How to Travel to Hawaii From Canada

how to travel to hawaii from canada

Below are a few key takeaways about Hawaii:

Flying to Hawaii can be costly, so consider booking one of Southwest Airlines’ specials or using your companion pass to save money on airfare.

Pack your swimsuit and some sundresses. Also remember comfortable shoes for hiking and exploring Maui; some popular tours, like Haleakala Sunrise on Maui require prior reservations.


Honolulu on Oahu is often used as a hub for exploring other islands in Hawaii. When booking flights from Vancouver, if possible, direct flights may help save time by eliminating unnecessary layovers and conserving vacation time.

Once in Hawaii, the ideal place to stay would be a hotel or resort near the beach, so that you can spend most of your time relaxing on its shores or in its waters. If your rewards card offers free first or business class seats on flights to Hawaii, consider upgrading these seating types and taking advantage of lie-flat beds as well as complimentary beverages and snacks provided in first or business class seating – this will make the long flight much more bearable!

Before leaving home, be sure that you possess both a valid passport and an approved ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). Citizens of Canada or Australia can enter without needing a visa through the Visa Waiver Program (VWP); otherwise a visitor’s passport must be valid for 90 days at time of entry.


Kona is the capital of Hawaii’s Big Island, where you can experience world-renowned Hawaiian hospitality while relaxing on breathtaking beaches. Kona Airport is a modern facility featuring two terminals and various car rental agencies nearby; passengers are transported between terminals via shuttle service.

Avoid traveling during holidays and major events when crowds and prices are at their peak, to reduce crowding and costs. Bring comfortable walking shoes as well as waterproof hiking sandals.

Most flights from Canada to Kona connect through Honolulu International Airport on Oahu; however, Air Canada Rouge and Westjet both provide seasonal direct service. If travelling on an expedited schedule, booking your flight at least 1 week ahead is advised for optimal pricing and ensure all required travel and health documents including passport or NEXUS card are with you; additionally it would be prudent to obtain medical travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage is secured as well.


Hawaii is easily accessible year-round, making it a fantastic option for budget travellers as prices decrease during off-peak seasons and you can save by opting out of pricey tours.

No matter the season, it is wise to avoid traveling during the holidays when crowds and prices can reach their highest points. For optimal value, book flights to Hawaii far in advance.

As is usually the case, Hawaii trips tend to be most costly when it comes to flights there and back. Booking airfare ahead of time can often save money; SkyScanner provides an invaluable service in finding great airfare deals.


Kauai, one of the main Hawaiian Islands, is accessible from Vancouver by Lihue Airport (LIH). Unfortunately there are no direct flights from Vancouver to Kauai; to get there you must book with either Delta or United.

SkyScanner is an invaluable tool when booking flights, enabling users to perform custom searches and locate the cheapest available dates – perfect for flexible schedules!

Make sure to pack a good book and snorkelling equipment to enjoy Hawaii’s spectacular underwater life, as well as waterproof GoPro camera to capture it all and reusable shopping bags to reduce waste. Furthermore, try and avoid holiday seasons like Christmas and New Year when prices and crowds may increase significantly.

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