How To Travel To Johor Bahru From Singapore

Johor Bahru is the main city center of Johor, a state in Southeast Asia. It is located on the western coast of Malaysia and has a population of over one million.

Location: Johor Bahru is located on the west coast of Malaysia, just north of Singapore. Due to this close proximity to Singapore, commuters can take advantage of both public transport systems.

Tourist destinations include Selera Beach, which features a beautiful eskian crescent beach; town centers such as Kampong Glam and Keputian; and historical sites like the Peranakan Historic Site and Museum.

Visitors can also find several national parks in Johor including Kota Terengganu National Park and Peraijat National Park.

Book a hotel room

how to travel to johor bahru from singapore

If you are travelling on a tight budget, you can save a lot of money by booking a hotel room in Johor Bahru. Compared to the overpriced hotels in Singapore, the Johor Bahru Hotel is quite affordable.

The other option is to book a bed in a shared accommodation with other travellers. For around S$30 per night, you can get a private room with your own privacy.

Both options have their benefits and drawbacks. The benefits include more space to spread out, freedom to choose how you want to access the rooms and entertainment, and lower risk of traveling without safety gear.

However, with more people staying in one room and safety concerns being raised recently, it is better to find an alternative solution than the one advertised.

See below for some information on where to find 2 separate accommodation solutions in Malaysia.

Buy train tickets

Before you buy your train tickets, you should do some research to find the best time for them to sell and how much they will charge you. It’s a good idea to buy your ticket as soon as possible after doing your research.

Trains are a popular way to travel in Malaysia due to their affordability. Most trains run on a timetable every few days, making it easy to find the best deal.

Many stations have dual operation meaning you can buy train and bus tickets at the same time. However, if you want to avoid conflicting tickets, then it’s better to buy the train ticket first as there is a chance it may be sold first!

Lastly, make sure that your phone has enough battery for all of your travel plans.

Find out the train schedule

how to travel to johor bahru from singapore

When you arrive at the station, look for the train schedule. The station is marked with a small sign, so don’t worry about being too late.

You will need to buy a ticket in advance to travel on the train, so make sure to check the schedule!

The train ride takes about an hour and a half. After you are settled in your seat, look for a book or guidebook to read while on the trip.

Once you reach your destination, have fun exploring! If something interesting happened there, post about it using #sggtraveltojoorbahru and have fun sharing this trip with others.

This is a budget-friendly way to travel to Johor Bahru from Singapore and get some good photography opportunities outside of the capital city.

Know the bus routes

how to travel to johor bahru from singapore

If you are going to Johor Bahru by bus, it is important to know the bus routes there. There are five bus companies that operate the route, namely Suruchen Kajang, Meruaya Kajang, Persija Johor Bahru, Suruchen Jogja and Persija Jakarta.

All of the five companies run buses on the route and they depart from different places around Singapore. The ones that operate the route the most are Suruchen Kajang and Persija Johor Bahru.

Both of these companies have information centres at their main depot in Singapore where you can get all of your questions answered. You can also call them if you have difficulties finding your way on your own.

At both their centres, you can also ask for help in English.

Find out which buses serve your area

how to travel to johor bahru from singapore

If you are travelling from Singapore, you should know which buses serve your area. There are many bus routes in Singapore, and they connect all major areas of the city-state.

Many of these buses have automated travel systems, where you can press a button and get on the bus. These systems make it very easy to find a bus that goes to your destination and that is equipped with an appropriate stop signal.

Using this system, you can plan your trip on how far you want to go from the nearest bus terminal. For example, if you want to travel to Johor Bahru, go on a Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon since it will be less crowded than Sunday morning or noon since most people are attending church.

Also, check out Wikipedia articles for each terminal to find out anything about it and any notable figures involved.

Buy bus tickets

how to travel to johor bahru from singapore

If you are going to Johor Bahru by bus, you should buy your bus tickets as soon as you can. The buses will be full and will be arriving and departing from their destination at around the same time.

This is to prevent being stranded at a particular stop or in front of a departure time that is no longer available. There is a price difference between buying your bus tickets on the day they are required and buying them at a later stage.

If you are travelling very late in the evening, it may also help save money by using the next day’s bus ticket. This is because some buses do not sell second days of travel on top of the one day ticket.

The amount of people travelling can cause delays so stay alert for any announcements about this.

Know the ferry schedule

how to travel to johor bahru from singapore

When traveling to Johor Bahru from Singapore, you should know the ferry schedule. There are four major ferry routes between the two cities – namely, the North Coast Southlink, East Coast, Perhentian and Patani routes.

The North Coast Southlink starts in Port Klang Korai and ends at Patni Beach in Perhentian. The East Coast starts in Port Klang Korai and ends at Patni Beach in Perhentian. The Perhentian starts in Port Klang Korai and ends at Rompas Beach in Patani.

All of these ferry routes have scheduled crossings every day, which makes it easy to find a suitable boat for your trip. However, there are some things you should know before taking a ferry ride to Johor Bahru from Singapore.

Find out the ferry route

how to travel to johor bahru from singapore

There are two main ferry routes connecting Singapore to Johor Bahru. The first is the Sentosa Ferry, which stops in Singapore at Boat Quay and the second is the Sandakan Ferry, which stops in Sandakan.

The Sentosa route takes about 20 minutes and costs between $5 and $10 per person, while the Sandakan route takes about 15 minutes and costs $5 per person.

Both of these ferry routes pass through Johor Bahru where you can catch a shuttle bus or ferry to your resort. The boats are relatively cheap at around $20 per person per day, making it an easy way to travel to your holiday resort.

The only problem with taking the ferry is that it takes about 90 minutes to make it from Singapore to Johor Bahru! Make sure you have time for this trip if you are travelling on your own or with a group.

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