Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysia, also known as The Journey’s End, is a fascinating country with a variety of landscapes, cultures, and experiences.

With its tropical climate and diverse culture, Malaysia has become an exciting destination for people looking for adventure. Today, The 21st century is all about technology and innovation. This is why today, tourism in Malaysia has become more about cultural experiences and nature tourism than the other way around.

This is a great thing! Because when visitors are impressed by what they see and experience in Malaysia, they are more likely to recommend Kuala Lumpur to their friends. This is what nature lovers do so well! They take what they experience while visiting a place, makes it publically available via technology so other people can enjoy it too.

Prepare for hot temperatures

malaysia travel tips

As the rainy season begins in Malaysia, expect to see lots of umbrellas and waterfalls of rain. Due to its proximity to Thailand and Indonesia, humidity is high in Malaysia.

Because of the country’s heat wave history, be prepared for heavy pantyhose wear and a fan policy. Also, keep an eye out for sun protection measures as there are very few outside of traditional birthdays and major events.

Temperature wise, June through August are the hottest months with an average temperature of around 79 degrees. July and August are the driest months with an average water content of 30%.

Bring lots of sunscreen

malaysia travel tips

Even though Malaysia is a sunny country, be prepared to apply plenty of sunscreen. Most places are quite warm all year round, so you will need to protect yourself from the sun all the time.

There are two main reasons to wear sunscreen in Malaysia. The first is to protect your skin from the suns harmful rays. The second is to prevent burns and tanning products breaking while you travel.

The second reason to wear sunscreen is to save yourself from getting burned when taking a bath or washing your hair. Even light baths can turn into very strong soap and shampoo, making you look very tan but feeling dry and cracked afterwards.

To save yourself even more time, money, and health problems, buyellaentsipes of sunscreen in advance. You can also buy it at local stores or at shops that sell safety products such as sunscreens or burn creams.

Try some local food

malaysia travel tips

If you are visiting Malaysia for the first time, try some local food. It’s called penang food, and it’s delicious.

Local foods are usually very good, so if you are not a meat lover, there are plenty of other foods to try. Penang is known for its prawns and chilies, for example.

Many restaurants offer takeaway menus so you can sample many dishes at your own pace. You can also ask the waiter to suggest things for you if this is the norm.

Take a walk in the historic city of Malacca

malaysia travel tips

If you’re looking for a relaxing city break, a stay in Malacca is worth considering. It’s the former capital of the ancient Kingdom of Malay, and was a major trading town for several centuries.

A dense network of streets and alleys give this city a unique urban feel, and it has preserved much of its historic centre. This makes it an interesting and exciting place to visit!

Known as the City of Roses due to its many rose windows, this distinctive landmark is also noted for its colonial-era buildings and cobbled streets. A trip here is bound to leave you with a favourable impression!

Visiting the old city is an excellent way to see what makes this captivating city different from other cities in Malaysia.

Visit the amazing Lake Titicaca

malaysia travel tips

The mighty Titicaca Lake is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including over 200 different species of fish. The lake is also an important source of irrigation for Peru’s crops.

Visiting the lake is an unforgettable experience. You will need to rent a boat in order to explore the beautiful waterway. You can also hike along the banks or visit one of the many visitor centers where you can learn about the wildlife and experience some fishing or canoeing.

For those who are lucky enough to visit during daylight hours, you can see amazing sunrises and sunsets as well as enjoy gorgeous night time views.

Take a tour of the streets and markets

malaysia travel tips

There’s no reason to visit Kuala Lumpur without a tour of its streets and markets. Both are lovely and you will be glad you did.

The street markets are a nice way to see local life, with all types of foods being sold and people enjoying them. You can also meet the local community and learn about their culture.

The Markets are always full of locals looking for good food and products to consume or products they want to buy. You can also find good deals on clothing and accessories as well as souvenirs.

Local communities have their own rituals and ways of dealing with problems, so joining in the discussion is a nice extra help.

Learn how to use chopsticks correctly

malaysia travel tips

If you are unfamiliar with the art of chopstick usage in Asia, you may be hesitant to try out some of the more unusual ways to use them. One way to start learning how to use them is by learning how not to misuse them.

Chopsticks are a universal tool that can be used for many things. While some people may not know how to put their finger on one end and food on the other end, most do!

Learning how not to misplace your chopsticks is one of the first lessons in Asian Chopstick Cooking. When using a rice cooker, make sure you keep your tares separate from your shoots. How not to wash and dry your chopsticks properly can also lead to messy eating sessions.

Use a fork and knife properly

When eating uncooked food, you must use a fork and knife properly. First, you must use a crook to place the food onto your plate. Then, you must cut the food in half to get both sides of the food. Finally, you must put the finished piece of food in your mouth and enjoy it!

Both forks and knives are provided when dining at a restaurant. The knife is usually fairly sharp so you can make quick cuts without risking too much texture. The problem most people have to deal with is washing the knives.

Washing knives is not something that can be done on the fly! We recommend using an angle-grinder style device called a kitchen utenich to help wash and dry your knives. This will remove any harsh chemicals or scratches that could harm your meal.

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