How To Going Malaysia

Going to Malaysia is a great way to learn more about the country and its culture. While in Malaysia, you will discover beautiful countryside, temples, mosques, markets, and of course, temples!

You can do it on your own or with a group. In either case, we suggest you have a grouporo app downloaded and ready! Grouporo is an app that connects you with other travelers interested in visiting the same area as you to organize your travels.

Pick your destination

how to going malaysia

Before you go to Malaysia, it is important to pick your destination. There are two main reasons to go to Malaysia. One, you can visit the Malaysian embassies in your country and request visa on arrival, or two, you can visit the Malaysian embassy in your country and obtain a non-resident passport (PR).

A non-resident passport is not eligible for visa on arrival programs like Tourist Visa on Arrival (TVOA) or Multiple Nationalities Passport (MP). Instead, it must be used as a temporary residence permit while applying for a Malaysian resident or visa.

The second reason to go to Malaysia is if you have a criminal record. If you have a criminal record in your home country, it may be easier for you to obtain a non-resident passport so that you can leave Malaysia without worrying about travelling abroad again.

There are two types of non-resident passports: diplomatic and ordinary. Diplomatic passports do not allow travel outside of the country and do not offer any voting rights. Only ordinary passports are eligible for travel outside of the country and do offer voting rights.

Book your flight

how to going malaysia

Once you have done that, you are ready to go to Malaysia! Book your flight as soon as possible to avoid any delays or cancellations.

DFW-Kuala Lumpur has a duration of three days, so make sure to account for time when deciding on an airline. There are two ways to book your flight: through the airline’s website or directly with the airline.

Depending on which method you use, it can take between a few days to several weeks to get your flight.

Book your hotel

how to going malaysia

If you are travelling with a car, you should book a car rental in Malaysia. Most major car rental companies have centres in major cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Singapore.

If you are travelling by public transport, you should book a public transport ticket. Most companies offer their services through mobile or desktop app which can be downloaded and used at any time.

If you are attending an event or travelling with other people, the transportation should be included as it is part of the package. If not, pay an extra dollar or two to get it!

These tips do not take into account weather conditions or if your vehicle is weather-safe enough to travel in Malaysian climate conditions.

Pack for the weather

how to going malaysia

When in Malaysia, do not forget to pack a jacket and a hat. These items can be necessary in the winter season, or when the weather is rainy and cold.

If you are not sure if it is winter or summer, then go with the easy method: If it is winter, wear a long overcoat and hat. If it is summer, wear a short tight pants and top with a fleece.

If you are not sure which season it is, then go with the easy method: If it is hot outside, wear a sleeveless shirt and pant combo; if it is cold outside, wear a pair of thermal socks and underpants.

Both jackets and hats can be borrowed from hotel security, so do not worry about that.

Know the currency

how to going malaysia

When you’re in Malaysia, you’ll want to know the local currency called Ringgit. It’s called Ringgit because it is made of gold and silver, so it’s labeled as a “ringgit”currency.

The value of the Ringgit is determined by the United States dollar! So, when you purchase something with your Ringgit, it will cost you more than if you paid with a U.S. dollar. This is because there are more U.S. dollars in circulation than foreign currencies like the Malaysian ringgit.

Make sure you have an international credit card

how to going malaysia

Most banks in Malaysia offer international cards, but they are limited to using them at certain stores and services due toiao regulations.

Because of this, it is recommended you get an international card because only the banks can use it at stores and services.

Take out travel insurance

how to going malaysia

Even if you are a complete and utter tourist, there are some things you must see and people you must meet in Malaysia. As a tourist, you should take out travel insurance to cover these things.

Covering yourself can mean nothing more than an assurance from the seller that you will be protected. However, with the right travel insurance, the plot thickens.

The manufacturer of Malaysian travel insurance has been accused of covering up stories of crime and corruption in Malaysia due to the high policy rates they charge. This is true even for international policies, meaning even if you do not worry about these things when traveling, your insurer can price your protection as high as somebody who lives in Malaysia!

Consider buying a Malaysian travel insurance that is rated in 5 out of 5 stars by their customers against specific crimes such as terrorism or gambling addiction.

Pay attention to safety

how to going malaysia

Going to Malaysia is a great way to explore the country. You can go on everything from mountain bikes to cars! If you are not familiar with going in a car or motorcycle, these articles will give you some tips!

There are a few things that you should be aware of when traveling in a car or motorcycle. Make sure to have your safety glasses and helmet ready! Also, make sure your windows and doors are locked and that nobody is around that can unlock them.

Lastly, make sure that your cell phone has a battery pack and is charged. You do not want to be outed as being an international traveler with a dead cell phone!

The best way to go Malaysian is on an open-water boat. These boats can hold up to six people, so it is safe to assume that you will be the only one on board! If there are other people on board, make yourself known by asking for bedding or by sitting in the captain’s chair.

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