How To Travel Malaysia To Thailand

While Thailand is a beautiful country, it can be intimidating for a new visitor. There are so many things to see and experience in Thailand that you will never be bored. With so many places to go and stay, there is no need to be confined to Bangkok.

Many people travel to Thailand just for Pha Pae Island, Phuket, and/or Ko Samet. These three islands are renowned for their beauty, warm weather year-round, relaxing atmosphere, and affordable accommodations.

Find a place to stay

how to travel malaysia to thailand

As mentioned earlier, most hotels and temples allow you to stay at a lower cost if you make a few arrangements. You can usually find someone at your hotel or temple who will let you

borrow their car and bring your belongings back at a later date for a small fee.

You can also ask other guests in your group if they have any suitable places to stay. Or, look up software companies that rent out apartments or houses to people traveling together.

Either way, make sure you get what you pay for, as quality lodging can really add up over time.

Then, make sure your accommodations are nice and safe, as safety is always the first priority when traveling.

Pack appropriately

how to travel malaysia to thailand

While Malaysia has a tropical climate, it also has its share of cold weather months. When traveling in the colder months, make sure you are prepared.

From December to March, street and highway traffic can be busy with winter visitors. In addition, snowfalls are common in the higher elevations during this time.

In April and May, tourists flock to beaches and natural areas for scenic retreats and bathing studies. Pack warm layers if this is your time of year!

In June and July, visitors travel to resorts for vacation weekdays and weekend breaks. Pack a day of recreation to keep yourself busy on these days!

In August and September, travelers attend various outdoor events such as fall festivals or mountaintop climbs. You do not want to miss out on these due to heatstroke or extreme overheating due to the summer season temperature rise.

Get a visa

how to travel malaysia to thailand

Before you can travel to Thailand, you must obtain a visa from the Thai authorities. You can do this online, by sending your passport and visa to the Thai embassy or consulate in your country, or by visiting a Thai embassy or consulate in your country.

It is recommended to get your visa early, before Malaysian New Year, as this is the only month that Thailand grants visas at that time.

Another good time to get your visa is during weekdays around lunchtime and early afternoon, when Thailand is closed for national holidays.

At the same time you can book your ticket to Thailand, you can also get a visa in advance at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Know your transport options

While travelling in Malaysia, you have a few main transport options: public buses, taxis, and railways. All of these methods have their own pros and cons and require you to choose one specific route for your trip.

Public buses are very cheap, bright, and easy to find. They also have control panels where you can book a bus or a taxi. However, due to the large number of buses in the country, it can be hard to know which one you want to take.

A good tip when using public buses is getting off at the nearest stop before getting on the bus so that there are fewer passengers on board when it arrives. This should help save some time getting on and off the bus.

When travelling by taxi in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore city centre areas, be sure to pay attention to the colour coded map below that shows where they take connections so that you do not get charged extra for taking one of those routes.

Choose the route you wish to take

how to travel malaysia to thailand

When planning your trip to Malaysia, there are several routes you can take. The most popular route is via Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok or Singapore. This route is highly recommended as it saves you from travelling through Pasang River, which is quite a challenging journey.

The second route is via Penang to Bangkok or Chiang Mai. This one is recommended if you have more time since it takes less time to complete this one compared with the other two.

The last one is via Kuala Lumpur to Pattaya or Ko Samet. These three places are all highly scenic and worth visiting on their own, so choose which one you want to visit first!

When choosing which route you want to take, there are several reasons to do so. First, the cost can be different depending on which route you want to take. Second, there are different routes that will give you the same result – scenery!

Third, if you want transportation in both ends, then choose the second one.

Prepare for weather conditions

how to travel malaysia to thailand

While temperatures in Thailand are usually moderate, do not be fooled- Thai weather is very predictable. If you see a storm coming, get out of the country!

Thai people know what time of the day and what temperature it is, so most stores and restaurants have you prepared. There are small signs that show when it is warm and time to leave for the beach or entertainment.

Most religious buildings have signs telling you how long they stay open, and what times they practice their religion. These times may or may not apply to tourism applications!

To prepare for weather conditions, have a good pair of waterproof shoes and warm layers to wear under your clothes. Keep a supply of water and snacks on hand to keep you from going hungry or thirsty during your travels.

Also, check out Wikipedia articles for local conditions before traveling to see if there are any dangerous weather conditions.

Make sure you have insurance

how to travel malaysia to thailand

If you are going abroad, you should make sure that you have international travel insurance. There are several websites that can administer the travel insurance for you, but if you do not have one then make sure you have one!

Travel insurance is expensive, so make sure that you get one that covers Thailand as well as Malaysia. It also should cover Indonesia and Singapore if you are traveling there! Insuring your trip outside of Malaysia is a must too, as accidents can happen anywhere.

Having insurance will also help to prevent any big scams on your trip. Some people will Offeryou low prices to cover themselves, but they may actually be charging you more when they get paid their fees! By having insurance, people know it will actually cover things happening during the trip.

Lastly, making contact with someone local before visiting Malaysia is a good idea too.

Have money ready for emergencies

how to travel malaysia to thailand

While in Thailand, you will need to have money available for emergencies. There will be times when you do not have cash, food, or services due to cash-out banks and nonfunctioning ATM’s.

There are no cash out banks in Thailand and the nonfunctioning ATM’s are often limited to Thai Baht meaning you will need to have enough money in Thai Baht to get through the day.

You can buy Thai Baht at convenience stores and some hotels but it is better to have some form of currency exchange or banking services available at all times.

Many restaurants and shops only accept US dollars so this may be an issue for some.

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