How to Fast Travel on Dying Light 2

how to fast travel on dying light 2

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Dying Light 2’s parkour mechanics make traversing Villedor an engaging experience, yet can become dangerous and time consuming to walk long distances. To quickly navigate long routes, players can fast travel by opening their map and hovering their cursor over green locations like Faction Hubs or Metro Stations on their map.


Dying Light 2’s fast travel system may initially seem complicated. When starting the game, they won’t even be able to fast travel until completing one of Old Villedor’s story missions and unlocking Central Loop map area – at which time players will see prompts that enable fast traveling to destinations like Faction Hubs or Metro Stations.

Players can retake these stations from THV Chemical Fields and enemy infiltrators by completing story missions that require returning power to an area. Once activated, players can simply select it on their map and instantly teleport there – saving both time and energy as Harran is vast and parkour is time-consuming to traverse between points.

Time Limits

Fast travel can be an invaluable asset when exploring Dying Light 2’s expansive map. While its parkour mechanics make sprinting across rooftiles covered in zombie blood exhilarating, fast travel may also prove dangerous and inconvenient for long distance journeys.

Players will unlock fast travel as they progress through the main story, which may take up to 15 hours of gameplay time to accomplish. In the interim, they can use Villedor’s Metro Stations as means of transportation around Villedor.

By default, each station is home to bandits or infected individuals, which must be cleared out prior to turning on power in order to activate it as a fast travel point. Once powered-up, Metro Stations appear as green spots on your map, and can quickly be reached by opening the Player Menu and hovering over their desired station.

Once a station has been activated, players can quickly travel there by opening up their player menu and selecting the green Metro Station icon (provided they aren’t engaged in combat, airborne travel or quest sections). Unfortunately it isn’t possible to zip between locations like windmills and power plants quickly.


Dying Light 2’s vast open world map can be daunting to explore, even with its impressive parkour mechanics. Luckily, Techland’s title comes equipped with a fast travel system that shortens travel times between parts of Harran city.

Dying Light 2’s fast travel system won’t become available until later into its campaign – typically 8-12 hours in (though that timeframe can differ depending on how engaged with side content you are). When this feature unlocks, players will see several Metro Stations marked on their map as quick travel locations.

To use them most efficiently, head into Metro Stations at night and clear out any bandits or infected from them before activating their power. Once complete, teleporting can then take place instantly using either Square (PS4) or X (Xbox One) buttons to take you directly there.


Dying Light 2 is an expansive game and while its parkour system can be used to quickly move from area to area, often it becomes too slow or is blocked by toxic fumes (THV chemical fields). Fast travel offers another solution but can sometimes take a bit longer for players to unlock it as part of the experience.

To gain entry to the Metro System in Villedor, players must first reach its Central Loop area. This can take anywhere from 10-12 hours of total effort without prioritising story missions; once there, however, Metro Stations become fast travel options.

These locations must be activated by entering underground tunnels at night, clearing away any infected or Renegade bandits, and flipping a switch – this will activate it as a fast travel point that is available from the Player Menu.

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