Can I Travel To Japan

Travel to Japan is a popular way to see the country and experience its culture. There are many companies that offer tours to Japan where you stay in Japan and travel to see the sites and experience the country.

Many people choose travel to Japan as a way to make some extra money off of it. On the company-run tours, you’re expected to pay for your accommodations and tour guide fees, so it is financially rewarding to go on a paid trip.

The biggest challenge for people coming from overseas is finding a visa. The Japanese government issues visas in response to applicants, so if you don’t get one on time, you can go!

This article will talk about ways can you can can travel to Japan without a visa.

You need a visa

Most countries will give you a short-term travel visa to Japan, but you must stay in Japan for the duration of your visa. This is typically for stays of less than 30 days.

Theoretically, you can leave Japan without a visa, but most countries will not allow you to re-enter without it.

Can I Travel to Japan: Delays & Seasonality

Although it can be difficult to predict when the Japanese government will approve a trip to Japan, the answer is always yes! When there is a high approval rate, tour companies increase their departures quickly.

There are two stages that overseas Japanese tourists go on their trip. The first is when they arrive in Japan and the second is after they have been in Japan for a few days and they are back home relaxing!

The second stage of travel usually happens around Christmas and New Year’s so visitors can enjoy Japanese culture and food during these holidays.

Prepare your passport

can i travel to japan

When you travel to Japan, you need to have your passport. There are several things you must do when you get your passport.

Make sure that your passport has been issued to you in English as the main language of Japan. You will need to know Japanese to engage in business or socializing in Japan.

Make a travel plan

can i travel to japan

Now is the time to create a travel plan. It’s a little bit more detailed this time, but not much. You can now have a quick check-in with your local airline or hotel to make sure they have space available for you.

Make a list of places you want to see in your travel plan. Try to make your list months away, so there is time to add an extra hotel or flight if something comes up.

There are several ways to make your travel plan. You can use airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, or both. The main difference is which company which one and who provides the transportation and lodging.

Learn the language

can i travel to japan

If you can, learn the Japanese language. It will make life much easier when traveling to Japan. Most locals will be able to speak some English, but not very well.

Many places in Japan have signs in Japanese, so it is possible to find something to eat or drink at a restaurant or bar in Japan! Or you can ask for something in English, of course.

The ability to speak Japanese is also helpful for shopping and buying things. Many times sellers will not understand what you are saying, but if they can speak Japanese then they can agree!

Learning the language will also help when visiting shrines and temples as locals may not be familiar with English words that mean what they do there. It is always best to know your basics before a trip.

Pack appropriately

can i travel to japan

It’s important to pack lightly when traveling to Japan. Most of our most important items are within a few steps of one another in the packing list. This way, there is no need to worry about a shortage of anything and can focus more on the experience and fun!

Some of our most important items include: Nonalcoholic Beverages (drink or snack), Supplements (treats or if you’re staying at a hotel, room service food is not good food), Personal Hygiene (to keep your skin smooth and healthy while you travel), Travel Size Medicine (if you have an infection or injury), and Incognito Screen Printer (so you can make your own documents or receipts while you’re away).

These things may seem small, but they can make a big difference on your trip.

Use a tour company

can i travel to japan

If you want to go it alone, you can visit Japan without a tour company. There are hundreds of blogs and web sites that offer complete tours on their own.

However, most of them do not advise you to be overly prepared for the trip as they do not have any support for this part. Most of them offer very basic plans that do not include everything you need to know about visiting Japan.

You will have to figure out what products and services you want to add onto your trip by yourself. However, these companies can help you get access to the right people in Japan so that you can make your trip successful.

It is also good to get help from a tour company if something goes wrong. A tour company can always find people to send help to because they have been there and done that kind of job before.

Stay in a guest house

can i travel to japan

If you are going to Japan for a short stay, you can opt to stay in a guest house. These are usually equipped with private bathrooms and living rooms with a couple of television channels and a bookcase.

They are typically more affordable options than hotels, and they offer more privacy as well. Most have maid services and food preparation services.

Most have good communication skills so you can ask about plans for the day or what activities are offered at the guest house.

Ask about safety rules before moving in, however. Some guests may not feel comfortable being alone in the house while others may have sinister motives.

If you like the feel of home, staying in a own home may be your only option.

Enjoy the nature

can i travel to japan

There are many nature parks and natural habitats in Japan. You can enjoy the nature at any time. There are many beautiful places around Japan to visit, including waterfalls, mountains, forests, and countryside.

Many people go hiking in the summer months, so check out some of the national parks and hiking trails. Many of them have visitor centers where you can learn more about the park and its natural habitat.

You can also enjoy nature at night when there is a moon or moonlight. Many parks have romantic night-time stands close to water to enjoy the stars and serenity.

There are even a few national parks that have kajukenbo-style (waterfall walking) grounds where you can go together with your partner! These are great for couples only because it is such a unique experience alone, but together makes it more enjoyable.

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