How Can I Travel to Queensland?

how can i travel to queensland

Queensland is a paradise, boasting beautiful beaches, glittering coral reefs and steamy tropical rainforests that create a paradise-like setting. Additionally, Queensland boasts an intriguing Aboriginal history which incorporates stories about ancestral spirits into its beaches, islands and forests.

There are various travel options to Queensland, from luxury oceanfront villas to road trips. For more information, visit the Queensland government website.


Queensland provides the ideal balance of relaxation and adventure, offering stunning beaches as well as world-renowned reefs to discover. As Australia’s premier state both culturally and geographically, Queensland encapsulates all that Australia has to offer in an instantaneous manner.

Travelers can reach Queensland via plane, train, and boat. A journey planner such as Rome2Rio provides travelers with ticket prices and travel times comparison capabilities while visiting Translink provides maps with bus/train schedules and times.

The Cairns to Kuranda railway travels along a course listed on UNESCO World Heritage site Wet Tropics, crossing gorges and waterfalls while winding past incredible mountains. At Barron Falls Station you can go right beneath its magnificent waterfall for an extraordinary sight. Domestic travellers are free to enter Queensland without restrictions while international visitors should note Australian government’s border entry requirements before travelling here.

Road Trips

Queensland is a road trip enthusiast’s paradise. Miles of shimmering asphalt offer adventure, freedom, and the chance to expand your playlist.

Take the Rainforest Way south of Brisbane for an ideal weekend escape, where nature shines with waterfalls, babbling creeks and native wildlife aplenty! Or head north on an inland tour through country Queensland – Maleny and Montville are great towns where dairy products and wine abound – then visit Bunya Mountains Baroon Pocket Dam as part of this quintessential Queensland road trip!

Train travel is another good option in Queensland, as its rail network is considered one of the finest in Australia. For more information about train times and routes visit the Queensland Government website.

Staying Close to the Coast

Queensland is a stunning state full of stunning beaches, rainforests and rugged outback landscapes. Home to an abundance of endemic wildlife can be found around Great Barrier Reef’s coral-fringed islands and Great Barrier Reef itself; while further north you’ll discover steamy tropical experiences like cassowaries, crocs and tree kangaroos.

Before embarking on any car-travel adventures, always research local road rules before setting off. They may differ significantly from what’s required back home; e.g. driving with one hand only on the wheel and wearing a seat belt are two such rules which might need to be observed.

Transport options such as buses and trains are another great way to navigate Brisbane; check the Translink website for timetables and maps. Brisbane also features convenient ferries which make traveling between nearby destinations a quick and efficient process, or you could rent a bike if you prefer exploring on your own.

Luxury Oceanfront Villas

Queensland is a state with incredible variety, from dusty interior outback to where one of the oldest rainforests on the planet meets with the Great Barrier Reef – with diverse cultures and landscapes making up its makeup that mirror Australia as a whole.

Queensland offers an abundance of accommodation options. Ranging from luxurious resorts and apartments, to more rustic vacation rentals. A holiday home rental may also provide an idyllic way of experiencing Queensland’s tropical paradise without being constrained by hotel dining hours or housekeeping schedules.

Queensland is best experienced during May to September when weather is dry and warm – this makes road trips or boating trips ideal. Additionally, this allows for less crowds at beaches allowing you to have them all to yourself!

Boat Trips

Queensland provides many ways to enjoy an unforgettable vacation, but one of the best is via boat. Small cruises sail the Great Barrier Reef for up to one week, providing access to remote coral cays that are free from crowds of tourists.

Queensland can be explored both land and sea if you are feeling adventurous. Camping in remote national parks can be thrilling; just be prepared for rough terrain and limited phone coverage.

Statewide pride lies in Australia’s rich Indigenous heritage. Discover its traditional lands with Johnny, a Kuku-Yalanji man. Johnny will show you around his homeland and teach traditional skills such as hunting crocodiles or cooking bush tucker, all the while sharing his deep connection to the land by inviting you to play his didgeridoo around a campfire.

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