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The Gold Coast is a large city in Australia. It is the third largest city in Australia, with a population of approximately 1 million people. Located on the southern coast of Queensland, it is also known as the City of Gold or The Gold Coast.

The city is home to several interesting attractions, ranging from cultural to commercial. These include the Castaways Beachcomber, Convention and Exhibition Centre, Devonshire Square Shopping Centre, Coorparoo Lake and Golf Course and many more.

This article will focus on some of these attractions and give you an overview of what you can do in Melbourne while you are visiting the city for Super Bowl 50 celebrations.

international airport

gold coast tour

if you’re coming to the Gold Coast from another city, you’ll need to visit the international airport. It’s about a 20-minute car ride away, and its address is New Pacific International Airport, 18th Street & Pacific Highway.

The airport is huge, with multiple terminals and a large departures area. It can take up to an hour to check in and fly out, so plan your trip for a few days!

There are lots of places to stay near the airport, so pick one that you like but that is close to the airport.

Gold Coast Convention Centre

gold coast tour

The Convention Centre is an impressive, large building set back from the streets. It has many features including a movie theatre, local market, museum, and art gallery.

You can enter the Convention Centre through one of the two main entrances located at Griffin Street and Elizabeth Street. The front entrance is for visitors and the rear entrance is for exhibitors.

The front entrance has a glass-windowed arcade with several shops and attractions. The rear entrance houses the exhibition space as well as a ticketing area and information centre.

Both entrances have signs that tell you which one you are entering from so no confusion occurs.

The Star Gold Coast

gold coast tour

If you are looking to experience the glamorous lifestyle of a elite athlete, the Tour de Stars Gold Coast is the tour for you. The Tour de Stars is a five-day training camp designed for elite athletes who want to improve their skills and work on their overall “game”.

The program focuses on developing each athlete’s skills in specific areas including dynamic jumping, 1-5 mile run, dynamic walking, and skill practice. Athletes are encouraged to take what they learn into practice as well as in individual training sessions.

The camp is set up so that each athlete can easily get some work in during the day and at night. They have a few different areas where they can go to get some work in but you could just as easily do all of your work in one place. Since it is such a busy time of day, athletes are reminded to take a break!

A big part of the training camp is working on your “game”. Games include things like 1 or 5 mile runs, jumps, agility drills, and skill practice. Each player works on their weaknesses and how they can improve on those areas most effectively.

Sea World

gold coast tour

If you are looking for a really fun family trip to do on your own, Sea World is the place to go. There are two Sea Worlds in the United States, one in San Diego and one in Houston. Both have marine life displays and trampoline areas for the kids.

Sea World located in San Diego has a parade every Halloween and a Halloween dance party with lots of activities for the kids. The park also has a spook-tacular Haunted Hayride where you can ride with the kids!

If you are looking for something more intense, check out SeaWorld’s Shamu Season which takes place during Halloween.

Main Beach

If you’re looking to enjoy some fun in the sun, then main beach is the place for you. With hundreds of sunbeds and thousands of feet in water, main beach is a perfect place to relax.

Many hotels and resorts on the Gold Coast offer private beaches so check their website for details. Most have open water too so you can go in if you like!

Main beach is usually pretty busy during the summer months due to all the people bathing and enjoying the sun. However, this only makes it more gorgeous so don’t worry about being late for your swim!

There are several restaurants and bars on main beach so you can find somewhere to eat or drink if you are swimming or sunbathing later on in the day.

Despite being such a beautiful area in general, main beach does have a few crimes against nature happening here too. People filming things rather than actually doing them.


gold coast tour

The southport area is one of the most beautiful places in Queensland to visit. It’s located on the Pacific coast and has many year-round beaches, a surf museum, and an aquarium.

Many visitors choose to stay in Southport for a few days to enjoy all of these amenities. It is also a popular tourist destination with many travelers, making it an efficient place to find cheap hotel rooms.

The area is known for its rich history and landmarks such as the Lady Cilgoen Memorial and the Signal Corps QG Building. You can find some interesting shops and restaurants here as well, making it a popular destination.

Visitors also take historical tours that take you outside of the school campus so you can see some of the surrounding buildings. These are a great way to learn about the area and its history.

Tallebudgera Creek

gold coast tour

You can find a number of beautiful swimming spots in the Tourist Place called Tallebudgera Creek. There are three main areas where you can find these places: the waterfalls, the underwater caves, and the scenic walkways.

All of these places are beautiful, and you will want to spend a few minutes at each to take in the ambiance. Some of them even have fun interpretive signage to help you understand what they see when they visit.

Gold Coast Tour guests can pick between two swimming spots: The Gap or The Spot. We chose The Gap because we were wearing nice pants and it was slightly less wet when we went in. If you choose The Spot, do not put anything above your belly button or you will be stuck in sandpaper-like mud!

The spot is slightly deeper and has some logs on which you can sit on. It also has a sign that says Good To Go! which means it is safe and comfortable to swim.


gold coast tour

The Helensvale neighbourhood is one of the largest planned communities in the Gold Coast area. It has a diverse mix of housing, including mid-range, luxury, and historic homes.

The neighbourhood is located just north of City CENTRE, east of Deeside Road, and south of Teneriffe Road. It is bounded by Mulgrave Parade on the west, Hillsdale Drive on the north, Banyan Way on the east, and by no boundary lines an infinite number of streets.

The community was developed in the early 2000s as part of a linear development strategy to support businesses and homes. At that time there were very few residents; today there are over 1,000!

Paradise Point is located in Helensvale and offers stunning views across to Narrabeen Bay.

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