Trip To Japan Cost

Trip to Japan cost is all about finding the right balance between committing yourself to a long-term trip and getting the hell out as fast as possible.

While it is very expensive, there are ways to plan your trip cost-wise. By spending more money on transportation and accommodation, you will have enough left over for food, souvenirs, and drinks.

You can also figure out what places in Japan you would like to visit on your own. See if there are any places you would like to go that are not on the list!

In this article, we will be talking about how much trip to japan cost. We will give some tips and answers that might help you make your decision easier.

Hotel stay

trip to japan cost

If you are staying at a hotel in Japan, the cost can be quite low. Most hotels in Japan have 24-hour security and you can call them if you need help or service.

If you stay at a private residence, the help from the staff is free. Just make sure that you receive what they offer as they will probably do some work for free in their duty.

For those who stay in hotels or private residences, the food in Japan is very expensive. You will most likely have to shop for your food as there is no dedicated kitchen facility.

You can find good deals on food if you are more selective about what you eat.


trip to japan cost

If you are staying in a hotel, you can get free breakfast and lunch and a snack but if you are out exploring or eating at an outdoor food market or grocery store, then we have some tips for you.

First, know your local markets and restaurants. Many of them have catalogs of food they would recommend to you. You can go through those lists to find new places to eat!

You can also go online and find new food markets and grocery stores near where you are vacationing. Many of them are free to use so you might even have enough food for two weeks!

The last big source of food is the grocery store or market.


trip to japan cost

If you are going by plane, you can choose from a variety of airlines. All of them have desks in the airport where you can pick up a trip plan. You can also call the airline and request one if not!

If you are flying with Lufthansa, Swiss, Japan Airlines, and Air Canada, then you will need to purchase your flight tickets through one of the three airlines. If you do not buy your flight through one of these airlines, it is possible to go onto Lufthansa’s website and purchase your ticket there, however, it will be more expensive.

If you are flying with ANA or JAL then there are no flight fees required! Both of these airlines have their own websites where you can purchase your flights.


trip to japan cost

If you are going to Japan for a leisure trip, there are a few things you should consider buying to help make your trip more enjoyable. These items can include souvenirs, food and drinks, or both.

Tapestries are typically woven or woven and painted to create a cloth piece. They are typically sewn together and when assembled they look like a painting. They are very popular as outerwear pieces.

Ink stones are used to write with. You can wear your stone around your neck or put it in an item of clothing so that it is constantly visible.

Magazine subscriptions can help keep you informed about what is happening in Japan. There may be events, fashion trends, and news about Japanese culture that you would not learn by attending events in Japanese culture alone.


trip to japan cost

Do not underestimate the power of the Japanese yen. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple currencies used in Japan, but the Japanese yen is the one you most commonly use.

When you pay with a credit card in Japan, you must put your currency amount on the card at a EXECUTIVE BUCKLE shop to have it converted to yen. This process can be confusing at first, but stay focused and you will be rewarded!

The value of the Japanese Yen against other currencies is very consistent so it is not hard to find its equivalent amount in other currencies.

Medical insurance

trip to japan cost

Without medical insurance, you can expect to spend up to $1000 in doctor, hospital, and emergency costs. The cost of prescriptions can be expensive as well.

Most medications are sold in pill form, so there is no cost for buying them. However, some brands are sold as generic alternatives which may reduce or eliminate the cost of your medical care.

Many large cities have a city health department which offers free medicine cabinets and coverage for prescriptions. Look for yourself! Some cities even have a free national drug hotline which provides information on finding affordable medication for certain conditions.

Trip insurance will cover a majority of these costs, and most companies offer discount plans through the trip leaderboard.

Rental car

trip to japan cost

Whether you have a car or not, it is always worth looking into ways to drive yourself around town or to go somewhere. Most small towns have a public transportation system which is very reliable and convenient.

By renting a car, you also have the freedom to explore areas other than the town you live in. You can go out of the city and find beautiful landscapes and wonderful people. You also have the ability to change your routine if you want to venture off-site or learn another language while living in town.

A common rental car cost is between $300 and $400 per week depending on how often you need it. Some companies offer incentives for staying longer than your contract states so you get some discounting.


trip to japan cost

There are so many shopping malls in Japan that you will surely find at least one near you. They vary in size and layout, from small, enclosed shopping centers to large, open-air complexes.

Many of the smaller shopping centers have small shops inside that specialize in clothes, beauty products, and snacks. These are very helpful as most people do not eat a lot in Japan and having some food is good to maintain your strength.

Some of the larger shopping centers have special areas called Mori Malls where you can spend a significant amount of money on huge ticketed products.

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