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When looking to work as a travel agent in Japan, the first thing you should do is learn the major travel destinations in Japan. There are many exciting places to visit in Japan, so having an idea of what locals like to see and how they travel can help narrow your search.

Second, you should learn about the unique features of each destination. The islands of Okinawa and Hokkaido are very different from mainland Japan than they were fifty years ago, for example. One must consider whether or not these characteristics outweigh security concerns and traveler traffic requirements when recruiting staff.

Third, know your strengths and weaknesses.

Carry-on baggage

travel agency to japan

If you are traveling by air or train, the airline or transportation company must provide you with a bag that can be stowed under an airplane or train seat.

It is the same for the transport company in Japan! If you are traveling by rail, bus, or air transport, you must bring your bag to the station in order to be placed in a baggage compartment and transported.

If you are traveling by air as your mode of transportation, you must take your bag through security and into the plane’s cabin!

If you are traveling by land route, your carrier may require one of several bags: the basic bag (which includes: clothes, food, medical supplies), a second “support” bag (for home furnishings & accessories), and a third “support” bag (for travel documents & miscellaneous items).

Try connecting with your local travel agencies in Japan to find out if they offer carry-on baggage or need-based admissions.

What to bring

travel agency to japan

You will need to bring some things to Japan, so prepare some things in case you run out of them. These include:

Money- Money in the form of a visa or credit card is required for entry into Japan. In order to have money must be handed over at the airport, via kiosk or bank account.

Clothes- If you are going with a casual look, then bring some nice casual clothes. If you want more dressy clothes, buy a few more layers of clothing. If you like more formal clothing, invest in nice pants and aJersey shirt!

Shoes- A pair of comfortable shoes is important when walking around Japan. Japans are very windy and easily wet if you do not have proper footwear. Try to buy sturdy shoes that hold your weight in case you have to walk often.

Sunglasses- When going outside at night, take out enough money to cover yourself through attire.

Purchasing items for your flight

travel agency to japan

When you’re ready to book your flight, the first step is to find a travel agency that can help you. There are many online platforms and phone apps that offer travel agencies as partners, so look for one.

In addition to having an agreement with the travel agency, the partner company has connections to the airports, airlines, and hotel chains where your flight will arrive so they can help you with your arrangements.

The second step is to find out what items belong at what price at the airport. You want to make sure that you don’t have to overpay at the airport since this may be an issue of privacy.

If there are special event or event reception situations where lots of people need to be invited, then those things should be paid for too!

Third, find out if your plane leaves at what time and in what location.

Have your ticket ready

travel agency to japan

Before you travel, have your connecting flight information and a ticket or plane ticket ready. It’s helpful to do this before the trip because airlines may sell out of certain routes or they may charge extra for boarding the plane with a passport.

If you need to board the plane with a visa-validated flight ticket, have your Ticket translated into Japanese so you can input it into an airline’s system. Many airlines offer some sort of electronic boarding pass, but if you need to board with a paper ticket, have that as well.

If you must travel by air-ground transport system (such as bus or train), make sure to have your flight information in case you cannot make it to the airport on time. Your travel agency can help with this, just verify that your information is valid for each system using their website or phone call beforehand.

Prepare money for transportation and purchases

travel agency to japan

Most foreign countries, especially Japan, require a little bit of money in advance for transportation and shopping in the country. You do not need all of your money at the time of departure, but enough to partially cover expenses during your trip.

While you can buy souvenirs and food items in Japan without spending much, it is best to have some money left over because of these purchases. It is also helpful to have some money left over if you plan on traveling between resorts as well.

Many shops and restaurants offer installment plans for payment plans, so if you are willing to pay more in installments then go for it!

Be sure to check the website or phone app for hidden fees and charges, as some may apply at the airport or when traveling between sites at a resort.

Know the location of the airport

travel agency to japan

If you’re traveling to Japan via an airport in Japan, you should know the location of that airport. The majority of airports in North America and Europe have intelligence centers where transportation services hook up with the Japan National Tourism Agency to provide information on upcoming flights and air travel in Japan.

This is helpful when trying to find a reliable and affordable flight (and/or flight date) toJapan. Many airlines offer flight sale-sights throughout the year, so try their website before calling them if you have no pre-departure info!

Given the high number of visitors to Japan each year, there’s a decent chance you’ll have some responses from previous visitors who found flight deals or who traveled to Japan recently. If so, try those people first!

If no flights seem to be suitable, look into renting a car and going sight-seeing by yourself (or with your group).

Have backup transportation options ready

travel agency to japan

If your travel plans are dependent on the availability of other transportation, you should have two backup plans. The first is to have a second way to get around town or to the airport or hotel in case the first plan fails. The second is to have two taxis or one taxi and a streetcar in case the first one is full.

Many taxi companies operate through app-based technology, so this is not a large step to take. Some companies even offer an alternative transportation option such as finding a car rental company that does not operate during peak hours or that only accepts you when it is fully packed.

The best way to have this set up is by taking out car insurance and having it appled for cab service, then by taking out insurance for the vehicle and having them appliate for transport between cities and airports.

Stay up to date with Japanese news about travel conditions

travel agency to japan

News about travel conditions in Japan is very important for travelers. There are many news outlets that provide updates about weather, transportation conditions, and other news about travel in Japan. Most news outlets have web sites that are updated frequently so you can also check them out while planning your trip.

It is helpful to stay up to date on Japanese news as well. News articles often change often so it is helpful to keep up to date on latest information about travel conditions and announcements regarding travels in Japan.

Keep a notebook and a pen by you while traveling to japan so you can write down important details such as the name of the airport, the airline you are using, etc.

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