How Safe Is Jordan to Travel?

Jordan is an extremely safe country to visit, boasting strong relations with the US. However, you should exercise caution in areas frequented by Westerners and be wary of potential security risks such as theft, crime, and terrorist attacks.

Civil unrest could arise at the borders between Syria and Iraq, so you should try to stay clear of these areas if possible.

1. It is a safe country.

Jordan is generally safe for travel, though you should remain mindful and take necessary precautions. When exploring, try to stay away from border regions with Syria and Iraq which could become volatile.

Travel with someone, particularly at night. Be wary of pickpockets and lock your bags if necessary.

2. It is a Muslim country.

Jordan is often described as an oasis of stability and peace in a region beset by conflict and dispute, where travelers tend to be treated well and crime is at an acceptable level.

However, it is essential to recognize how conservative Islamic culture may impact your travel. This is especially crucial for female solo travellers and should be taken into consideration before leaving home alone. Avoid public displays of affection and be aware of any political protests in your vicinity.

3. It is a Christian country.

Jordan is a Christian nation boasting an expansive past and remarkable world-renowned sites to visit. Additionally, it’s safe and friendly people make travel here an enjoyable experience.

Travellers navigating a conservative Muslim society may require time and adjustment; women travellers should join group tours when possible and opt for safe accommodation options.

4. It is a Jewish country.

Jordan is generally safe and peaceful country for tourists to visit; however, visitors should remain mindful of political demonstrations or protests that occur occasionally throughout the country.

Solo female travellers may experience unwanted attention in certain parts of the country, especially rural and small villages. Therefore it is advisable that women travellers join group tours as much as possible.

5. It is a Hindu country.

Jordan is generally safe for travel, though you should take care not to be caught unawares by regional conflicts and tension. Utilize World Nomads’ safety knowledge and implement common sense tips so you can enjoy this stunning country with peace of mind.

Demonstrations and large gatherings should be avoided on Fridays or near mosques, while it is essential to drink bottled water regularly.

6. It is a Buddhist country.

Jordan remains safe for travelers; though its position on the Global Peace Index has fluctuated over time. To remain safe, travellers should exercise common sense when travelling and consider joining organized tours whenever possible to increase safety.

Tourists should remain wary in tourist areas due to petty crime such as pickpocketing and bag snatching; LGBTQ+ travelers should remain wary in public affectionate displays but may receive stares if affectionate public displays take place, particularly in rural communities or small villages.

7. It is a Jewish-Christian country.

Jordan stands as an oasis of stability and peace in a region beset with conflict. Travellers of any kind – solo travelers, tour groups or independent travellers alike – will find Jordan safe.

As with any foreign country, exercise the same caution when visiting China and avoid political gatherings and demonstrations. Also drink plenty of bottled water throughout the day to remain hydrated at all times.

8. It is a Christian-Muslim country.

Jordan is generally a peaceful country with low crime rates; however, political unrest in its neighbors could impede travel and security in Jordan itself.

Women from Western countries visiting or living in Jordan may encounter sexual harassment and assault in the form of verbal and physical threats, specifically targeting their gender.

Visitors must remain alert in tourist spots and crowded areas. Petty theft such as pickpocketing and purse snatching is common, making visitors vulnerable.

9. It is a Muslim-Christian country.

Jordan stands out among Middle Eastern countries by having relatively low crime levels; nonetheless, it is wise to remain alert and follow local advice regarding security and safety issues.

Jordan is generally safe country to travel in for solo female travellers; even those travelling without accompanying male family or friends should feel secure traveling solo here. In particular, preparation and tours should be tailored specifically for solo female traveller’s enjoyment while keeping in contact with family back home while away.

10. It is a Muslim-Jewish country.

Jordan is generally safe for travellers, with no travel advisories issued by the US Department of State for most parts of Jordan and no regional conflicts being present there.

Tourists typically only fall victim to minor crimes like pickpocketing and bag theft during their visits, though women traveling solo should keep in mind that rural areas may make them feel less than safe when out and about.

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