Who Is…The Alliance for Aging Research?

There are many organizations focused on the aging population. Of course, right away you probably think of AARP but there are many more.

I’d like to introduce you to some of those organizations. It is important to know about these groups so you can gain more information to help yourself and your family in the future.

The Alliance for Aging Research was established in 1986. They are a “nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the pace of scientific discoveries and their application to vastly improve the universal human experience of aging and health.”alliance for aging research

They want people to “live longer, happier, more productive lives.” Now, who doesn’t want that?

The Alliance also aims to reduce health care costs and make scientific advancements that allow people to manage their own well-being. They are continually exploring ways to advance science and enhance lives.

So check them out! You can:

Get health information

Understand more on public policy

Donate to their cause

or even,

Find out about their events!

So get involved today. You’ll be glad you did.

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Ted Talks

Ted Talk: How I’m Preparing to Get Alzheimer’s

Okay, let’s just get it out there, Ted Talks are amazing. Therefore, I want to share with you some great Ted Talks related to aging.

I wanted to start with this one about Alzheimer’s Disease. Why?

My outlook on aging is extremely positive. The things on which I like to focus mainly relate to how to improve aging, how to be optimistic about aging, and how to target areas related to aging that will allow the optimal longevity.

When I read that, I love it (as you might imagine)! Other people though might yearn for what they consider a more realistic approach. You know, not all roses and sunshine. I get it…I don’t love roses, myself.

In an effort to reach all types of people and cover the topic thoroughly, I want to discuss the negative aspects of aging as well.

Of course, my philosophy on this will remain:

focus on the positive

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Be Inspired

Be Inspired…by this 90 Year-Old Graduate!

Be inspired!

Imagine an older adult. Did you picture the stereotypical “old” person? One who is cranky and hard of hearing? One who can hardly make it up a flight of stairs, let alone understand how to use a cell phone?

When this happens and the only images you are exposed to are poor examples of advanced age it is difficult to find hope.

That’s about to change!

It’s time to…

be inspired!

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Aging Research

Research – Believing is Seeing

aging successfully

Do you believe that your thoughts can dictate what your future brings? Maybe you’ve heard stories of this happening. People who “Think and Grow Rich.” 

I must admit, I do like this theory. Your thoughts manifest themselves in your actions and your actions determine your life.

If you think, “I am lazy and stupid.” You are certain to act in lazy and stupid ways.

If you think, “I can’t do anything right.” Chances are you will not be satisfied with anything you do – right or wrong.

If you think, “At 80, I’m going to be old and feeble, hardly able to walk around, and forgetting my own name.” Then the chances are you probably will fulfill that destiny.

That is why I love this study. They actually tested this!

Let’s look at the details:


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