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Japanese 1950s shopping district

Not only is this area a historic shopping district, it’s also a cultural hub. There are over a hundred specialty shops and restaurants located in the district, making it an engaging, ever-changing neighborhood.

Osaka Day Trips provides you with several select Osaka neighborhoods that are conveniently located near each other and offer many different lifestyle choices.

The neighborhood around Umeda Station is home to small businesses and interesting places to eat. The Ansai Building houses one of Japan’s largest LGBT community centers as well as LGBTQ-friendly hotels and hostels. Close by is Grand Central Market, another popular food stop.

Nearby Namba Park has an inspiring collection of history-themed monuments. If you are looking for somewhere to park your car, Hoteigasa Guest House & Suites is just down the street from Umeda Station.

Sakurajima volcano

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Sakurajima is one of the most iconic sights in Japan. It’s a volcano that erupts sulphuric ash, creating a spectacular sight for tourists year-round.

Sakurajima sits in the Osaka prefecture close to Kobe city, so it’s an easy day trip from Osaka. You can go on a popular Sokoku Sokoku bus which travels around every 30 minutes from 6:30 to 10:30 and 14:30 to 16:30. The price is 1,000 yen for adults, and 500 yen for children.

On the off-season you can visit on your own without a bus. There is also a railway station near Sakurajima where buses do not run; you must take a train to get there!

Tagamasaji Temple is located just next to Sakurajima on the other side of town.

Takinoko library

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If you’re looking for a relaxing day out, Takinoko library is a must visit. It’s located in the old city centre, just around the corner from Nishi-sanji temple.

The Takinoko library was established in 1887 and has been hosting communities ever since. It’s one of the oldest libraries in Japan and still features its traditional design.

Today, it offers over 30,000 books and is a great resource for finding information about Osaka. You can also visit its museum which features artifacts from the library’s history.

As this library is open to the public, you can just walk into any section and find something interesting.

Umeda sky building

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One of the most recognisable skyline sights in the world is the U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 50-story sky building is a vibrant landmark that stretches for miles and features in many advertisements, commercials, and TV shows.

The Umeda Sky Building was established in 2000 as Osaka’s first major skyscraper development. Since then, more than 30 high-rise buildings have been constructed around Osaka, making it one of the leading cities for high-rise construction.

Many of these buildings were designed using innovative methods such as using sloped roofs to create views from higher up. These skyscrapers are memorable because they can all be seen from a long way away!

Parallel to this rapid high-rise construction is urban renewal which means neighbourhoods are bulldozed to make way for more buildings. Both practices are controversial and unique to Osaka, where others might say they rise above the rest.

Nakano beach

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If you’re looking to get some nice, non-stop skin-on-skin sun, Nakano is the place. There are many beautiful beaches in Osaka, but this one is very close to where you will be staying.

Nakano is a vibrant beach district with lots of bars and restaurants, making it a fun place to visit. The area is known for its high number of photogenic people, making it a popular location for photography sessions.

If you’re going on a weekend, make sure you get there by about 10:30am to avoid the crowds and high rental fees. 11:00am is the cut off time for booked spots!

There are two main beaches in Nakano: Nakano Broadway and Nipponic Beach.

Tenri shrine

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The Tenri shrine is a small temple located in the eastern part of Osaka. The name Tenri comes from the local term for rabbits, which are seen as sacred by some.

The shrine was originally built to protect rabbits, and if an area was too rabbit-rich, then a certain deity would bless it with a hut where you could pray and worship him.

During the farming cycle, rabbit huts would be brought out and dedicated to God by having rabbit carcasses placed inside. This is still done today at some of the temples around Osaka, including this one!

Ternikuri-ji is another small temple located just outside of Tenri. Both temples are very cute and little, with only one entrance and one god you must meet.

Japan sea seafood market

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If you’re a fan of seafood, you should definitely check out the sea food market in Osaka. There are many seafood stores in Osaka, so it’s not just a random stop you can make.

You can enjoy the market while you wait for your sushi and sashimi courses at restaurants. You can also go during lunch time or during school hours to get good deals on seafood.

Most of the products sold are delivered directly from Japan, as they do not have a large domestic shrimp and fish production system. These imported products usually cost more than local products, but it is extremely worth the investment to enjoy great quality food in an environment that is natural and authentic.

The employees at the market are very friendly and helpful, making it a fun place to browse and find what you want.

Amusement parks

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There are actually two major amusement parks in Osaka: Nippon Centraion Park and Higashikoyo Centraion Park. Both are located just outside of the city center, making it a quick trip away.

Spotting amusement parks in larger cities can be frustratingly common, but they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. They’re beautiful places to visit, with varying themes and design styles.

Both parks have easy-to-find entrances off of Sendagaya Dori, so you can go at your own pace. Getting into either park will take about 15 minutes!

Nippon Centraion Park is a bit bigger and more complex than Higashikoyo Centraion Park.

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