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Travel is a wonderful way to explore the world. There are so many beautiful places in the world and so few people! That makes this adventure of arriving and living a new experience for you.

If you are eager to go, then you should consider traveling to Romania. This country is known for its history, cultural diversity, and beautiful countryside.

This article will talk about how to travel in Romania and make your next trip easier!

The beauty of Romania can be felt everywhere. Whether you look in the cities or the countryside, you will find something lovely. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life there, but remember that this is just a reflection of its people.

They are known for their hospitality and warm personality.


travel in romania

If you’re looking for some adventure, visiting the northern region of Romania is a good idea. It’s called Transylvania for a reason – it’s beautiful!

The region is famous for its castles, and you can visit many in an itinerary. Plus, with over 20 castles in the region, there’s bound to be at least one that you love!

This area is known for its folklore and stories, making it an exciting place to visit. There are many legends about this area and what lies behind its large number of castles.

Many people choose to travel to Transylvania by bus. There are numerous companies that offer this service in Romania, so look into finding a bus company if you do not have one pre-purchased. Traveling by bus can save you a lot of money, as these companies charge by per ticket!

Another way to see Transylvania is by plane.

The Black Sea

travel in romania

The Black Sea is a diverse, vast region that stretches from Romania to southern Georgia. It is home to numerous islands and archipelagoes, as well as extensive dry and wetlands.

Many remote regions of the Black Sea are only accessible by boat or plane. Because of its vast size, there are also very rare boats that travel between islands, making it an unforgettable experience.

Traveling on a boat is a unique way to see the Black Sea. The crew members teach you about the islands you are visiting, how to use the boats correctly, and what local customs you should observe.

On board ship, you can go fishing or watch other people fish! You can also attend village fairs or festivals, where you can get some good food and fun with friends.


travel in romania

Romania has a few big mountains, but not too many people know about them. They are Keuka, Gara, and Vuntut, the first three of which are called the Carpathians.

All of these mountains have beautiful views and are worth a trip even if you do not plan on going hiking.

You can see them from everywhere in Romania as they are gorgeous. They look like huge stacks of rocks rising up into the sky!

Besides their scenic beauty, these three mountains are very important to Romania. The Carpathians play a major role in Romanian history as they were once home to the Dacian tribe that built the famous Augusta Pupa monument.


travel in romania

Village life is very important to Rumanians. The term village in Romanian means “homeland.” In many cases, your home is the village you live in.

The way a village lives and relates to one another is highly respected. You meet people there for years and years before they become friends, but when you do it together, it’s like joining a close family.

They have a sense of community that goes beyond just social interactions and that’s what you discover when you visit a village. You feel like you are living in a newspaper and not just reading about it.

Visiting a village is an experience in itself as you see how everyone lives their lives together and how much they love their home land.


travel in romania

Romania is a fascinating country to explore. With its rich history, you will be able to determine where your next trip will be.

With over a million visitors a year, Romania has developed a culture that respects life and values. This is clear in everything they do, such as watching movies in theaters or watching television programs.

Because of this culture change, people are very protective of everything sacred. This includes historical sites, as well as places of worship and community spirit. The two most popular religious sites are the Christian churches and the local paganism.

The two Romanian gods are Venus and Mars and are called Danu Vii-vul (gods who bring rain) or Daoi Vii-vuls (gods who bring drought). People still practice both aspects of these gods today!

Visitors to Romania value its historic sites for their historical significance and for their interesting stories, but only if they do not desecrate them.


travel in romania

If you are a fan of Romanian cuisine, you will definitely enjoy traveling to Bucharest. There are so many restaurants that offer very authentic Romanian cuisine, and they all seem to be very good!

Many of the restaurants have a doctor on their staff that helps determine what you like and what foods are best suited for, which is super cool. You can also ask for recommendations from the staff at the restaurant, as they are trained in authentic Romanian cuisine!

Romanian food is always interesting in flavor combinations. For example, there might be a potato dish with beef or mashed potatoes with pork. You can find really creative ways to eat it though- for example, you can mash some of the potatoes together and eat them as noodles!

Another favorite food style is “fast food”- sort of like American/European burgers/sandwiches/plates.


travel in romania

Romania has a lot of vineyards, and most are not accessible to the public. However, there are some great places where you can taste their wines.

Many wineries offer tasting events at their premises, so contact them first to book a meeting. Or, visit one of the many wine festivals held annually in cities like Bucharest, Iasi, and Constanta.

Constantin Paleologu University in Constanta is renowned for its wine program and hosts annual wine tastings. Check out the website ( for upcoming events!

Another way to try Romania’s wines is at a local restaurant or cafe-type establishment. Many restaurants and cafes offer Sunday wine-tastings – check out their site! Many churches offer similar events as well.

Cheap travel destinations

travel in romania

There are many ways to see the world, for free! You just have to know where to go and what to see! Many countries offer free or reduced-cost travel experiences, so don’t be afraid to check out new places.

The majority of countries in the world do not charge admission fees, so you can visit many sites for free. Even though some of the sites are low-quality, you would still gain some knowledge compared to a university campus or large city.

These sites can also be a way to meet new people and travel outside your own region. You could even make some good friends while traveling, which is something worth considering.

The best part about these trips is that you get to learn about different things and how things works, but most of all, you get to get away from it all and enjoy yourself.

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