Trip To Africa Safari

A trip to Africa Safari is a wonderful way to experience the diverse ecosystems of the African continent. You can go on a short trip, a longer trip, or an extra-longer one!

The extra-long trips allow you plenty of time to explore and enjoy your vacation location. The shorter trips provide you with more action and adventure but require more preparation.

This article will talk about the preparation needed for a trip to Africa Safari. It will also tell you some of the best places to visit on your safari!

Bringing your own food is an important part of preparing your own food for a safari. There are many places in Africa that have very good eating habits are high density areas such as savannahs, lakes, and rivers.

What to pack

trip to africa safari

As mentioned above, your gear should be light. You want to be able to keep adding items to your pack without having to worry about it being heavy or causing stress on your body. Here are some items that may help you stay comfortable and stress-free on your trip.

A water source is a must have on any trip. There are many ways to hydrate yourself and your group, so don’t feel obligated to purchase a fancy water bottle just because you’re on safari!

A warm jacket is nice to have since it can protect you from the cold weather. A hard jacket or jacket may also prevent any overheating issues while in the field.

A vest or fleece may help keep you warm during the summer heat and/or protect you from possible injuries while in the field.

A pair of shorts and a tank top will help keep you cool off-season but are great outer Layer layers during the hot summer days.

Booking a trip

trip to africa safari

If you are interested in booking a trip to Africa, you should do so early in the year as most trips start in March or April.

Most trips last around three to four months and then on tour wrap up with a night at the safari camp where you sleep in a big tent with other tourists.

This is because it is hard to get confirmed as an international guest, so July or August as the cutoff month. There are only a few spots open every year so it is very pricey at $20,000 to $25,000.

However, if you book early, you can narrow your list of candidates as August is usually full of people since they have finished planning their tours and getting ready for summer break.

You can also check if someone has been on the trip before because there will be changes made for safety reasons.

Choosing your location

trip to africa safari

When traveling to Africa, you should make sure you visit the right location. There are two main locations for safari in Africa. The first is the Serengeti area in Tanzania and Kenya. The second is the Olorga-Olorga Game Preserve in South Sudan.

Both of these areas have varying levels of wildlife, so it depends on what you want out of your trip. The Serengeti has some of the most famous wildlife such as the lionesses of the pride and dicks, while Olorga-Olorga has more hidden treasure like elephants that don’t get as much attention as lions.

If you want an experience where you can see everything from a distance, then going to Olorga-Olorga is for you! Both areas have clear advantages and disadvantages, so do your research before making a decision.

Preparing for your photo shoot

trip to africa safari

Before your photo shoot, you should prepare by having a shower and brushing your hair and putting on your favorite perfume orologne. You can also put on some nice skin care products and lotion to help feel relaxed.

To put on your makeup, choose a color palette that you like and match it with your lip color and bronzer or contour product. Remember, you are going to be very nervous during the photo shoot so try to look relaxed.

Don’t forget to pack a favorite blanket or pillow for thePhoto Shoot blanket comfort. You can also put on some noise cancelling headphones if you are very nervous of being photographed.

And lastly, don’t forget to bring your camera! Photos are fun but if you are not careful with taking them, then the photographer will tell you how bad your camera takes photos.

Taking the perfect picture

trip to africa safari

Creating a picture is both an enjoyment and challenge. Here are some tips to help you get the best picture possible.

Join up with the background and let your image be swept into the wave of color, sound, or motion.

Get close enough to your object that you can clearly see details such as a shadow or highlight.

Try moving closer or farther away from your object to find the perfect shot. You will be happy you did!

Use a tripod or support your camera on a shoulder bag style strap to help hold your camera steady.

Use a slow shutter speed to prevent movement of the object in the photo and capture only one frame of action at a time.

Try not to use digital cameras when on safari, they are designed for shooting pictures with smartphones so have no fear! They do not take as good of pictures with due to lack of control over settings and length of time exposed to light.

Enjoy your memories!

trip to africa safari

It is very rare to experience a memory like the one you will have while on a safari. You will be surrounded by nature, feeling in sync with your surroundings and experiencing things through your senses.

You will also be close to the animals, so you can feel their heat or smell them. This is extremely rewarding as you watch and listen to them respond to you and what you are doing.

You will be surrounded by families that enjoy wildlife, so you can feel comfortable in their company. The dogs will probably like you more than the people do, since they get to do what they want when they want.

The best part about going on a safari is learning about animals and watching them interact with people.

Donate to conservation efforts

trip to africa safari

Choosing how much you make and how you spend your money is an integral part of producing high-quality, sustainable spending money. You can make a big difference by choosing to donate more or less than you currently do!

For example, if you make only enough money to donate $2 per month to conservation efforts, then over the course of a year you will have donated more than $12.

You could also choose to donate fractions of a dollar or even ones and ones of money. You would be doing something that matters – your donations would be substantially greater than those made with regular income streams.

You may not need new clothes or gadgets, but donating money helps support efforts that protect nature and its people. It can also help you feel better about your own consumption habits.

Learn more about Africa

While the Serengeti and the Kruger National Park are famous for their wildlife, there are many other beautiful places in Africa that deserve your attention.

Many of these places are not well known outside of Africa, so consider visiting one of these hidden gems. You may discover a new African homeland or two in you!

To learn more about Africa and find its next hot spot, visit This website features information on seven African countries with high concentrations of people who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. You can also visit their site to register as a Pride member in the respective country.

These countries include South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. All of them have been active in recent years in establishing laws recognizing same-sex couples as married.

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