Singapore Travel Laws

While Singapore is a very enjoyable place to live, there are some rules and laws that you must know if you want to make Singapore your home. If you don’t, then you can still have a great time in this country!

These laws include things like how much money you can spend, what ages people are allowed to drink alcohol, how much gambling is permitted, and what types of entertainment providers are allowed in Singapore.

Understand what to do if you lose your wallet or phone

singapore travel laws

If you lose your phone or wallet in Singapore, you can go to any of the following to get them back:
Topic A-: Malls and Seaport Districts

If you are going to a mall or the waterfront, visit the mall first to check if they have your phone or wallet. Many stores will return your belongings if you make an effort to leave a detailed message with them.

If not, visit Topic B-: Streets and Suburbs

If you are lost in a residential area, look around and see if anyone has a phone or wallet nearby. If so, call them and ask them where they went and what they did while there. Many people are unable to respond in a timely manner, so having someone look out for you is helpful.

Both of these locations can help you find help if you are lost. Keep asking yourself how likely it is that you would ask for assistance in such situations – if it was, then it would be best etiquette to help others.

Learn how to use the public transportation

singapore travel laws

Many people initiate bus and trains stops and questions on the Singapore transit system, making it one of the most talked about cities in the world.

When using public transportation, you must always be alert. More often than not, CCTVs are mounted on stations and buses to help facilitate traffic flow.

You should also never be too forward-looking when using public transportation. If you see a car going at high speed on the road, you should run ahead of it to make sure it does not hit someone or something else!

Public transportation is very reliable and safe.

Know the drinking laws

singapore travel laws

People drinking while driving is a punishable offence in Singapore. Also, people drinking in public is prohibited by law.

Drinking laws apply to both people and to places. A public place is one with several publicly accessible areas, such as a restaurant or nightclub. A private place is one that you and the person drinking with you would easily determine is alcohol-related, such as a bar or club.

It is also illegal to keep an open container of alcohol in your possession when intoxicated (0.5% and higher). This includes tiny bottles of wine or beer, even if opened!

If you’re found drunk in a public place, you can be jailed for up to six months and/or fined up to $1,000. If you’re found drunk in a private place, you may be charged and jailed if the court rules that your rights to privacy have been violated.

Understand the smoking laws

singapore travel laws

If you are smoking a cigarette or cigar in public, you must pay close attention to the laws on smoking in Singapore. The minimum age to smoke is 18 years old, so if you are younger then that, obtain permission from your parents first.

Also known as the country of phones and gadgets, mobile phones are very popular. Many people now install smartphones rather than personal computers as their phone is their computer now.

So, while surfing the internet or checking your email on your phone, be careful not to smoke while doing so. Also, since mobile phones are so prevalent nowadays, there is a good chance that Singapore authorities have already been contacted about potential illegal use of cell phones.

If you need to make a call on your cell phone while in Singapore, be careful not to smoke or otherwise start an active conversation with the phone in your hand or on speaker mode.

Be aware of sexual harassment laws

singapore travel laws

While gender-based laws exist in most countries, some countries place more emphasis on sexual harassment than others. In fact, some place it as a crime!

In some cases, sexual harassment is considered a form of discrimination and/or offense. In other cases, it is just considered a part of work life and not a social one.

Either way, it is important to know your rights as an employee or individual in Singapore. As an employer, you may also be responsible for providing a safe working environment for your employees.

As an individual looking to move to Singapore, you may be wondering what kind of behavior violates the law and how you can get away from legal repercussions.

Know how to report a crime

singapore travel laws

If you are ever confronted by a crime, you can report it using the reporting system. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has set up this reporting system to help people if they are in need of help.

The reporting system can be accessed via contacting the police or calling 999 / 112. Once you report a crime, the police will come and investigate to see if there is any truth to your claim.

If the crime was committed against you or someone you know, the police will send an officer to collect evidence such as a trace of blood, dentures, shoes or other footwear and/or clothing and/or evidence such as a mobile phone signal or trace of information on a document.

If the crime was committed against an object such as a piece of furniture or object it can also be traced with stains on it such as blood, dressings or markings.

Know the emergency numbers

singapore travel laws

All Singapore citizens and residents are required to have a cell phone but only used when in an emergency. The number can be called from any device so long as it has a working phone connection.

You can also use the mobile app or your home network’s messaging system to message an emergency number.

When you reach the emergency numbers, do not yet dial the numbers- this is how they connect you to a service provider who will help you with getting through to an operator. Instead, write down the numbers and then tell the operator what they say!

Instead, you can either go to your local police station or community centre’s telephone hotline, or a social services agency such as Family & Children’s Services (F&C) or Community Care (Care).

Know how to stay safe in the sun

singapore travel laws

As the sun is a powerful source of energy, be aware of what activities you are exposed to while in the sun.

Most importantly, stick to a sunscreen and sunglasses policy while out in the sun!

While there are limited resources for safety measures when it comes to sun exposure, stay protected and safe!

If you must go outside in the sunlight, limit time spent in the sun by being careful with your activity levels and wearing protective clothing. Also, use a sunscreen with broad spectrum protection that works effectively on your skin type.

Lastly, if you need to go outside without protecting yourself, avoid smoking while outdoors and keep an eye out for signs of skin cancer. Burningospace has more on tropical diseases and injuries.

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