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Traveling abroad is an all-access pass to the world. There are so many things you can do in your country that you would not be able to do at home, and with only a travel guide article and some research, you can easily find ways to experience the country you’re visiting.

Many people rely heavily on travel guides while traveling, so it is important to know what a travel guide does and how it affects your trip. A travel guide can help you plan your trip by introducing places to stay, restaurants, arts & culture, shopping, transportations, and more.

Since this article will be focusing on the Southeast Asian countries I have visited before, the key term to know is “Southeast Asia Tiger”. This refers to countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, & South Korea that have strong economies with high growth rates & tiger economies.

The Southeast Asian countries listed above have been known for their tigers due to their strong economy with lots of investment & growth. This includes Thailand where I visited in 2016 where they made news due to its $48 billion dollar tourism industry.


travel malaysia guide

Malaysia has a long, proud history. Many believe it to be the oldest continuous civilization in the world. This is due to the fact that Malaysia is home to several ancient civilizations, such as the Champa, Prehistoric Aeternity, and Stone Age cultures.

Today, you can visit palace complexes, temples, and cemeteries that have been preserved through local government efforts. You can even find evidence of advanced civilizations such as the Sumerians and Babylonians.

Malaysia is very familiar with warfare and death. It is common for young people to go off to fight wars or die in wars. As a result, war memorials are very common throughout Malaysia. Many of these memorials include soldiers run down by tanks or other equipment.

As you travel around Malaysia, you will see many military-style installations such as fortifications, camps, and runway extensions.


If you are a fan of meat, seafood, and desserts, you will love Malaysia. There are many delicious meat and seafood dishes in Malaysia, and most are affordable.

Desserts are also very popular in Malaysia, so be aware of your wallet! Most dishes cost around RM3-4 (fare $1-2) per serving, which is inexpensive.

There are many restaurants all over Malaysia that specialize in different kinds of food. Most are good quality food, but prices can be high.

To save money, look into ethnic restaurants or ones that specialize in cheap snacks.


travel malaysia guide

Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or shopping deals, Malaysia has you covered. There are literally hundreds of souvenir shops and discount stores where you can find everything from compasses to food to wash dishes!

Many of the more popular tourist destinations have large shopping malls where you can find all types of stores and bargains. In fact, many of these malls have large anchor stores that carry significant discounts on anything they offer.

downtown Kuala Lumpur has two major mall complexes; The Ria Batni and The Peninsular which are separated by a dense urban neighborhood. Both have at least one large discount store or kiosk where you can find everything from cheap watches to furniture.

Tourist attractions

travel malaysia guide

There are many well-known tourist attractions in Malaysia, making it a versatile country to visit. Some of the most visited places in Malaysia are:

Sri Rpsa Temple / Ulu Rpsa Temple

Located in the centre of Kepong district, this temple is revered by Sri Ravi Singh, the 18th guru of Sikhism. He was asked to found a temple near Kepong Lake after he passed away in 1773. The building is made out of colourful stones and is indeed pretty!

You can tour the temple on weekdays from 10am to 5pm and on weekends from 10am to 6pm.

Where is Malaysia?

travel malaysia guide

If you’re travelling to Malaysia, you’ll need to know where it is. It’s located in South-East Asia and lies on the western side of the Indochina peninsula.

Travelling to Malaysia can be interesting, scenic, and even challenging due to the challenging terrain. You’ll need to know where Malaysia is in order to find your way around!

There are many reasons to visit Malaysia. The country has a diverse landscape, beautiful cities and towns, friendly people, great cuisine, and of course! Super Hero Movies!

In this article, we will discuss all the different ways you can explore Superhero Movies in Malaysia.

How to get to Malaysia

travel malaysia guide

Most people enter Malaysia through Thailand or Borneo, but there are also several ways to get to the Malaysian side of the South China Sea. The shortest route is by boat from Philippines or Indonesia. Another option is to fly into Kuala Lumpur and take a ferry or bus to Kuching or Sarawak!

Both Thailand and Indonesia have flights from Bangkok or Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. As both countries are neighbors, it is easy and affordable to fly into Kuala Lumpur and then take a bus, ferry, etc.

As mentioned before, flying into Kuala Lumpur is the best bet as it is pretty cheap and fast.

Cheap flights to Malaysia

travel malaysia guide

Flight prices to Malaysia are very affordable these days. You can fly for as little as US$400 if you have a good credit card and big wallet. This is the cheapest route into Malaysia so it is worth checking if you are looking to visit this year!

Many airlines offer lucrative discounts to those who fly with them. So, look into your airline’s codes & signup offers to see if you can snag a better deal.

In fact, Malaysian Airlines launched its first loyalty program back in 2008. Since then, they’ve built quite the empire with over 60 million members! As a member, you earn points which can be exchanged for flights on their network or even merchandise if there is an outlet nearby.

Flight times may vary slightly depending on when you fly so be ready with a plan of action in case of delay/mercy killing by airline staff.

What language do they speak in Malaysia?

travel malaysia guide

In Malaysia, there is a small group of people who speak a specific language called Malay. Most locals in Malaysia are not fluent in this language, but you can find Malay-speaking people throughout the country.

Many locals can speak a little Malay, but not very well. As a tourist, you will most likely want to know some Malay, so learn some to help find accommodations and shops!

As mentioned earlier, Malaysian Chinese people mostly speak Mandarin Chinese. More Indians and Indochinese people speak Indonesian or Indian languages like Tamil or Bamburi.

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