How to Fast Travel on Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 offers players a great traversal system with its enjoyable parkour movement, but sometimes you need to get somewhere quickly. Luckily, Dying Light 2 features fast travel points throughout its vast map for fast travel purposes.

To gain access to them, it’s necessary to deactivate and reactivate Metro Stations. When fast travel points have been created they will appear on your map and can be accessed any time provided that there is power available to do so.

Unlocking the ability to fast travel

Dying Light 2’s expansive map means traveling back and forth between Old Villedor and Central Loop can become tedious; luckily, Dying Light 2 offers a fast travel system to quickly navigate its ruined city.

To unlock fast travel, players must clear out and reactivate Metro Stations located throughout the city. However, this may prove challenging due to many locations being filled with infected individuals or occupied by bandits that must be killed off first.

Unlocking this feature is well worth the effort, as players can use their map to instantly teleport to any active location on the map – saving both time and avoiding unnecessary risk.

Finding the first fast travel point

Dying Light 2’s high-octane parkour melee first-person survival game features an expansive map that can be difficult to traverse. Luckily, there’s a way around that! Instead of running from one end of the map to the other manually, simply take advantage of Dying Light’s AI feature!

Unfortunately, players won’t have access to this feature until reaching a specific point in the campaign. Simply walking up to an area and engaging it won’t do; players will have to clear out and restore power in these places first.

Are You Searching for Fast Travel Points in Old Town or Lakeshore South Section? They can both provide fast travel points. One such fast travel point can be found in Slums in Old Town near a poster on a wall near an accessed tower by dropping from outside into it and entering from inside; then by interacting with it’s poster they’ll instantly travel back into Old Town! A second fast travel point can be found by taking a picture of a Cactus Statue located therein Lakeshore South section by taking a picture of cacti Statue in Lakeshore South for instantaneous transport back into Old Town!

Finding the second fast travel point

As you progress through Dying Light 2, you’ll gain access to more of Harran’s vast map. While running from rooftop to rooftop can be thrilling and dangerous, sometimes using Dying Light 2’s fast travel system may be preferable for a safer journey over rooftiles soaked with zombie blood.

Techland have made it easier than ever for players to navigate Villedor without becoming lost: by completing missions to restore power to main portions of Villedor and unlock a series of Metro stations as fast travel points. But finding these locations and understanding their restrictions can be confusing; therefore we have put together this guide so you know exactly where and how to access fast travel in Dying Light 2.

Finding the third fast travel point

Dying Light 2 currently only features one fast travel point, located in Villedor’s Central Loop area and automatically unlocking as you progress through its main story mission that takes place there.

Unlocking fast travel points in Dying Light 2 requires more than simply completing a quest: players must first clear Metro Stations spread throughout the city, which require players to descend underground and clear them of any hostiles present; this could involve as simple an action as taking out some infected or could involve more complex platforming puzzles and an array of hostiles.

Once a fast travel point has been secured, players can take advantage of it at any time by opening the map, searching for its legend icon (three white arrows) and pressing either square button on PlayStation or X button on Xbox to warp there. Warps serve as fast-travel portals which must first be set up prior to use and have certain limitations such as only warping between certain locations that have been secured beforehand.

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