How Much Is a Travel Visa to Australia?

Based on your visa type, additional charges may apply that aren’t part of your total application cost; they’re often paid through ImmiAccount online.

The ETA tourist visa is valid for a year and allows you to enter and leave Australia as often as you like, without needing to stand in line at a government office.


ETA is one of the easiest and fastest ways for European visitors to Australia to obtain a visa, costing less than traditional ones and requiring just the necessary documents – including one with at least six months validity remaining – for their trip.

To obtain an ETA, the process begins by filling out an application form and paying a processing and data transfer fee. The whole process can be completed quickly – even from your home!

Brunei-Darussalam, Canada, Hong Kong (SAR PRC), Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Korea Republic of (South) citizens may apply for an ETA. Applicants must demonstrate intent to return and no outstanding debts with the Australian government as well as being healthy enough not to intend to work while in Australia.


The ETA visa is a short-term tourist visa that enables citizens of eligible countries to visit Australia. Valid for 12 months and allows multiple visits throughout this time, the application process is quick and straightforward with no processing fees incurred and documents no needing to be sent in for approval.

Australia offers numerous visitor visa options, so selecting the appropriate one depends on your purpose for travel. Engaging a migration agent can increase your chances of receiving one and help avoid mistakes that could end up costing more in the long run.

The ETA system was created to safeguard tourists by screening out visitors who might engage in terrorist activities or illegal activity; if you wish to visit Australia for any other reason, however, another type of visa will likely be necessary.

Schengen Area visa waivers

Tourist Stream visas allow travellers from certain countries to visit Australia for tourism and other purposes, including visiting family and friends. Each Tourist Stream visa may last for 12 months with multiple entry or single entry possible; visitors should note they cannot stay more than 90 days out of every 180 day period; it’s also wise to ensure travel insurance coverage and check with the embassy/consulate of each country you plan on visiting for specific health requirements before departing home.

The visa will enable citizens from the US to travel to some of Europe’s most sought-after destinations, including France, Italy, Greece and Germany. It is essential that before making travel plans or booking flights or making other commitments you await approval of your visa from Australia’s embassy/high commission and read up-to-date travel advice relevant to each destination and subscribe for updates from them; additionally if unsure about eligibility consult a registered migration agent for advice.

Working holiday visas

Australia working holiday visas were once more financially advantageous, but the government has recently implemented more stringent conditions. To protect yourself against being exploited by unscrupulous employers who take advantage of young travellers to fill seasonal labour shortages with unscrupulous tactics like temp agencies. You may also require medical exams if working in specific industries like healthcare and teaching.

As part of your WHV application process, it will be necessary to submit all the necessary documents. These will include identification documents such as your passport; financial evidence showing you have enough money (usually AUD $5,000); health and character requirements as well as health scans or photos of all documents; clear and colour scans or photos will be needed as part of this application process. It is advisable to work with a migration agent as this will increase your chances of success while helping avoid common mistakes that can prove costly in the long run.

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