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Osaka is a wonderful city to visit. It has a invigorating atmosphere, great places to eat, and fun things to do. There are many interesting places in the city and they are just a short drive or subway ride away.

Osaka was once the capital of Japan and is known for its temples, Bukken-ji Temple, Nishi- Osaka Shinbashi Streetcar Kantei Temple and its elegant gateway buildings, Seinen Jinja Shrine and its beautiful moss-green painted pavilions, and Kumano Jûmon Village.

Today Osaka remains one of the top commercial centers in Japan with several high-profile businesses calling it their hometown. Many visitors come not for the sights but for the unique urban environment that includes water ways, trees, grasslands, and other natural features.


osaka places to visit

Tsūtenkaku is one of the most recognizable symbols of Osaka, a giant red and white torii gateway that stands at the center of Kita and Higashiyama districts.

Tsūtenkaku was constructed in the 17th century as a rice storage district, serving as a path between two neighborhoods. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it served as a prominent market street, with rice shops and grain stores lining its grid-like layout.

In 1923, Yasuda Civil Engineering Company designed Tsūtenkaku as a temple complex, linking each neighborhood with a path to worship. Today, Tsūtenkaku serves as an important local symbol for both residents and visitors.

Visitors can find several viewing platforms around the temple complex, where you can get an excellent view of Osaka Cityscape from above. You can also rent Segway scooters at various locations around Tsūtenkaku to explore the grounds on your own.

Nanba Dog Street

osaka places to visit

Located in the historic Nanda Park district, Nanba Dog Street is a neighborhood-specific dog market that has quickly become a must-see in Osaka.

At the core of Nanba Dog Street is an open-air marketplace where vendors sell all kinds of dogs, from short, cute ones like puppies to larger dogs.

The market is small and always bustling with people buying and selling. You can find all kinds of interesting dog products here, from clothes and toys to treats and bedding.

Most of the products are sold at very low prices, making them an affordable way to meet your dog’s needs.

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is an internationally recognized theme park that offers many experiences. Some are family friendly, while others are more adult oriented. Either way, you will have a fun time!

Themed environments serve as a reminder of past experiences and help you connect to your surroundings. While designing Universal Studios Japan, they put a lot of emphasis on this to create memorable experiences for visitors.

Many of the rides and areas are located within convenient walking distance of one another. This makes it easy to come back multiple times in a day or week to experience everything.

There are two major areas that tourists go to at Universal Studios Japan. The first is the Burglar Adventure where people dress in disguise and attempt to steal items from inside various stores. The second is the Harry Potter Studio where people create their own magical world using sets and props from the movies.

Tempozan Ocean World

osaka places to visit

Tempozan Ocean World is a marine aquarium located in Osaka. It’s one of the largest marine aquariums in Japan and houses a stunning collection of ocean animals.

Visitors can go inside the building and learn about the various species of fish, sea turtles, and other animals that live in the ocean. The interior is actually very well-presented and looks amazing.

Another cool thing about Tempozan Ocean World is that you can go inside at night when there are no humans around. You can see some pretty incredible things like starfish LED lights up!

There are also daytime activities such as viewing vests and fish computers where you can go if you don’t want to sit in a waiting room.

Visitors can also take guided tours which are great for getting some information on what you’re going to see.

Osaka Castle

osaka places to visit

Although not very well-known, Osaka Castle is a fascinating historical landmark. Located just north of the city center, you can also visit it if you stay in Osaka.

At 112 meters (378 feet), Osaka Castle is the ninth tallest tower in Japan. It was built in 1464 by Tokugawa Ieyasu, who became emperor at the time.

It’s one of the oldest castles in Japan and served as a point of defense for the city during its Heian period and medieval times. Heian era landmarks like this castle are what made people say they felt like they were back in history.

There are four main floors to Osaka Castle, each with its own unique architecture. The first floor has a large gate that led to an internal courtyard where events were held. The second floor has several rooms used for ceremonies and events, while the third floor has a watchtower where you can view parts of Kyoto below.

Tenma Market

osaka places to visit

Tenma market is a legendary market in Osaka. It’s located in the Chūō area and is easily accessible by subway or streetcar.

The market is open from morning until late at night, so you can make your visit during daylight hours. At night, it becomes a social event with people shopping and chatting at the markets stalls.

Most of the products sold are luxury goods such as furniture or gadgets. This makes it very interesting to look into what people are selling and how they got what they sell.

There are several Tenma markets in different areas of Osaka, so you will need to choose one based on where you want to spend your time. If you do not know where to go, let us help you out!

We suggest going to the Chuo Tenma Market near Shin-Osaka Station due to its attractive architecture and large open space.

Nakano Terrace Garden

osaka places to visit

A tranquil garden located behind Nippon Sport & Cultural Center, the Nakano Terrace Garden is a peaceful oasis in downtown Osaka.

The garden is open every day of the year, and you do not have to be religious to visit. However, it is well-known for its beautiful Zen gardens and serene atmosphere.

There are usually guided tours available, so ask at the entrance whether you can come or go on your own. The average tour lasts about an hour and a half, so you could easily stay for more than that!

On your tour, you’ll get to see some beautiful water gardens, as well as traditional rice fields where you’ll find koi fish live.

Ōkunoshima Island

osaka places to visit

Ōkunoshima island is a cool place to visit. It is an island off the coast of Osaka, and it has some really nice places to visit.

One of the most prominent places to visit is Daigo, or Daigo Park as it’s called. Daigo park is a nature preserve, and you can find beautiful trees, waterfalls, and interesting structures such as old log homes.

Another notable place is Kumano-dera. Kumano-dera is a Buddhist temple that was built in the early 1900s. At that time, rice plantations were common in Japan, so they built this temple to pray for good rice crops.

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