, the customer service is top notch! Most people report that their hotel staff is helpful and friendly, with good English skills.

Make a list of things to do

how to travel singapore

As mentioned earlier, Singapore is a city focused on work. This makes it very important to make sure you have enough time to do everything on your list of things to do.

You will also need time to do your own thing, so don’t worry about being overcommitted with all the things you want to do in Singapore. There are many attractions and activities to take part in throughout the year.

For those on tight schedules, here are some suggestions for things to do in Singapore. You can mix old and new attractions, making them for a nice mix of experience: temples, ancient landmarks, modern skyscrapers and structures, housing estates, parks and beaches.

Old buildings can be fun on an expensive (but worthwhile) trip back-to-back-to-back days? New buildings can always be exciting and different – something that has never been an issue with Singapore as it is such a diverse country.

Pack appropriately

how to travel singapore

While it is fun to experiment with new things you pack for travel, too much can make your trip more difficult and expensive. You want to be able to function in a social environment, but also in an emergency.

For example, if you are going to a restaurant in Singapore, you want to pack a dress and/or business suit. A nice shirt and pants would help if you were dining out as well as attending a conference or event.

If you are traveling during the daytime, two nice tops and two pairs of slacks is good enough. If you travel at night, four tops and four pairs of pants would be sufficient.

These guidelines do not apply only when traveling within Singapore; they apply everywhere.

Get a transport card

how to travel singapore

If you are really into walking, you can get a transport card which will let you walk in Singapore for free. It costs $1 to $1.50 to use, depending on where you go.

You can also rent a bike or get a taxi if you are that way inclined.

The transportation card is valid for NYE and all year as long as you do not go on public transport. The only time it is not valid is during the Christmas week and New Year’s week period!

You can use it at MRT, LRT, SPAX, and taxi kiosks. Just note that SPAX does not work in winter so make sure you get the right place!

The taxi card works the same way as the transportation card but it is for taxis instead of MRT or LRTs.

Know the location of popular attractions

how to travel singapore

When you visit a city, you will find some very popular destinations are malls, beaches, and attractions. If you want to visit a theater or zoo, there are lots of places in Singapore.

Many of these places have Camels as a mascot. The animal is cute and symbols of fun and entertainment so people will flock to them.

If you know the location of the attraction well, it can be a savings compared to going to the theme park or beach. It also gives you more choices when looking for accommodation as the local community often help out at the attraction!

Having information and choosing an attraction based on what you want can prevent unnecessary travelling jitters! Many people choose Singapore as a destination due to its attractive locations and friendly people.

Having both helps save time and energy which can be spent on other things.

Take photos for souvenirs

how to travel singapore

While in Singapore, you should take photos of yourself and your belongings. This can be helpful for reimbursement or to send to a family or friend if you lose your cellphone or data connection.

Many hotels will give you an access code by request, so you can also go straight into the hotel’s system and take photos.

You can also try taking photos at public places like shopping malls and tourist attractions, but do not count on being allowed to shoot photos with absolutely everything! Many stores require a camera app and/or a credit card to use at checkout, even in shopping malls!

If you are very careful, you can even get some great pictures without having any camera app or memory card installed.

Eat local food

how to travel singapore

While most people in Singapore eat western-style foods, you can still go local by eating what is in season.

For example, while most people enjoy chicken rice in February because of the snow, you can go local and enjoy that every month! There are many food stalls and restaurants that are dedicated to serving food from the season.

Most of these restaurants have a cosmopolitan reputation, as they cater to foreigners as well as locals. Instead of eating in front of a television all day, these companies offer interactive experiences such as makeup tutorials or cooking classes.

You can find them at tourist meccas such as Singapore Expo and at shopping malls where you can learn how to make things like ice cream or tempura.

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