Travel Tokyo To Osaka

Travel Tokyo to Osaka is a fun way to spend a few days in Masan, Japan. Masan is an interesting city with a vibrant culture. You will be immersed in the rice bowl city, where you can go and experience the traditional food and lifestyle.

You will also discover an amazing modern city full of skyscrapers that isn’t crowded with people. This is perfect for experiencing different cultures and exploring what you love most.

This article will talk about how to find the best access routes for traveling between Tokyo and Osaka, how long it takes to get from Tokyo to Masan, and some highlights of this part of Japan.

Traveling between these cities can be confusing at times. There are lots of airports, routes, and timing methods that people use.

When to go

travel tokyo to osaka

The best time to visit Tokyo is around Christmas when there is lots of holiday spirit and fun planned for the whole family. Around New Year’s Eve, some hotels offer “night stays” where you stay until the morning to enjoy the area and experience Tokyo night.

We recommend visiting during the summer as well, when its nice and hot. You can go late in June and July, after all the cherry blossom has gone down and it is still a beautiful sight.

In May and October, its nice to visit because its hot outside and its winter when you get there! There are a lot of seasonal restaurants that operate on these dates.

How to get tickets

travel tokyo to osaka

If you want to travel between Tokyo and Osaka, you can get tickets at a ticket office or through the Japan Rail Pass.

Ticket offices are common in large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Asahikawa, Sapporo, and Hokkaido. Most offer English language assistance and can send you a rail pass or ticket if you request it.

What to see along the way

travel tokyo to osaka

While the city of Tokyo is most famous for its skyscrapers, it also has many beautiful and historic buildings. These include historical temples, stunning shopping malls, and tea-growing villages.

Tokyo also has a number of rivers and lakes that make for beautiful scenery as you travel through the city. You can find some nice nature trails and scenic roads to connect these areas.

For those looking for some culture, Tokyo has several major temples and Nichiren Buddhist compounds. There are also theaters, museums, and other arts venues where you can go to experience culture.

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo has a fairly large military presence which is visible in its architecture. Many of the buildings have been converted into government or military offices so they are not destroyed in an attack.

Osaka is the food capital of Japan

travel tokyo to osaka

While Tokyo is home to high class restaurants and shops, Osaka is the food capital of Japan.

As the capital of Japan, Osaka has access to some of the best ingredients and restaurants are reliant on having them. This means you can find good gyudon in Tokyo or gyoza in Osaka!

Osaka has a reputation as a fun city to visit so we expect there will be places to eat and drink. The Roppongi area in particular has a number of bars and restaurants that you would not find at another location.

We recommend heading out early in the week to find something new as Saturday night eating is definitely over by Sunday morning. Weekend visitors should know that there are plenty of places to eat and drink on Sunday!

These days, most people head east from downtown Osaka towards Roppongi for drinks or meals.

Kyoto is a historic city worth visiting

Kyoto is one of the most historic cities in Japan. Made famous by its temples and Keigo Nara, the first emperor of Japan, this city has a lot to offer even for a short trip.

Using an Imperial Edict as your guide, you can visit several ancient sites including the Summer Palace, Santernion Temple, and Ume-Yukikuni River. All of these are within walking distance of each other so you can explore them in all seasons.

Santernion Temple was built in 627 and is the oldest recorded Buddhist temple in Japan. It was also the site of one of Emperor Jimmu’s seven principalities.

Ume-Yukikuni River was where people would go to pray during summers until about ten years ago when they figured out it was polluted! Now that it is clean again, you can once again visit it.

The summer waterfalls at Santernion are also quite beautiful in all seasons.

Check out art galleries and shops in Shinjuku

travel tokyo to osaka

If you’re looking for new things to buy or places to see in Tokyo, check out art galleries and shops in Shinjuku, one of the largest central neighborhoods in the city.

Shinjuku is home to a large number of high-tech companies, so it is no surprise that there are plenty of trendy stores and art galleries nearby.

Some of the most famous stores and boutiques are found in Shinjuku such as Lifestyle Hapa, Tokyobus, and Gumi. If you are looking for luxury goods, you have come to the right place!

If you are looking for more traditional goods such as food or merchandise for your house or home, check out Tokyobus or Gumi! Both sell good quality products that match your surroundings.

See the giant Buddha statue in Kamakura

travel tokyo to osaka

Located in the city of Kamakura, close to Osaka, this incredible statue is over 300 feet tall and weighs an estimated 65 million pounds.

If you have time, you can visit it for a little hike! It takes about an hour to walk around it and see all of its features.

The Buddha statue is one of the largest in Japan and weighs nearly three tons! It took over 200 workers years to create it and fund it.

It was originally started in the ninth century and was refurbished in the seventeenth. After that, workers didn’t keep working on it until the twentieth century when new equipment was available.

This incredible worker sacrificed their life to finish it so you can admire it.

Walk the Shibuya crossing pedestrian bridge

travel tokyo to osaka

The Shibuya crossing pedestrian bridge links two areas of Shibuya, a fashionable district just north of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district where you’ll find many popular shops and restaurants.

The bridge is a short distance away from Shibuya Station, making it an easy destination for transportation. It also connects to the Yurakami area of Shinjuku, one of Japan’s most popular shopping districts.

Yurakami is home to some great specialty stores and restaurants that cater to tourists. If you are looking for an inexpensive souvenir, look into the Yurakami Antiques Village at the foot of the bridge.

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