How To Travel To Singapore From Johor Bahru

Now that you’re more familiar with the basics of traveling to Singapore from Johor Bahru, this article will talk about how to do it for a quick trip. There are many ways to travel to Singapore from Johor Bahru as there are so many airports and ferry boats making it easy to visit the island.

Many people choose to take the ferry from Sembawang in western Singapore every morning at 5:30 and return at around 10:30 for an afternoon visit! It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to make the journey which is easy to do in just under an hour.

There are also flights from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore airports as well as resorts on the island that offer boat trips or helicopter rides to bring you closer.

Prepare your documents

how to travel to singapore from johor bahru

In addition to a Singapore passport or foreign citizenship certificate, you will need a Singapore visa. If you are already a Singapore citizen, you do not need to prepare a visa if you are traveling to Singapore for business or tourism.

If you are visiting family or attending an educational event, make sure to have family members living in Singapore and confirmed attendance at your wedding or proposed adoption ceremony as proof of kinship.

Lastly, make sure to bring your health insurance while in Malaysia as the government will ask about it when applying for a Singapore health insurance. Insure yourself and your family at all times!

As mentioned earlier, beautiful beaches are everywhere in Malaysia so it is not necessary to go too far out of the country to find some good beaches. Most resorts and big cities have beachfront areas though. To find some really nice ones near Kuala Lumpur, look up Kota Damapangaraja on Google Maps and put “KL Beach” into the search field.

Book a flight

how to travel to singapore from johor bahru

If you are really in a hurry, you can book a pre-arranged flight as soon as you arrive at your destination. However, if you want to explore Singapore, this visit requires that you take the time to plan your trip.

Booking a flight requires that you provide your name, telephone number, and email address. You will also have to provide your date of birth and account details to confirm your account as the holder.

The process usually takes about a week to arrange, with the first flight available around Friday or Saturday of the same week. It is strongly recommended that you book early, since prices can sometimes go up during busy periods.

There are two types of flights that Singapore tourism can send you on: direct flights and round-trips. Both require that you fly on the same day and use the same ticket seller so that they transfer fees correctly!

Direct flights require that you travel from Johor Bahru to Changi International Airport in Singapore then back again (see how here). Round-trips do not require returning but taking off from Changi Airport and returning at another airport (eastern or western).

Book a hotel

how to travel to singapore from johor bahru

While it is not Mandatory, you should book a hotel in Singapore due to the high cost of living in the City. A good place to start is at www.bookings.com.sg/singapore!

Most of the time, when traveling abroad, you will find a hotel or motel that is near your destination but in case not, then you have to look into Central Singapore as there are many mid-range and cheap hotels there.

If you are traveling on a budget, then look into local hotels located near train stations as they can be affordable. If you are looking for nice comfort and quality, then look into private hospitals and/or resorts since they usually charge higher fees in tourist destinations.

It is also worth mentioning that if you stay in Central Singapore for a longer period of time, you could consider getting yourself a commissary as this gives you food supplies every day.

Pack light

how to travel to singapore from johor bahru

While most people are advised to pack a fewFYI’s of things you want and need for a short trip to Singapore, the reality is most people cannot due to the high cost of hotels in Singapore and the limited budgeted people have.

For example, a standard double room in a hotel in Singapore costs around S$800 including breakfast. A popular hotel in central Singapore is S$1,400 per night. A cheaper option is a shared room at about S$600 per night.

In mainland China, hotels can be very expensive. A standard double room in a hotel in China averages about S$800 including breakfast. A popular Chinese city center hotel is about S$1,100 per night.

A cheaper option is renting a private room at about S$600 per night.

Enjoy your trip

how to travel to singapore from johor bahru

When you arrive in Singapore, do not rush to the airport or taxi ranks to get out. You have been invited to visit the city by the Singapore Tourism Board, so you need to accept their invitation!

Instead of walking along Orchard Road or getting a taxi, enjoy your trip by visiting Chinatown, Boat Quay and Geckle Street.

If you are planning on shopping, go to Tanjong Street Market and Somerset Square in Forville Park instead. Both areas are well-known for great shopping experiences.

If you are going family-style or going out with friends, go to Cafe Warren or Café de Paris as they provide good food and great drinks.

Spend your time exploring the city

how to travel to singapore from johor bahru

Once you’re in Singapore, it’s important to spend time exploring the city. You can go to the attractions located in the city or you can take a taxi or bus directly to them.

Many of the attractions are very tourist-friendly and have public buses and taxis available to take you there. You can also visit their websites to learn more about the location, products, and services they offer.

Since Singapore is such a large city, it is not recommended to take a full day to explore everything. Start by going to one attraction and then moving on to another!

Bullet point: Explore nature areas close by

The largest area of water in Singapore is Lake Tanglin. This area is known as Tanglin Valley Nature Reserve. There are several lakes that connect into this large area, making it very diverse in scenery.

Try local food

how to travel to singapore from johor bahru

If you are visiting Singapore as a tourist, you can try local food such as hawker food, noodles, and fresh fruits. If you are going to Singapore as a business person, you can explore the marketplaces and shops.

Local food is usually more expensive than traditional Singapore foods. However, compared to western foods, they are cheaper!

The best part about eating local is that you get to experience the culture of your country. For example, in Malaysia, seafood is very popular so rice prawns and squid are widely consumed.

If you want to learn more about Malaysian culture and its traditional dishes, go eat them! They are pretty cool that they mix Western and Asian foods together.

Take pictures for memories

how to travel to singapore from johor bahru

You will most likely be traveling by bus or train, so make sure you have pictures or videos of yourself and your travel experience. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to see Singapore because you were too nervous to take a picture.

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