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Traveling as a Singaporean in America is a great way to get started on the airline route. By flying Asian airline Singapore Airlines you will get access to their premium economy product which features extra legroom and an exclusive club with discounted flights.

Premium economy is the mid-range flight class where you lose some space and access to any business class amenities. However, because of the lower price point, some features are limited or removed such as inflight entertainment and snack foods.

Since this flight class has fewer seats, it is also more cost-effective than the standard economy seat. If you are looking to travel in comfort with minimal exposure to passengers around you, then flying in business class may be for you.

Lounge access

Most airports offer some kind of self-service lounge, usually called a coffee & snack bar or a magazine & magazine bar. In addition to these standard offerings, each has a unique flavor and specific content (snacks and drinks vs. food only).

Many airports have two or three of these lounges in close proximity to each other, so it is easy to access one without leaving the airport. The best ones have good selection and quality of foods and beverages, as well as convenient locations near airport terminals.

Access to a lounge can be paid for in two ways: by using the airport’s JETRO credit card or by checking into an OCCU hotel nearby. Both methods require that you present your passport!

If you are traveling with a large group, you may wish to consider checking into an OCCU hotel as the lobby area is quite small and can be difficult to manage multiple people at a time.


travel with singapore airlines

Seated positions are very important when it comes to getting your desired position in the plane. When it comes to airplane seating, first you have to decide if you want more or less room than what is available.

Then, you have to find the best position for you. Each position has a specific area that feels comfortable and works for that person.

When traveling with Singapore Airlines, there are two main areas where seat pitch is observed. The first is in the marketplace where customers observe how close their out-of-pocket payment is to the seat they wish to purchase it at launch.

The second is during flight when customers observe how closely grouped their belongings and oneself must be while in the seat. This is done to ensure nothing gets lost or stolen during flight, and also to prevent physical stress on people sitting in that spot.

Both of these points are important as tight seating can prove difficult on some users, especially when it comes to things like computers and phones which require extra space.


travel with singapore airlines

If you are looking to try Singapore’s food, we suggest you get a little hungry. Because Singapore is such a fast-food city, you will want to be prepared with a few stops to tide you over.

For example, if you are craving noodles, look for either Century Noodles or Kua Nie. Century Noodles have higher quality ingredients such as chicken instead of beef and cashews in the sauce instead of soy butter.

Kua Nie does not have grass-fed butter but does have some kind of cow milk product in the sauce. They are both delicious!

The best food in Singapore is definitely fresh and cheap. If you are seeking high quality foods, look for supermarkets and restaurants that offer good value foods.

Travel with your eyes wide open when it comes to food in Singapore.


travel with singapore airlines

For those of you who love the diversity of drink choices Singapore Airlines has to offer, you are in for a treat. There are over thirty-five total drinks offered, and they all taste good!

Of course, there is the usual soft drink, water or juices of course, but there are also beers and wines. Then there are cocktail-style drinks like vodka and cokes or teas.

As expected, Singapore Airlines does an excellent job at matching the drink to the person. Some people prefer beer while others like wine so both options are offered.

The way each drink is presented is also important. Some want a beer so they want a beer glass instead of a cup, whereas others prefer a wine so they want a glass.


travel with singapore airlines

While most people enjoy a good movie or television show, you can also go to Singapore Airlines and watch television or listen to music! A Singapore Airlines frequent flyer programme called Skyteam is available to anyone with a Skyteam membership. You do not have to be a member to travel on Singapore Airlines!

Many of the airline’s premium services include access to the entertainment system. You can watch TV or radio programmes through your personal viewer service or via your electronic flight bag, which is an extra set of clothes and accessories you wear when you fly.

The in-flight entertainment system features numerous channels that are themed around various regions within Asia such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

Air port experiences

travel with singapore airlines

As mentioned earlier, Singapore Airlines offers its customers access to their airport premises via a concierge service. This service is called Air port experience and allows you to gain access to:

Accessible areas such as baggage carousels

Free transportation around the airport (i.e., taxis, bus services, etc.)

This service is a great way to relieve some of your stress as you wait for your flight. It also helps you get some free time to explore the airport if you need to do so.

You will still have to present yourself at the terminal and enter into the correct terminal when using this system. However, it cuts down on the amount of time you spend at the terminal looking for your boarding pass or luggage release papers!

Airport experiences are a great way to gain some free time before or after your flight and get some fresh air with it.

Frequent flyer program

travel with singapore airlines

With the frequent flyer program, you can get massive bonus points on your purchases. You can also earn bronze, silver, and gold awards which can grant you flights and/or discounts in Singapore.

Additionally, if you stay active, you may even be able to start collecting elite flying status. This will increase your privileges when it comes to booking flights, including getting discounted Priority Board and Inflight Services options.

Elite members also receive priority boarding passes and inflight entertainment access. As an elite member, you will have an unlimited number of flight changes per month so long as the new flight is within Singapore Airlines’ network!

While staying active will take some time, it is worth it in terms of gaining flying privileges.

Bonus offers

travel with singapore airlines

One of the most popular ways to travel with Singapore airlines is by taking advantage of their bonus offers. Many consumers find that they do not have to pay for airport transportation or hotel accommodations unless they take advantage of these bonus offers.

Many airlines offer airline credit or flight credits when you spend a certain amount on flights. For example, when you fly American Airlines, they will give you American Airlines Miles upon your next purchase of airfare.

Some airlines will also offer complete airline transfer services such as flights to and from airports in other countries, buses and trains that connect your destination airport and the airline hub, and even discount hotels at airports.

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