African Safaris Cost

SELKIRK, a privately owned African safari company, offers travelers the opportunity to travel the continent on an exclusive, custom-made adventure. Each tour includes you and your family, your companions, and your experience together.

Many people are interested in going on the safari with their families so this makes it very popular. There are two sizes of tours that you can sign up for: The Private Tour or the Group Tour. The Private Tours include only you and your family while the Group Tours include more people and/or equipment such as a jeep or a trainer.

Calculating your budget

african safaris cost

When you go African safari, you will need to set a budget. This will depend on where you go, how many things you want to experience, and how big your family is.

Most places have a budget of about $200-$300 for an all-day safari. This includes food, drinks, seats in the vehicle, and other items like souvenirs or sleeping bags!

Some places might have more expensive safaris than this, but not by much. A $30 difference is a medium sized change in money wise.

Most places have gift shops and souvenirs that are expensively made. While going on an all-day safari can be pricey, if you get some good deals on things it can save you significant money.

If you have a small family or just want to keep the costs down, look at less-fancy tours that may include fewer people but are worth it.

Deciding what you want to see

african safaris cost

Once you’ve found your African safari destination, it is time to decide what you want to see and how you want to experience your safari. There are many options when it comes to adventure vacations, so do not be afraid to try something new.

Through research, speaking with other vacationers, and of course, visiting the site for the destination, there should be a good chance that they have tested the waters with something and it worked out for everyone. Most of the time this includes horses as a test subject as they are relatively safe and easy to manage.

If you are very into animals or nature tourism, then going with animals will be more cost-effective than if you were looking for big crowds and production efficiency.

Choosing a location

african safaris cost

When choosing a location for African safaris, consider some of the following.

Local wildlife is very important to consider when choosing a location for an African safari. By you traveling in close proximity to local wildlife, you will be able to see some of their habits.

Some animals that are known to local wildlife are predators. If you choose a location with lots of wildlife, your safari guests may be attacked by predators. For example, if you choose a area with plenty of wild elephants, your guests may be grabbed by an elephant and have their life threatened!

Also, if you choose an area with non-predator animals such as lions or hyena’s, then you will need to be prepared for them.

Booking your trip

african safaris cost

First you must book a flight and hotel room in advance. This can be done by contacting your airline, by calling the safari company, or by entering your information in the safari company website.

Once these details are confirmed, you can start planning your safaris! There are many ways to book a safari including: tree house tours, game viewing tents, and/or chimp experience centers.

The best way to choose between the different experience centers is to see if they have any recent reviews. If so, they must be good enough to justify the price difference!

All of the centers have staff members who are knowledgeable about Chims and will help guide you through the trip.

Preparing for the trip

african safaris cost

Before a safari you should make sure your animal companion should be able to adjust to city life. Both dogs and cats must be able to live in a non-natural environment and adjust to human habits.

Both dogs and cats must be able to live in a city environment with few places for interaction. They must also be able to cope with the general public, as well as other animals.

If you are taking your dog, it is recommended that you get them a dog toy or some kind of play territory at least twice a day. You can also give your pet some kind of food, if they are not too hungry during the day.

If you are taking your cat, get them at least one comfortable room of their own or enough space between animals for them to roam.

Bringing money

african safaris cost

There are two main ways to bring money on African safaris: bartering and selling Wildlife.
Topic A: Barter

Barrering is a very popular way to bring money on an African safari. Both locals and animals are expected to barter with you in the heat of battle.

Many animals will even approach a normal, clean wallet with money and/or credit card, so make sure you are protected with a good quality malaria medication, food, water, a blanket or sleeping bag, and possibly entertainment such as tickets to a show or event.

Bringing medication

african safaris cost

If you’re traveling with a medical condition, there are some things you should consider doing in advance. You can book an African safari without any prey, but then you also don’t have any predators to worry about.

For example, you can buy a cheetah or leopard-proof backpack to put your medication in. There are also specialized medicine bags designed for lions and other prey-eating animals.

These bags are large and heavy, making them very difficult to pack into your suitcase. You would also have to find a reliable way to get the bag back once inside the animal’s cage or habitat.

However, if you do not have a lion-proof backpack, then you can still bring your medications. Cheetahs are very quick and hard to catch if you slap them right in the face!

The average person needs two tablets per day for antihistamine treatment, one tablet per day for pain relief, and two tabs per day for erectile dysfunction (ED) medication.

Communicating with home

african safaris cost

While you are on safari, you can also communicate with your family and friends via the Nairobi-based Safariland Africa cell phone plan. This feature is not available upon arrival at the park, but you can access it during pre-trip calls with your parents and representatives from your company.

You will need to purchase a local call plan, which is free of course! This allows you to make phone calls while you are on safari.

The cost for the international call plan is $4 per minute and $6 per second, which is pretty expensive! However, this may be useful if you have visitors coming soon or if someone has a really hard time making phone calls on their own due to low voice quality or distance.

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