Travel To Japan Requirements

Travel to Japan is a great way to learn about the country and its culture. There are so many different ways to travel to Japan, so we will be going through the top recommended ways here.

The main requirement for traveling to Japan is learning Japanese. Although there are less-known countries in Asia, learning Japanese is a must. It is one of the national languages and most widely used foreign language in Japan, making this a great place to learn it.

There are two main ways to travel to Japan: via ferry or air. The ferry route takes the most time but is also the most expensive way to visit Japan. The air route is much more convenient and affordable than taking a ferry.

Get a valid Japanese visa

travel to japan requirements

Before you can travel to Japan, you must have a valid Japanese visa. There are several types of visas available, and the one you get depends on where you want to go.

At least one trip per year is recommended to obtain a visa. You will need it when visiting Japan!

Some types of visas do not allow working or attending school events, so be aware of that before traveling. Check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) site to find out what your visa type does and does not allow.

To apply for a visa, you must visit the MFA in Tokyo or Hokkaido (depending on where you want to go). Be prepared with your resume and proof of income if applying at either site.

Provide passport photos

travel to japan requirements

Before you travel to Japan, you must get new passport photos. Your current passport photo is not enough to get you into Japan!

Passport officers will ask to see your photo again and again during inspections, so it’s important to get new photos before they seal the document.

They may ask to see them a second time but most of the time they are right! They will look at your photo and say, “That looks good but I want to make sure it is me.”

If you are unsure if you look like the person in the photo or not, then go for it! You can always add a little bit of color or lighten up if you feel needed.

Getting new photos is not a hard task, just take some time to do it online or in person. Make sure you have good lighting and that you are looking at the same picture when speaking and writing out your name.

Fill out the visa application

travel to japan requirements

Once you’re in Japan, you will need to fill out the national visa application. There are several stages of the visa application, and you will want to make sure you complete the required steps.

The first stage is to submit your passport as evidence of travel. You will be required to add your address and/or personal information when completing the stage.

The second is to upload your national ID or passport. You can do this either online or over a phone call. Online is easier and faster, but still call-based due to taking your finger off the phone to press Submit VISA button.

The third is to submit documents proving Japanese citizenship or lack of foreign citizenship.

Have funds available

travel to japan requirements

If you are planning to travel to Japan on your own, you’ll need to have some funds available. A few thousand dollars is usually enough for a week-long trip, but more if you can!

Most countries will not grant visa assistance or allow you to make a trip as a tourist, so be prepared for that.

You can also look for job offers and arrange interviews in advance in Japan, which helps tremendously.

If you are going with an employer or company, have all of the necessary paperwork ready to go. If you are an individual, then have the funds available for yourself and your plane ticket and hotel stay(s). Have fun while spreading the word about yourself!

Traveling can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and everything in between.

Prepare a travel plan

travel to japan requirements

This process can be difficult at times. You may be thinking, “How am I supposed to know what to expect in Japan?”

The answer is to have a travel plan. You can have a simple trip to Japan, or you can create a more detailed one. There are many ways to prepare for this kind of trip.

In order to have a fully developed travel plan, you must first create your first visit to Japan. This should be your main focus in your travel plan. Create an itinerary that includes the places you want to see and the time you want to spend at each of them.

You will need to study Japan before you go in order to prepare yourself for your visit. There may be places you have never been that add unique aspects to your trip such as the experience of living in Japanese society, for example.

Get medical insurance

travel to japan requirements

Travel to Japan can be stressful. If you are not currently covered by medical insurance, get medical insurance before you travel to ensure you have coverage in case of an illness or injury. It is also important to check your insurance coverages in case of illness or injury during your trip due to the limited health care system in Japan.

Medical insurance is required for all travelers regardless of nationality. There are two major hospitals in Tokyo and Osaka that have emergency rooms where foreign visitors are usually admitted for treatment. The Urology Hospital and the Renal Dialysis & Transplant Program at Hirano Hospital in Tokyo-Nabukawa are good examples.

You do not need extremely expensive hospitalization coverage, but pay attention to who you trust to make an admission decision! It is rare but possible for a hospital with limited staff resources to refuse a patient admission because of lack of coverage.

Check flight prices and availability

travel to japan requirements

Before you fly, it’s important to check flight prices and flight availability. Most major airlines offer internet-based tools that help them predict airline demand and spread flying out even further.

Using these tools, you can save thousands of dollars by predicting travel patterns and spreading the flying out even further. Even with this information, it is important to check the airline websites to see if there are any updates or spreadsheets that predict demand for seats in upcoming weeks!

If a seat has recently gone on sale, don’t purchase itunless you have an extra ticket! It may take several days for airlines to update their website due to all of the users trying to purchase it, making it show up on flight sites immediately.

Also, if you need a second ticket, buy it in advance! This way, you will have both tickets canceled before your trip ends so that you can go back and buy another ticket.

Visit the website of the Japanese embassy or consulate

travel to japan requirements

Before you travel to Japan, visit the Japanese embassy or consulate to make sure you have the required documentation. Most countries require a visa to enter Japan, so be prepared.

You may also need to register your visa with the Japanese government. In this case, your itinerary and deadlines apply. You must take out a visa in advance, and it must be issued within a certain time frame.

Visas can take up to six weeks to arrive in the mail, so do not worry if you do not receive it immediately. It is extremely rare that visas are never issued in Japan, though!

The minimum age to apply for a visa in Japan is twenty. Anyone under twenty cannot visit Japan on their own without someone else going with them as their guarantor.

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