How To Travel Singapore To Malaysia

While Singapore is very well-known for its high quality of life, there are many ways to visit the city state without going too fast. If you are interested in seeing more temples and landmarks in Singapore, you should know that there are many temples and landmark in the city state.

Whether you want to travel by private bus, public bus, or even ferries, you can! You can also choose to visit Malaysia on a different day than Singapore as long as your flight arrives and leaves on the same day.

Thai massage is one of the most popular massages in Singapore these days. It is particularly popular with women because it helps relieve stress. Many new Thais travel to Singapore looking for this type of massage.

Make travel plans

how to travel singapore to malaysia

As soon as you have a destination in mind, it is time to make a plan. There are many ways to travel the world, and you should choose one that suits you.

You can mix and match flights, trains, boats, cars, and helicopters to get to your destination. There are also many ways to reach your destination by walking, riding a bike, or using public transportation.

There are many online platforms that offer detailed guides on how to travel the world. Most have video clips or websites where you can watch videos on how to travel.

How much time you have before you have to go should be taken into account as well. Some types of travel require more than others. Flying between countries can take up some time too.

Buy tickets

how to travel singapore to malaysia

When you arrive in Singapore, the first thing to do is to buy your tickets. There are two ways to buy your tickets: through SingFlourish or directly from the supplier.

SAP does not offer direct Singapore-Singapore (Putrajumpo) or Singapore-Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) ferry boat tickets, only those obtained through a travel agent. However, they do sell flight insurance for these crossings and that can be an additional cost savings tool.

We suggest buying your ferry boat ticket as soon as you arrive in Singapore as there can sometimes be long queues at the ticket counter on the day of purchase. It is also better to stay up-to-date with your purchase as the ferry boats change on weekdays and Saturdays!

Once you have bought your tickets, make sure to confirm them with SingFlorish or any other travel agents you use before Thursday night (ie, Monday) morning’s departure.

Cross the border

how to travel singapore to malaysia

Once you’re in Malaysia, the first thing to do is find your way out of the city to a countryside area. You can take a taxi or Uber, if you don’t want to walk or ride a bike.

For those who do not have a car, there are many shuttle buses that will take you to a nearby car park where you can get into a vehicle and be driven away. These are typically located in big cities like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

A good tip is to buy an unlock code for your phone so that you can easily get it onto your new carrier. Many foreign carriers require this as a safety feature!

If you have an expat visa, the best way to travel Internationally is via Malaysian International Airport (IIA). It is only 10 minutes from downtown IIA by taxi, and it has its own international terminal which connects with most airports around the world.

Find transportation to your destination

how to travel singapore to malaysia

Once you’re in Singapore, you have two options for getting around the city: using public transportation or hiring a driver. Both are highly recommended!

Public transportation is pretty easy. Just find a stop and just go! But if you want to hire a driver, do some research before hand. You can ask your local driver how hard it is to drive in Singapore, especially during rush hour.

Full-fledged drivers cost between $60 and $80 per day, depending on how much time they take. Check this site to find out the average length of a driving day in your country.

Spend your money wisely

how to travel singapore to malaysia

While most tourist destinations have a shopping mall or mall in the vicinity, you should still be careful about where and how much you spend.

For example, while Kuala Lumpur has many large supermarkets, they are fairly expensive and not always available. Thus, it is worth investing in some groceries before your trip to avoid overspending on supplies during your visit.

Many of the smaller supermarkets and grocery stores have affordable prices compared to the larger supermarket chains but with less quality food. For example, you may find a chicken rice shop selling chicken rice for half the price of the bigger supermarkets!

It’s also worth asking whether or not products are fresh or locally sourced before buying them. Many shops will sell you food that has been sitting on store shelves for long periods of time without asking for it- even if it is good quality food, it may have gone bad due to storage.

Finally, watch out for scams in shopping malls and stores so that you do not end up paying more than you should during your trip.

Know your visa requirements

how to travel singapore to malaysia

A Singapore visa is required for foreign travelers to Singapore who are not from Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore.

Singapore does not have diplomatic ties with other countries which makes applying for a visa in another country necessary. The Malaysian visa can only be obtained from the Malaysian Embassy in Singapore.

A full-time job in Singapore is usually sufficient to get a working Visa but if you want to visit Malaysia while on work leave, you will need a long-term visa.

Long-term visas cannot be exchanged or transferred and must be applied for separately at the embassy. A tour company may also charge extra to do this as they need access to the paperwork at their office.

Prepare your documents

how to travel singapore to malaysia

In Singapore, you will need a Singapore passport or a International Travel Document (ID) to travel to Malaysia. If you have a local identity card, the Malaysian immigration can use it instead.

If you have a national identity card from another country, the Malaysian immigration can use it instead. However, if you have no national ID, then you must bring your school documents to show your nationality.

If you are travelling as an unmarried couple, bring one document per person to prove your stay in Malaysia is legitimate. If one of you is already present in Malaysia, then add another document to prove your stay is legitimate.

Get tourist visas

how to travel singapore to malaysia

If you are going to Malaysia for an extended period of time, you should get a tourist visa. It can be done in one day, and you will need it the next day!

As of now, it takes 1-2 days to obtain a tourist visa in Singapore. If you are coming just for a short time, then it does not matter whether or not you get the visa as this can be obtained within that short time.

However, if you are traveling for an extended period of time, then you will need to obtain the visa in Malaysia. This is because Malaysian authorities will not grant visas to foreign nationals who travel to Singapore on their behalf.

You will also have to pay some additional fees when applying for the visa in Singapore, but we will talk more about that later.

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