How to Fold Jeans For Travel

Folding jeans is an efficient and wrinkle-free way to pack them for travel.

Learn to fold pants efficiently is not as hard as it seems; with practice it becomes natural. Not only will this save space in your drawers and suitcase while traveling, it will reduce wrinkles so you can easily locate jeans when they’re needed most.

Folding in Half

Folding clothing properly will ensure they arrive with minimal wrinkles when traveling, as well as reduce space consumption within a suitcase or other bag.

Fold jeans for travel by placing them flat on a clean surface and smoothing out any excess creases or bumps in the fabric, as well as any tucks or bunched pockets that might appear. Fold lengthwise so either front or back pockets meet.

Fold your pants in half again so that the bottom cuff rests just beneath the back pocket. Or fold them in thirds if preferred.

Folded this way, jeans can stand alone in any drawer or closet shelf and stack easily for convenient retrieval without the need to bend over and pull it from its pile.

Folding in Quarters

Folding dress pants to minimize wrinkles and save space can be challenging when traveling, particularly if a full-sized suitcase is part of your plan.

Folding jeans for travel is no simple task, but there are ways that will save both time and space! The first step should be laying them flat on a surface to smooth out any bumps or uneven areas.

Once they are flat, fold the sheets lengthwise with either your front pockets meeting up with or your back pockets meeting so that they meet.

Fold your pants hems up until the waistband, and fold into thirds or quarters according to their size and your drawer or suitcase’s capacity.

No matter the method you use to fold jeans, before placing them away in your closet or drawer you should shake your jeans to remove wrinkles that may form over time and ensure they arrive in perfect condition when it’s time for wear! Doing this ensures they will arrive ready-to-wear!

Folding in Thirds

Fold your jeans into thirds for travel to eliminate wrinkles and keep the item from becoming bulky, according to Marie Kondo’s best-selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book. She recommends it as an efficient way to fold items without making them bulky.

Fold the jeans flat onto a surface, removing any bumps, and checking that their pockets don’t bunch together. Fold in thirds as directed above.

Fold the pants lengthwise so that either the front or back pockets come together, and tuck under any unwanted points like the crotch point if desired.

Once folded, your pants can be stored vertically or stacked on a shelf – either way they will stay crease-free!

@effectivespaces has shared a video demonstrating three effective techniques for folding jeans based on where they will be stored – it’s a quick process that will get you into the habit of folding your denim properly and keeping them wrinkle-free!

Folding in Fourths

Folding jeans correctly when traveling can save space and reduce wrinkles, while protecting against damage as much as possible. When compressing for travel, compress them for maximum space efficiency while minimising wrinkles – only then can they arrive undamaged.

Fold jeans correctly by placing them flat on a clean surface and smoothing out any bumps and creases, smoothing the legs, and making sure pockets don’t bunch together.

Fold the jeans lengthwise so that either the front or back pockets meet at either the waistband or ankles.

Tuck the crotch area between your legs (optional). This will add volume to your folded jeans while simultaneously helping keep its surface wrinkle-free and unbroken.

Some prefer folding their pants this way for storage purposes, although this method requires much more closet space than usual. If space is at a premium however, learning this folding technique could prove invaluable.

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