How To Travel In Singapore On A Budget

Starting from how much to spend to what you can and cannot spend at Singapore tourist spots, the world of tourism has endless ways to spend your money. As a budget traveler, you will have plenty of choices!

As always, while exploring tourist spots, look for discounts and offers before going to the site for them. Some sites offer loyalty points or rewards upon visiting their site, and others do not. We have seen sites offer up to 50% off tickets as well as free tickets.

Many sites also have English speaking staff who can help with any questions you may have about Singapore or traveling in Asia in general. It is also best to check with local governments and hotel/restaurant owners if any safety issues or restrictions exist.

Choose a cheap hotel

how to travel in singapore on a budget

If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Singapore, do not choose a very special one. You will be surrounded by super-rich people, so stay in a good location and you will be fine.

Instead, look for some places near each of the big landmarks such as the Opera House or Raffles Island. In addition, check whether these hotels have decent sized rooms or not, as some do.

You will still get a decent price point for the quality of the hotel, just make sure you pay for this quality in advance! This is important to keep in mind if you Booking.com or another online accommodation provider does not help you out.

Check whether the hotel has an elevator or not, and make sure it works! If you have to climb several flights of stairs to your room to get to your luggage, then this might be something that worries you about the safety of yourself and your belongings.

Eat at local restaurants

how to travel in singapore on a budget

While Delhi is known for its Western and American restaurants, Delhi has more local restaurants as well. Most are not very good, but if you are hungry, you have a few options nearby.

Most of the restaurants in Singapore are 5-star establishments, so it is usually costly to eat at a local restaurant. However, most locals go to 5-star restaurants since they know the quality of the food and service is better.

Most locals eat at least once a week at their home or in their community so cost per meal is only reasonable expensive. Even though eating at local restaurants may be costed, traveling on a budget might include eating at these places!

There are also many international gastropubs that offer good food onsite and in hotel rooms for an extra fee.

Use public transport

how to travel in singapore on a budget

If you’re going to Singapore on a business trip, you should know that public transport is a great way to travel in the city. There are many bus and taxi stands located all over Singapore, so you do not have to rely on either for your trip.

Public transport is also very cheap as compared to taxis or buses. With public transport, you will get your transportation at a much lower cost than with taxis or buses. For example, a taxi usually costs between $40 and $60 while a bus usually costs around $7!

Many of the local pubs and restaurants offer free subway or bus transfers, making this mode of transportation very affordable. Try using public transit before you go!

Varieties of buses in Singapore Most cities have their own type of public transport system- either monorail, tramway or subway.

Buy an unlimited travel card

how to travel in singapore on a budget

With the unlimited travel card, you can travel between your residence and Singapore’s Changi Airport or the Downtown Core of Singapore for less than the cost of two taxi rides. It also allows you to enter Changi Airport, which is located within a 30-minute drive from your apartment, for free.

You will still have to pay for parking at the airport if you need to leave town quickly. The card costs $60 plus $10 per day for use.

Many people save money by buying their own unlimited travel card rather than using one provided by Singapore Airlines or SBS Transit. Both companies have strict policies about whom does not allow entrance and exit from their airports, making it hard to save any money by using the travel cards.

Visit off-peak times

how to travel in singapore on a budget

Unlike most cities around the world, Singapore has no clock-based system for telling time. Instead, there are two sets of rules: off-peak hours and weekends/funerals/lunar new years.

This means that in Singapore, you have two months in which to plan your schedule. This means that on weekdays, the mornings and afternoons are slow, while the afternoon and evening times are busy.

Weekend days are restful, with very few people around. You can also learn some interesting things about people since there is no one to influence their behavior!

The second half of the month (weekend and holidays) is when people come out as they try to enjoy life again. Sunday is usually a fun day with friends and family, so try to get some relaxing time during the week to escape the stress of the week.

Join a tour group

how to travel in singapore on a budget

If you can afford a trip to Singapore’s major tourist attractions on your own, done as a group trip or with other tourists, it will cost you. Visiting these attractions on your own is also an affordable way to do it!

On a group trip, you’ll have to pay for your entrance tickets and possibly for drinks and snacks. As a visitor, you’ll have to pay for your supplies and articles of clothing you want to wear, plus any equipment you need.

As a tourist, you’ll need to buy your own stuff and present it as yourself, since there’s no admission by yourself. You may also need guides to help guide other people on whatto see and do on your trip.

Group trips are an excellent way to travel as a group.

Shop at markets instead of stores

how to travel in singapore on a budget

While supermarkets offer a fairly extensive range of groceries, most are limited to only a few items per store. You’ll need to manage your cash flow more effectively in this scenario, which is why having less inventory and fewer stores on a budget is better?

Shop at markets instead. There are several located throughout the city, and they offer a wide range of groceries at lower prices. Most have signs in English, so it’s easy to find!

There are also specialty markets that specialize in one type of food or drink, such as chicken wings versus all chicken products, or bagged coffee versus loose coffee grounds.

Find cheap activities

how to travel in singapore on a budget

In addition to having a nice, relaxing time at the beach or in a shopping mall, you can also go to temples, see an operathon performance, or just find a good movie at the cinema.

As mentioned earlier, the cinema in Singapore is quite expensive so instead of the cinemas in Bangkok and Jakarta they recommend you go to Chinese theaters which are more affordable.

For interesting things to do in Singapore, look for activities such as going to an aquarium or Castel’s World of Magic. If you want more specific things such as museums or cultural events, check out Singapore Art Museum or Tan Tock Sian Lion Park!

The best way to find cheap activities is to look for events organized by local groups and/or businesses. You can also go to local stores and ask for tips on what entertainment facilities you should visit.

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