How Much Validity of Passport to Travel?

Many countries impose a six month passport validity rule as they do not want travelers to travel and then have their passport expire while still away, creating headaches upon returning home from an overseas journey.

As such, before traveling overseas it is always advisable to check the validity of your passport so as to avoid being turned away at airports or countries abroad.

Adult Passports

Most countries require adult citizens to possess a passport valid for six months or longer in order to travel internationally, though passport renewal procedures for adults may differ from those for children. Adult passport holders will usually need to present identification proof such as driver’s licenses, military or government employment identification cards and birth certificates when applying for their passports.

Some nations allow adult citizens to select from five or ten-year passport validity periods at various prices, giving them time to plan ahead and purchase one before their current one expires. This gives individuals time to plan ahead when renewing their passport before it runs out of validity.

Some countries, like Canada and Mexico, do not enforce a minimum passport validity period for travelers. Your passport should always remain in good condition regardless of its length of validity, showing no signs of wear and tear. The City Clerk’s Office serves as an authorized Passport Acceptance Facility accepting US passport books and cards for qualified applicants.

Child Passports

Child passports typically expire every five years and cannot be renewed, making it important to monitor its date of issue so it does not expire before your international travel plans have taken place.

As opposed to adult passport applications, children’s passport applications must be made in person and both parents must appear with them. If either parent cannot make it together for application purposes, one parent may submit a notarized DS-3053 statement of consent and proof they have sole custody of the child.

At your appointment, a clerk will double-check that you have all of the required forms and identification. In addition, you will need a current passport-sized photo of your child taken within six months; clear, color-intact and taken without glasses or hats are essential – these photographs may be purchased prior to time from Walmart and CVS among other locations.


No matter your reason for traveling, an expired passport should never be permitted as it will prevent you from checking-in and flying – and may even result in being denied entry at an airport and sent directly home even for short trips. Many countries and airlines impose this rule when examining passports – it is always a bad idea!

Before traveling abroad, make sure your passport meets the requirements for the country of destination by consulting its government website. If your passport is near its expiration date, renew it either via mail or at an acceptance facility such as a post office or public library – remembering processing times vary so give yourself enough time. Alternatively, pay extra for expedited service if time is pressing!


Countries have different rules regarding passport validity; some require it to remain valid for at least a certain number of months post-arrival, particularly those part of Europe’s Schengen area.

This region encompasses 26 European countries that permit short-term travel or transit through non-Schengen destinations without needing a visa, using the 3+3 rule as guidance; your passport should remain valid at least three months past your intended stay in these countries plus three.

It is also best to check with the country in which you’re traveling regarding its passport validity rules before leaving home.

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