Singapore To Europe Trip

If you are looking to explore Europe on a budget, there are many ways to do it. You can go as a group, you can do it on your own, or you can focus and create a vacation plan that works for you.

Vacationing on your own is also an excellent way to figure out what things you want to visit and how much money it costs to go. By going off the beaten path and looking up solutions, chances are you will find what works for you.

It is also important to note that this type of vacationing does not mean you will not spend money. While Groupon and Amazon offers options for online shopping tools and rental houses/apartments, we know who gets what best depends on who they are paired with and their skills.

You will have to play around with these tools, but hopefully help you find a place or person in your trip that helps make things more cost-effective.

Pack lightly

singapore to europe trip

You will be mostly travelling by public transport, so you do not need to pack too much. You can also stay small and inconspicuous with minimal accessories and clothing required.

For example, I wore a long sleeve thermal shirt because it was hot where I went. I packed lightweight, quick-drying sweat pants and a undershirt to avoid losing heat while sleeping.

I also packed a black long johns underwear because those are usually the first things to go wet when traveling. A small handbag is also helpful for stores, restaurants, and day-to-day items.

In fact, all of my personal belongings were in the big suitcase during my trip. The only thing that came with me was the bedding and clothes.

Get a seat with extra legroom

singapore to europe trip

If you are tall, get an extra seat. If you are short, get a shorter seat. If you are in between, get a good seat. It’s the law here! If you do not have a short or an extra seat, look for complimentary ones as these might help save money in the long run.

If you have long legs, get a shorter leg room chair. If you have long arms, get an extra arm rest. If you are fat, get a better chair.

If you are sitting near the window, make sure your seat is able to open enough to let warm air in to replace cold air that gets blown out during the course of the day.

If you are traveling in business class or first class, make sure your seat is able to give enough support for your body to comfortably sit up in.

Bring a blanket or sweater

singapore to europe trip

When it comes to winter weather, the Western world doesn’t do well with winter weather. There’s a reason we call it winter! In the East, there is no word for winter, only for autumn.

So, when you’re heading east in January or February, make sure you have your blanket and sweater! If you are traveling in summer, you will also want to bring your jacket and/or sweater.

Most European countries have relatively mild winters, and if you are traveling during the off-season, you can save some money by staying at a hotel or hoteled location.

Winter travel is expensive, but if you keep track of your travels and use appropriate conditions for travel, it can be cost effective.

Know what season your trip falls into so that you can choose good travel conditions.

Pack essentials for take off and landing

singapore to europe trip

Depending on your destination, you may require some unique items for flight and landing. For example, if you are flying to Europe, then you should pack toilet paper and shower gel for yourself. If you are staying in Europe for a short period of time, then you do not need these as the hotels will provide them!

For flight preparations, make sure to pack your cell phone and tablet. Both devices require charging which is something never understood by no one but yourself until you use it.

If going abroad, make sure to pack your passport and some other important documents. If your destination country does not allow entry of those with no passport or other travel documents, make sure to have backups of those pieces of information in case of an emergency!

Lastly, keep a few bucks in your wallet as self-care items while traveling.

Prepare for delays or cancellation

singapore to europe trip

If you are planning a trip to Europe, it is important to plan for possible delays or cancellations. The main reason for this is that if your trip is delayed by several days, you will be paying for hotel or flight fees that you would have gotten before, whether you booked them or not.

Furthermore, transportation agencies can cancel or postpone trips at any time so always check if they have any events scheduled at the same time.

If your trip is cancelled or delayed, you will need to cover the difference in cost and receive a refund. Some organizations offer compensation via Interpol so see if they can help with this.

Also look into travel insurance as who knows which issues are covered when? If you do not have insurance, there are several ways Singapore to Europe Trip Singapore to Europe Trip Singapore to Europe Trip Singapore to Europe Trip Singapore to Europeantrip can help prevent differences in cost.

Get travel insurance

singapore to europe trip

Traveling can be fun or it can be stressful. For those with little to no travel insurance, here are a few tips to help you stay safe and confident while on your trip.

Tip 1: Get travel insurance

While no one really wants to experience a travel injury while on vacation, the chance of this happening is still high. While it may be cost-effective to go without this, you want to make sure that you are covered should something happen.

A traveling injury is what is called a “non-emergency” injury and therefore does not need medical treatment. However, if you think that you will need medical treatment when you get home, then get travel insurance! It will help ensure that you have money paid out in case of emergency or illness.

Check airline baggage restrictions

If you are travelling a lot for work, then you should check the airline’s baggage restrictions. Many airlines have a maximum bag weight and size they allow on-board.

For example, Singapore Airlines allows large handbags and small packages in conjunction with the max bag weight of 15 kg (33 lb). By comparison, Singapore Jet allows large bags with a maximum of 10 kg (22 lb).

These rules are meant to prevent overloading aircraft and causing delays or getting stuck with oversized items. If these rules are not followed, then you could end up spending much more than necessary!

Checking the limits of your airline’s baggage is also useful when travelling overseas. Some airlines do not allow very heavy luggage on foreign flights.

Bring your phone charger

singapore to europe trip

This is a important point to make, so let’s begin with a brief summary. For an easy way to keep your phone fully charged while on the go, you should buy a portable phone charger. These devices can give you up to 10 hours of charge per charge, making it easier to stay connected and in control while on the go.

Many sellers offer this product as an additional sale item so that you will get more out of the deal. Indeed, it is a great way to reduce the need for constant notifications and cell phone status updates.

Your new charger should be placed close by your phone so that you can get a quick fix if needed. It is recommended that you do not leave the charger at home due to potential pick-up cases or travel bans, which require you to dock your device manually.

This trip, we brought our chargers with us so that we could keep checking our phones after every meal and activity as we traveled.

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