Sun Studios; Memphis

sun studiosAfter Graceland, we jumped in our car and drove to downtown Memphis to Sun Studios. It’s not a far ride, maybe 10 minutes.

Sun Studios is the place where Elvis recorded his first song! Can you believe the place still exists?

Now honestly, I thought this place might be a bit boring.

I mean, really, how exciting could it be to see an old-time recording studio that’s over 50 years old.

Especially, with my daughter. Who was 5, at the time. Who had already spent the morning at a train museum, in the car, and visiting a 1970s rock-star’s mansion.

Nope, I wasn’t expecting much.

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Good-bye Summer :(

At the beginning of summer, I put together my 2014 Summer Bucket List. Then around July, I updated it.

Now’s it’s September and as much as I want to hold on to Summer 2014, even I have to admit it’s coming to a close.

So, here’s how this year’s list fared:

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Don’t Worry About Your Alaskan Cruise

alaskaSo, I’ve been talking endlessly about the Alaskan Cruise we took to celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary.

You may remember before I left, I was very worried, about all kinds of things!

I was very lucky to get a lot of advice from previous cruisers. I’d like to return the favor for any future cruisers.

Below are the worries I had and what I think now that I’ve returned.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

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The King of Memphis at Graceland

gracelandWe left our morning and lunchtime adventure at the Casey Jones Museum and Old Country Store in Jackson and made our way to the famous Memphis, Tennessee!

And, where do you think we’re were going?

Yes! Graceland!

Um, was the picture a give-away?

I was a little nervous about taking Leah to Graceland. She doesn’t know any Elvis songs. Sacrilege?

I thought touring the mansion and planes might not be amusing for her and therefore torturous for me…

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5 Hours In Anchorage

anchorageAs we said good-bye to our cruise ship in Whittier, we got on our tour bus to Anchorage. The first interesting thing I can tell you about is the tunnel, which allows only on direction of traffic through at a time.

Yep, you have to wait on one side while the traffic passes, then it’s your turn to go through the tunnel. And no, there was no accident or calamity, it’s always that way.

The other thing I can tell you (again) is the scenery is beautiful! Check this out…

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