Alaskan Cruise Port: Ketchikan

ketchikanOur first stop during our Alaskan Cruise was…Ketchikan.

As we arrived into port, it was early, foggy, chilly and rainy. I guess that’s what you can and should expect during an Alaska summer morning.

We had prearranged some pretty big excursions on this trip so we kept this day more low-key. We decided on the Lumberjack Show!

Oh yeah, lumberjacks.

Our tour was at 10am so we had plenty of time to get ready and have breakfast. We ate at the buffet breakfast place again. Again, it was crowded.

We decided, the next morning, we were definitely…

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Summer 2014 Update

At the beginning of summer, I put together my 2014 Summer Bucket List. Oh yeah! It wasn’t as long as the year before…I’m becoming more realistic (possibly).

And can you believe it’s nearing the end of July? Already!

We haven’t completed the list but we are making some solid progress. Here’s what’s happened so far:

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Waste Less

future food 2050As I continue on my healthy journey of eating better, I eat a lot less processed food (although Tootsie Rolls might be my current weakness).

Here’s something I found that may shock you, fresh food goes bad faster.

Who would have thought?

What I need to do is be more careful with my meal planning and buying so that I am prepared to eat what I buy so it doesn’t go bad.

In working with FutureFood 2050, I was turned on this this article…

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Alaskan Cruise! It’s On…

I previously mentioned my family taking an Alaskan cruise to celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary.

alaskan cruiseWell… We’re back!!

We had an absolutely fantastic time.

You might remember, I worried about 1,000 things. As in most cases, my worries were for nothing. However, I do think some good comes from worrying.  For example, because I worried, I did a lot of research and found out:

  • Don’t pack shorts. Alaska summers aren’t hot.
  • Bring rain gear. It may rain, a lot.
  • Pack a hat and gloves. Surprisingly, glaciers tend to be on the cold side.

Okay, enough about worry…let’s get to the good stuff!

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Happy Summer – Kids Craft

Around March, Leah came home with this idea to make bags of goodies, that she made, into her classmates at school. She spent most of her afternoon working on this project and went right back to it after dinner.

summer kids craftsShe was frustrated when it was getting close to bedtime because she was nowhere near finished. She started to find “stuff” from her own “toy” collection. Everything is in quotes because she is somewhat of a hoarder so she has lots of little scraps of toys, papers, etc. she refuses to get rid of.

Now, as much as I would have liked to get rid of all those bits of “junk” because I am the EXACT opposite of a hoarder, I did not really want her giving that to her friends at school.

After much debate, I finally convinced her to abandon this project and promised we would work on making super, awesome bags with real crafts that she made and we’d give the bags to her friends at the end of the year.

Great plan, right? I mean, we’d make something super, awesome with four months of lead time. Right?

Wrong. We did do quite a bit of work but as the last weeks of school approached, we needed more time. Time we did not have.

So we did what we could.

Here’s our result:

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