How Do You Know You’re Old?

are you old

Previously, I mentioned I am going back to school to obtain my Psychology degree and I’m particularly interested in aging successfully. I also mentioned that there is already a lot of research on this topic, which many people (especially myself) don’t know exists or may not have access to it.

In an effort to help communicate information in an easy-to-understand way, I’d like to bring that research to you. So, here is my first attempt:

Experiment Name and Purpose:

How Do You Know You’re Old? Gender Differences in Cues Triggering the Experience of Personal Aging

  1. Explore how certain situations made people feel old.
  2. Determine if there were differences between men and women as it relates to those feelings.

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It's time for changeYou may have noticed, I haven’t posted in quite a long time. There’s a few good reasons for that – aren’t there always good reasons for things. At least from the person who is doing the explaining. The person doing the explaining believes the reasons are always good, valid, upstanding, and easily understood. To those listening, things may not seem so clear.

Either way, here are the top three reasons I have not posted:

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Write On: Rachel Medhurst

rachel medhurstToday I’m interviewing Rachel Medhurst the author of the Avoidable series and soon-to-be released Deadliners!

You can find her here and all her books are available here. She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s a super cool thing, if you go to her site at and you sign up for her email list, you can receive a FREE copy of the first Avoidable book.

Super cool, right?

Here’s some more about your newest favorite author…

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Sun Studios; Memphis

sun studiosAfter Graceland, we jumped in our car and drove to downtown Memphis to Sun Studios. It’s not a far ride, maybe 10 minutes.

Sun Studios is the place where Elvis recorded his first song! Can you believe the place still exists?

Now honestly, I thought this place might be a bit boring.

I mean, really, how exciting could it be to see an old-time recording studio that’s over 50 years old.

Especially, with my daughter. Who was 5, at the time. Who had already spent the morning at a train museum, in the car, and visiting a 1970s rock-star’s mansion.

Nope, I wasn’t expecting much.

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