Our First Night On the Road

country inn and suitesWith the first day of our road trip coming to a close, we drove to our hotel. The Country Inn and Suites in Wytheville, VA.

After having dinner at the Mill Street Grill in Staunton (which we hated!), we arrived to the hotel late, very late for my daughter.

The check-in process went smoothly and we were quickly in our room. Fantastic.

The staff was friendly and the rooms were clean.

We got up the next morning, got ready and headed downstairs for…

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Alaskan Cruise: Glacier Bay

glacier bayOur Alaskan Cruise was fantastic.

Here’s what we’d done so far:

Alaskan Cruise: It’s On…
Alaskan Cruise Port: Ketchikan
Alaskan Cruise Port: Juneau
Alaskan Cruise Port: Skagway

and we were ready to see Glacier Bay.

What is Glacier Bay? Let me give you the official explanation:

Glacier Bay National Park is a World Heritage Site. It includes numerous tidewater glaciers – several are actively calving icebergs into the bay. The show can be spectacular. As water undermines the ice fronts, great blocks of ice – up to 200 feet high – break loose and crash into the water. (Information from VisitGlacierBay)

Here’s my unofficial explanation…

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Road Trip: Frontier Culture

virginiaAfter leaving Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Baltimore, we continued on our road trip southbound for Dallas! We drove into Virginia and stopped at the Welcome Center for a picnic lunch.

I had packed the lunch early in the morning before we left. The Virginia Welcome Center is really nice.

If you are in the area or planning a road trip and need a place to stop, this is a good one.

The picnic area is spacious and green. It’s well-kept with a water fountain and…

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Alaskan Cruise Port: Skagway

skagwayOn the fourth morning of our Alaska cruise, we woke up docking in Skagway. It was a beautiful day from the start. We had an excursion planned and needed to be at the meeting spot by 12n.

We ate breakfast in the sit-down restaurant. It was good, much better than waiting in that buffet line!

We got ready and left the boat early to walk into town and buy lunch since our excursion didn’t provide it.

We picked up some sandwiches at Glacial Smoothies and Espresso. Then off to our meeting spot.

Today’s excursion was…

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Believe It Or Not!

ripleysOne of the things on my bucket list is a multi-day road trip. We don’t do a lot of road trips. My husband hates them.

I can’t blame him. Leah tends to get car sick. She’s thrown up on the 60-minute drive to her grandparents (understandable). She’s thrown up on the 20-minute ride to her summer camp (hmmm, a little odd). She’s thrown up on a 10-minute drive to Target (really?)!

Based on this, Michael tends to think a long car trip is not fun. Believe it or not.

Not me — I live for adventure!

When the opportunity came up for us to drive from New Jersey to Dallas, I was all in. My husband was all out!

He also didn’t want me going with alone. Since my sons (16 and 21) seem to have their own lives. Believe it or not.

The trip wasn’t looking too good. Cue the hero who saved the day…I mean trip!

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