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Osaka is a city filled with history, so why not find some new things to do in Osaka? There are many museums and sightseeing spots in the vicinity of Osaka, making it a very flexible location to explore.

A number of sites offer guided tours, making it more convenient to explore the city on your own. If you would like to join a guided tour, contact one of the sites for information.

Many of the major tourist destinations are located within easy walking distance of each other, making it very easy to see all the sights in one day? You could even go back at a later time if you wanted to!

This article will talk about some interesting places outside the city that may be worth visiting.

Tsūtenkaku Tower

osaka tourist attractions

Tsūtenkaku is the tallest tower in Japan and the 21st tallest in the world. It’s also one of the oldest towers in Japan, having been used as a watchtower since 720 AD.

Tsūtenkaku is usually misty-mindedly referred to as Osaka’s Leaning Tower, due to its placement within town. It’s not quite an accurate term, though – it isn’t leaning, either!

Tsūtenkaku was originally built in 720 as a watchtower to guard against enemies invading from China. In 954, it was rebuilt as a pagoda-style structure, which is what it still is today.

The pagoda at Tsūtenkaku has been flowing with water for over 3,000 years! That means that during that time, there have been record-breaking heats recorded at Tsūtenkaku.

Nakanoshima Island

The Nakanoshima Island is a picturesque island located in Osaka. It’s an ideal place to spend a day due to its beautiful scenery and serene atmosphere.

On the island, you can go hiking, relax on the beach, or just enjoy the views of the city below. It’s a beautiful place to spend a day!

Another thing you can do on the island is visit one of the restaurants that operate there. Each restaurant has its own style and they are all gorgeous!

The restaurants offer things like tempura shrimp, beef or chicken teriyaki boxes, ramen, and pizza. You can also just sit outside if it is nice out.

Both beaches have chairs and picnic tables so you do not have to go far to relax.

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

osaka tourist attractions

Considered a gateway to the east, Osaka’s Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is a beautiful centuries-old temple. You can learn more about the shrine by visiting its website, where you can also find a map of nearby temples and a list of deities that are honored at the shrine.

Shrine doors are always closed, so don’t worry if you can’t find your way in. Visit the temple only during daytime hours to avoid unwanted tourism traffic.

A short distance from Osaka City Hall, Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is very easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. Luckily, you will still notice it once you do!

The colorful rocks that line the grounds at Sumiyoshi Taishi Temple make for an easy spot to get some relaxing photos.

Tennōji Zoo

osaka tourist attractions

When you’re in Osaka, you should definitely visit the zoo! It’s only a short distance away from Namba Station, so don’t wait anymore – get to the zoo right away!

The zoo has many different animals, and you can see most of them within a 1-hour time span. There are over 60 different animal species at the zoo, so finding the one you like is kind of difficult.

You can go inside the zoo as early as 7 AM to experience the sunrise and get a good view of the animals. Alternatively, you can visit them around 4 PM to get a nice view of the sunset.

The park also has archery ranges, children’s play areas, and an old fashioned carousel for adults to enjoy.


osaka tourist attractions

Amerika-Mura is a ten-minute walk from Namba Station. It’s inspired by Western culture and features museums, historical sites, shopping, and restaurants.

At its heart is Nippon Museum of Art, a gallery and museum in one. This brings together art and culture to create an intriguing experience.

Along with the art, you’ll find history, serving as the background for some of the pieces. The area was home to important people in ancient Japan, providing evidence of its cultural significance.

The Kiyomihal Palace is another interesting landmark. This is a former imperial palace that now serves as museum and office space. You can even visit it if you don’t feel like walking!

There are several temples in Osaka that you should see, too. Try going to Gion Matsuri or Okutama Hecatomb temple festivals.

Dotombori Street

osaka tourist attractions

Dotombori Street is an attractive, tree-lined street in Osaka. It features a number of cute little shops and restaurants, making it a fun and colorful place to walk.

The street is lined with historically significant houses that once sheltered important people in the area. These include the residences of the daimyo, local government officials, and religious leaders.

Today, these individuals still reside here, but many have been converted into small tourism attractions. For example, one house houses a museum about local deities, another honors famous people who lived nearby, and a last one commemorates foreign visitors who visited this town.

These places combined make Dotombori Street an interesting place to visit. You can observe how different groups used these homes as tourist attractions as you tour them.

Osaka Museum of History

osaka tourist attractions

The Osaka museum of history is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Osaka. It was built to resemble a 19th-century European-style palace and contains beautiful furnishings and displays.

Visitors can learn a lot about Japanese history at the museum by going looking in the exhibits and checking out the historical records. There are many examples of this, including documents that describe what clothing looked like during different periods of Japanese history.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the museum is that it actually houses two separate histories. The first part describes how Japan was ruled by different groups of rulers, then an uprising led by Aokigahara (Japanese Dawn) forced a group of people to unite under one ruler and create modern Japan.

The second part describes how modern Japan is remembered, with stories about battles, martyrs, and rulers who used power to solve social issues.

Takarazuka Theatre Museum

osaka tourist attractions

Takarazuka is one of the most famous theater cities in the world. It was there where several leading actors began their careers and honed their skills.

The museum offers a full-day tour that takes you on a guided trip to the theater city. You see the theaters, theaters of worship, and other places that train actors.

On this tour, you also learn about the history of theater in Japan and Takarazuka as a place to train. You also see some of the sets and costumes used over the years to create different styles of theater.

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