Backpacking To Europe

If you are looking to explore Europe on a budget, then this article will help you do so! Backpacking to Europe is a fun way to see the city or region you are in in a different way. You get to learn about the culture, sights, and accommodations offered while also saving money in the process.

This article will talk about how much money you need for a backpacking trip to Europe, including where to find good deals. You can also figure out your budget by going into more detail what things cost on your trip!

This article will also talk about some tips for planning your trip, including when it is best to go and when to return. Many people say that European countries usually have their first wet winter around July and August, which makes summer time weather fun.

Choose a destination

backpacking to europe

When you’re ready to go, it’s time to decide where you want to go. There are thousands of countries around the world and you can visit them all!

There are many places to visit, with unique cultures, landscapes, and experiences that you can enjoy. Some people say that they prefer one country over the other due to certain factors, such as beauty or food or entertainment.

Others say that one region of a country best represents the rest of the country. For example, people say French people best represent France because of its culture and wine!

Either way, when you’re ready, you can go! There are thousands of travelers going every year and I know you will be able to find your way if you look into your goals.

Pick a route

Once you have decided on a route, it is time to pick a place to start. There are two main things to consider when building your list of start-ups and sites you like because of their routes.

The first is how much you value convenience and how much effort you are willing to make for it. Do you find other people’s good decisions hard to resist or easy to join?

The second is how far away from home you want your startup to be. Does the location seem stable enough for a startup? Does it seem like someone would stick with it if something happened?

In this article, we will be talking about those two important factors for choosing a startup path.

Pack everything into containers

backpacking to europe

This is the most important thing you can do as a backpacker. Rather than cram everything into your bag from the start, make sure you have a good plan for everything you will need while backpacking in Italy.

You will save a lot of stress and time by having this organized list. It will help you stay focused and organized on your trip, and give you more confidence when dealing with unknown situations.

Plus, it will help you organize your trip later on because you will have everything that belonged to one systemically-organized container!

So how much should you pack into each container? That depends on where you are going, what kind of experience level you have, and what kind of adventureyou want to go on.

In our experience, one bag can fit three people well-provided they are very gentle with each other.

Take only small amounts of money

backpacking to europe

You will have a lot of expenses while traveling overseas. It’s recommended that you take only small amounts of money while backpacking or abroad. You will be surprised how much things cost without having much money left over.

While in Thailand, you can buy Thai food and snacks which are very cost effective compared to overseas food options. While in Vietnam, you can shop at street markets which are highly regulated and safety for minors, but in China, you would need to rent a car to explore the country so there is definitely more money left over!

The best way to save money on your trip is to: 1) plan ahead and manage your savings 2) avoid spending sprees and spending cuts 4) take care of yourself physically and mentally during your trip.

Buy euros before arriving

backpacking to europe

Before you leave, buy at least a few euros per day to spend on needs at the hotel or hostel. It would be helpful to have more, but you can always sell some items to get enough money for your trip.

Many hotels and hostels will only give you their currency, the euro. If you stay in a reasonably well-maintained hotel in Europe, they should let you use their cards for cash transactions while staying at their establishment, so buying a few euros per day is not a big deal.

However, some do not. A lot of cheap hotels and bed and breakfasts do not allow the use of cards from foreign countries due to fraud concerns. Additionally, many shops will only accept American dollars as payment instead of European coins and cards.

Use public transportation

backpacking to europe

While car travel is popular, it’s also easy to get distracted and consume it, which is not very sustainable.

Consequently, a lot of people are now starting to use public transportation systems in cities to get around. This is much more authentic and comforting than trying to drive where the transportation system takes you.

By using the public transportation system, you have more options and puts less pressure to find a place to stay in your host city. You can also save money by using the public transportation system as opposed to a hotel.

Use of public transportation is also spreading as people learn how efficient it can be while backpacking. You will also be helping the environment by traveling this way.

Stay in hostels or with friends

backpacking to europe

While it may be fun to adventure out, or to be able to afford a fancy hostel experience, the majority of people on a budget should stay in friendly neighborhood or in close-by communities.

This is due to two reasons. One, you can use the public transportation system and other friends’ places are nearby! Two, you can save money by paying for your shared accommodation with other people who live together and share your common expenses.

It is also helpful to know what kind of facilities each place has so you can choose the best place to stay. And last but not least, staying with friends or in a hostel can help build good relationships and trust which are very important when backpacking.

As stated before, it is better to have experience backpacking so you know how much stuff you need and how much savings you have left.

Plan your meals around cheap options

backpacking to europe

If you are planning a longer backpacking trip, it is best to have a plan for meals. You will have more options when you need them, and will be able to save money for things like food and supplies. This will also help you avoid overspending while on the trip.

For example, you may have noticed that European restaurants in America are pricey. Their quality food and service is usually better in Europe because people value their quality of service more.

You can save money by buying your food and sleeping arrangements at local hotels or on vacation tours, rather than buying new clothes or traveling with friends who don’t Have a good reputation in your area of origin.

Having a plan also helps keep track of your trip.

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