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While most people think of Japan as a big, vibrant country with lots to see and do, that is far from the truth. With so many visitors coming to experience the Japanese culture, you need to know how to stay in touch with the day-to-day activities of the people in your life.

By staying informed about events and news about Japan, you will be more prepared for any questions or comments you may have about the country. Many places offer informal introductions to people they know, so ask!

Event planners are on Twitter and Facebook almost daily so it is never too late to get involved. #JapanIn Details is a Twitter handle that posts detailed info about upcoming event details every month, so browse through them and find something new every month!

viernes is usually a quiet time for Japanese people, so stay away from major events during this time. If you want to meet other Japanians at an event, try going early or staying afterwards to talk about the event.


japan tourist travel

If you’re looking for some fun and affordable travel experiences, Osaka, Japan is for you. You’ll find a diverse population of tourists and average travelers here due to its affordable and fun travel experiences.

Osaka is a city that locals refer to as tennengai (外行) or the opposite of downtown Tokyo. Both refer to its affordability and variety of tourist attractions.

Most visitors come by subway, which is very easy to use. The city has a nice array of tourist attractions, so you can choose where you want to go! Many visitors go to Gion-Kinkakuji Temple in western Osaka for its unique architecture and experience.


japan tourist travel

If you’re looking to experience the tranquility of a Japanese temple, Kyoto is the place to be. Located in the central part of Japan, Kyoto is a beautiful city with a rich history.

Not only is Kyoto known for its temples, but it is also home to several historic Sites such as Yasukas Daibutsu and Niant psychiatrics hospitals.

Mount Fuji

japan tourist travel

Although it is not top of most visitor’s lists in Japan, Mount Fuji is worth seeing. It is the highest mountain in Japan and can be visited with a taxi or by walking up the numerous trails.

Mount Fuji is famous world over, but not for its height. It is at least twice as long as a football field and contains many paths that you can visit.

The most popular path is the one that rises up to a high plateau where you get a beautiful view of both Tokyo and Kyoto. Another path you can visit is the one that descends to a more local style village where you can discover some interesting sites such as temples, shrines, and tea houses.

Japan railpass

japan tourist travel

The railpass is a good way to see most of Japan as it is only ~$100 per person per month in train fares and live events!

The railpass was introduced in 2000 and has been revised several times. It now includes ¥1,000 ($11) admission tickets to many Tokyo sights, plus the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

This pass can be purchased at national rail stations, but it takes a while to get your money. It takes about a month for the first purchase and off-season sales.

After that, you have to wait six months before buying it again! You also have to keep it until you use it all up, as the ¥1,000 tickets cannot be used anywhere else in Japan.

The trouble with this pass is that you need to know where both the stations are located.


japan tourist travel

While more convenient, packages are often hard to find and combine with are rare. Most places that offer packages with airline tickets or hotel stays require you to purchase a minimum amount of things in order for the package to add up.

If you want to make changes to the package, you must also buy some of those items in order for the package to count. This can be annoying if you do not plan on using some of the items in this package!

Package tours can be good or bad, depending on who you ask. Some people feel they get better value from buying individual tickets than on a tour which requires them to coordinate with the rest of the group.

Tour companies also work hard at making their packages as complete as possible so that people who purchase them get good value.


japan tourist travel

While most tourists stick to predetermined itineraries, not everyone goes on as many trips as they do. You have a right to your regimen of sights and experiences. Each person has their own schedule that fits into their life, and tourist travel is just for people!

You do not have to go on as many trips as you want to, as long as you fit things into your schedule. Many people combine travel with family or friends to make the experience more enjoyable and spread out the visits.

On the other hand, it is fun to see what places you do not usually visit and what legends you may never hear of even though you are in the wrong country at the wrong time. It is also great practice for future travels!

Tourism can be good or bad. For example, some places receive large numbers of visitors but are not protected enough, or places that are popular but don’t protect anyone from harmful substances such as concerts or events.

What to eat in Japan

japan tourist travel

Unlike many Western countries, you do not have to eat Japanese food every day. There are many unique foods made in Japan, and you can find many of them in supermarkets and eating establishments around the country.

You do not have to stay hungry either- most restaurants offer two or three dishes per person, so you will never run out of food! Most offer very good quality food as well.

It is important to try some different foods when visiting Japan, as there are very few fast food chains and very little variety in restaurants. You can ask anywhere for a recommendation, usually people will be willing to help you out with your trip notes too!

Some people miss the variety of foods when traveling abroad, but it is worth making time for some new eats whilst in Japan! It is also important to try things out before criticizing what others serve as lunch or dinner parties so that you get a feel for what they are known for and/or offered as entrees.

Best spots in Tokyo

japan tourist travel

If you are looking for the best spots in Tokyo, this article is for you. This article will go over some of the largest and most popular areas of Tokyo, as well as some tips on how to get into them.

Many people start their day in Shinjuku by heading east on JR Shinkansen train lines and arriving at either Shin-Kiba or Shin-Abe stations around 6:00am. From here, you can make your way to one of the top tourist destinations in Tokyo: Shibuya district.

Shibuya is a huge district that houses a variety of high-traffic venues such as shops, restaurants, and clubs. While it may not be beautiful, it is definitely entertaining to visit as there are so many places to see and experience.

Another area with a lot of tourist traffic is Asakusa. Here you will find many tourists visiting shrines and temples within the area. There are also lots of shopping centers and businesses that cater to tourists.

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