Road Trip West Coast Usa

A road trip west is a wonderful way to spend your time. With the sky as the limit for places you see and experiences you enjoy, this is a long time spent in one location.

While most people think of the West when speaking of travel, eastern United States is just as valid a destination. New England, Canada, and Alaska are all popular locations for national pride and cultural attractions like museums, libraries, and monuments.

Unfortunately, many museums in western countries are very small and hard to fully enjoyed from a short visit. If you were really impressed with one piece of art or architecture, then go back and check out the next best piece!

This article will talk about some places people should visit while west coast traveling, including New York City, San Diego County, Portland State Parks & Attractions, Sedona: The Canyons Experience, Las Vegas Strip & Downtown Experience(s), and more.

Santa Monica

road trip west coast usa

If you’re looking for a fashion-forward place to visit, then you should head to Santa Monica, California. This city is known for its rich culture and beautiful beaches.

The city is home to several high-profile schools including Santa Monica College, California State University Northridge, and University of California Santa Barbara. It also has several top-quality community colleges that offer some great training programs.

Visitors can find many things to do. For instance, the USS Arizona Memorial is a naval museum that hosts events such as boat rides and reenactments of Navy ships in combat situations. The pier in downtown Santa Monica features attractive ships docked and colorful lightsfestival each year in October.

At night, visitors can go on haunted tours or enjoy some live music at a bar or nightclub nearby.


road trip west coast usa

Not many people know that Los Angeles is actually located on the Pacific coast, just south of San Francisco. You can find many attractions and neighborhoods right inside the city limits.

If you’re traveling to the West Coast, you should check out Hollywood for your next trip. It has a lot to offer, from nightlife to shopping to dining!

As the largest city in the region, Los Angelesalso serves as a major transportation hub for its surrounding cities. This makes it a popular destination for tourism, whoops!

However, if you’re looking for some solitude, head west! These cities are among the most secluded in America, making them perfect destinations for your holiday break.

Beverly Hills

road trip west coast usa

If you’re headed to the beach, you should stop in Beverly Hills. The beach is only a 15-minute drive away in Century City, but if you are into hard-core sea bathing, then you should visit Beverly Hills.

The city has several beaches along different locations and they are always crowded with people of all ages. Many visitors come just for the swims!

Visiting during the summer months is a good idea as there are usually more people on the beaches then off times. You can also rent water toys and get some pointers from lifeguards about how to keep people safe!

Another thing visitors to Beverly Hills do is visit the famous Beverley Hills clinic. This clinic has created quite a reputation for itself over the years as having powerful tools that can help heal your broken bones, infections, arthritis, back pain, etc.

Las Vegas

road trip west coast usa

While Las Vegas is not a city in the traditional sense, it is definitely a city in terms of entertainment. There are so many places to see and experience in and around Las Vegas that there is no need to go all the way to Nevada to enjoy them.

Many people travel to Las Vegas for gambling, so it is important to aware of the areas surrounding the casino floors. Many beautiful neighborhoods are located within a short distance of casinos, and you can discover some of these places on your trip.

If you want some fun non-gaming things to do on your trip, make your way to one of the many theme parks nearby. These typically have great offerings such as rides or events like roller-derby competitions or sports games!

A must do while in Las Vegas is attend one of the many live events at T-Mobile arena. There are usually lots of fans attending who will be willing to shell out money for this event.

Grand Canyon

road trip west coast usa

The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the world. Whether you are a nature lover or adventure lover, the Grand Canyon is sure to excite you.

If you are headed west, then you know how difficult it can be to make it to a national park within a reasonable amount of time. So, if you are too late to enter the Grand Canyon, then this article is for you.

You do not have to travel in advance to enter the Grand Canyon. There are regular visits and entrance days that determine whether or not you can enter. These days typically occur around Memorial Day through October with about 10,000 people entering every year!

Traveling into the park on an entrance day is easy and fun.


road trip west coast usa

If you’re looking to head west, Phoenix is a great city to visit. With plenty of arts and culture destinations, nonstop business venues, and a pleasant weather pattern, many people choose to make Arizona their winter vacation destination.

With over 1 million residents, Phoenix is not a small city. It has become a major tourist hub due to its scenic location and warm weather. This makes it very popular with retirees, who know the peace and solace that come with the mountains in the background.

The city also features several parks and green spaces that people can enjoy, making it an attractive place to live. Since most people know how beautiful the area is without having to go out and see for yourself, visiting Phoenix is an easy way to learn more about this unique community.

San Diego

road trip west coast usa

San Diego is a fun city to visit. It has a vibrant nightlife scene, beautiful beaches, and fun historical attractions.

Since San Diego is such a fun city to visit, you will want to save some money so that you can go! Many visitors travel by boat or bus to see the sights and districts.

To save money, head to the convention center or even the zoo if you are in town on a weekend. Both are free and very popular.

The Scripps Miramar Convention Center is also an affordable location where groups can meet. If you are looking for something special, check out the USS Midway War Memorial which is just down Broadway from the convention center.

Yosemite National Park

road trip west coast usa

If you’re planning a west coast trip, visit Yosemite National Park. It is one of the most iconic parks in the United States and has an amazing array of terrain to explore.

Located in Northern California, this park has several locations where you can reach high mountain peaks, lush forests, and scenic valleys.

You can start your trip at Yosemite Valley, where you can see the famous Big One and Small One Yosemite Falls. Then, you can go up High Mountain Pass and explore the remote Aletsch Glacier.

If you want to do more exploring, take a taxi or ride a bike to nearby locations. You will find some incredible wilderness areas that are hard to imagine without visiting.

Yosemite also features many water features such as the Halfway Tree Loop and Bridalveil Falls . These features make great hiking trails with few obstacles in your way.

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