How to Fast Travel on Dying Light 2

how to fast travel on dying light 2

Dying Light 2’s vast map and extensive parkour make navigating the city a challenge. To ease that burden, developers have included a fast travel mechanic that allows players to rapidly jump from point A to B.

Like many open world games, this mechanic won’t be unlocked right away; however, once unlocked, you’ll be able to quickly move around Villedor.

Unlocking the ability to fast travel

Dying Light 2’s expansive map can be daunting to traverse. While you have the freedom to free run around Villedor and climb walls and rooftops in parkour-style movement, getting from one location to the next may feel like a chore at times.

To combat this, the game features a fast travel system players can unlock as they progress through the campaign. While it may not be as convenient as running to a safe house and warping back, it can still prove useful at certain points throughout gameplay.

Playing Metro Stations in the game acts as fast travel points. These stations may be filled with infected or bandits, but once cleared out, you can use them as waypoints to quickly move between areas on the map.

To utilize the fast travel system, simply hover your cursor over a Metro Station icon with three forward arrows on it and press F. You will be instantly teleported to your desired location.

Unlocking metro stations

Metro stations are scattered throughout Dying Light 2’s map and serve as quick travel points. Marked on the map with “?” icons, these stations can easily be located using binoculars or by climbing a high spot with good views.

Once you’ve located a metro station, the next step is to restore power to the area so it can serve as your waypoint. This may involve combatting local enemies or infected zombies depending on where you are.

Thus, the ideal time to begin unlocking a Metro station is at night when it’s dark and infected are less likely to be present. After clearing out the infected, you can then begin searching for generators.

Once you’ve identified the generators, activate a Metro Station as a waypoint on your map by opening the player menu with either your Touchpad (PS4, PS5), View button (Xbox One and Xbox Series), or equivalent button on PC. Doing so will open up an expeditious travel point that lets you jump right into the station’s safe zone.

Finding metro stations

Fast travel in Dying Light 2 is mainly accomplished through Metro Stations scattered around Villedor. These pivotal landmarks enable players to move from point A to B quickly without relying on parkour techniques.

Stations can be located by either exploring the map with binoculars or searching for them on Google Earth. Once identified, you can activate them as a fast travel point by activating it on your device.

Most Metro Stations require you to unlock a locked door with a picklock, enter a basement with power generator and elevator shaft leading up to second floor. After activating all four components, you can take the elevator up the shaft and flip a switch that restores power throughout the station.

Finding and activating all of these stations unlocks the Tube Map trophy or achievement. Doing this early in the game will make fast travel much simpler later on.

Activating metro stations

Dying Light 2 is an expansive game, featuring numerous zones to navigate in the city. To make things simpler, Dying Light 2 features a fast travel system which allows players to move between locations quickly.

In Dying Light 2, in order to unlock fast travel, you must reach Central Loop area of the city. This quest is part of the game’s story and takes approximately 15 hours to complete.

Once at the Central Loop, you can activate metro stations throughout the city. This is an ideal way to add more locations to your fast travel list quickly and easily, but it’s not always straightforward.

Once you’ve located a station, head down and activate all its generators in order to flip the main switch and unlock it as an accessible fast travel point. This usually involves platforming puzzles and clearing out enemies; however, sneaking and fighting may also be involved. For optimal results, try going to these stations at night when there are fewer zombies around; thus making sneaking in much easier.

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