How to Fast Travel on Dying Light 2

how to fast travel on dying light 2

Dying Light 2 offers an open world experience where traveling between locations can quickly become time consuming, which is where its fast travel system comes into its own.

Before using fast travel locations in Dying Light 2, however, they must first be unlocked manually. Unfortunately this doesn’t occur automatically upon starting out the game.

Faction Hubs

Dying Light 2’s world will introduce players to three Faction Hubs: Survivors, Peacekeepers and Renegades. Each faction possesses their own set of goals and laws that may impact gameplay in various ways.

Travel quickly across the map by taking advantage of Metro Stations located across it, which offer fast travel points once powered up with generators. While they may initially be home to bandits and zombies, once defeated they become used as fast travel points.

Though these stations can usually be found near larger bases, they can also be located in safe zones. Such spots typically contain UV lamps to provide aiden with protection from infected zombies as well as beds and stashes for storage purposes.

By completing main story missions, you may also unlock fast travel between Faction Hubs. Simply activate power at water towers or electrical substations within these regions to make traveling between Harran’s Slums and Old Town areas much simpler.

Metro Stations

Dying Light 2 provides fast travel as an option to help players explore Villedor quickly. Finding this feature may prove challenging, but once found it can quickly help reach places you might otherwise take longer exploring on foot.

Dying Light 2 features Metro Stations as fast travel hubs across its vast world map, and these train stations serve as your go-to spots for quick journeys to new locations. Each one may be controlled by either Renegade bandits or infected zombies and must first be cleared out before turning them into quick transport points.

To activate a Metro Station, it’s necessary to descend into its depths and turn on its generators in its power room – this can be achieved either via parkour or sneaking and manipulating generator switch sets in underground tunnels below the station. After activating these generators in turn on, flipping their main switch will activate that location as a safe zone and fast travel point.

Safe Houses

Dying Light 2’s parkour mechanics provide excellent means of traversing its open world, but sometimes you want a faster route between points A and B. To achieve this faster travel times can be unlocked across its map in Dying Light 2.

Safe Houses provide an ideal way of doing just that, providing Fast Travel stations where quests and weapons can be picked up as well as workbenches to repair, upgrade and modify them.

Additionally, they feature amenities such as restaurants, grocery stores and bars, making it a convenient place for gathering information or joining activities such as evening gatherings.

Safe houses also help save you money when playing Dying Light 2. Typical safe houses cost under $300,000.


Dying Light 2 features both human enemies and zombie hordes as threats for survival, both posed by day and by nighttime. These enemies must be eliminated quickly to remain alive!

Most zombies can be managed easily if you use the Dodge button and make an effort to stay clear of them, but there are certain types of undead that should be given extra consideration.

Spitters – Spitters are infected characters that act similarly to toads from the first game; however, their toxic yellow phlegm can do significant damage if it comes into contact with your character.

Banshees – These female zombies can be extremely hazardous as they have the ability to leap high into the air, hover for some time there before launching an assault upon returning down and initiating their powerful attacks.

Dying Light 2 features three main categories of zombies that can prove deadly when fighting alone; they may be easier to take down in small groups with appropriate gear, however. The boss zombies present the greatest threat.

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