How To Travel Malaysia

Many tourists travel to Malaysia from the United States, Japan, Australia, and Europe. It is an affordable trip that gives you the chance to see some diverse cultures.

If you are looking to travel to Malaysia without a visa, this article will help you do so! There are many ways to visit Malaysia, and through its open- borders with Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

This article will talk about how to travel to Malaysia without a visa. There are many ways to enter Malaysian territory legally, but we will only discuss the short-term visas in this article.

A long-term visa is not available for international visitors due to safety concerns.

Book your flights

how to travel malaysia

When you book your flight, make sure you have the correct flight. There are several reasons for this.

You can be denied entry into Malaysia due to a faulty flight ticket, or the flight company may determine another airline is more appropriate due to a match between your flight and destination.

There are several airlines that operate in Malaysia, and they all offer flights to Singapore so make sure your airline has connections to this city!There are also multiple airlines that fly into Kuala Lumpur so look for an air carrier that has good reputation and quality service.

Finally, if you need a stop-over, make sure your connecting flights have stops! It is very common for passengers on one flight to take off right before another arrives so there is no continuity of travel.

Book your hotel

When you reach the airport, you’ll need to book your hotel. The best hotels in Kuala Lumpur are located in downtown and central areas.

Most centrally located hotels are within a minute’s walk of the airport, which makes them an excellent place to commnence your day! Most of these hotels have a 24-hour front desk to assist you with your trip plan.

If you want to stay closer to the airport, try checking out one of the new airports being built in Tenaga Ria Malaysia. They will be opening soon and will have quality hotels with great service. Or if you want more space, check out one of the new large airports being constructed in Tengga Ria Malaysia. These have plenty of room for expansion!

When looking for a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, make sure that it is within walking distance of the city center! Many central Kuala Lumpur hotels are only a short taxi ride away from restaurants, temples, and shops.

Make a list of places you want to go to

how to travel malaysia

Before you go, make a list of all the things you want to see and experience in Malaysia. This can be list of places you want to visit, things you love about Malaysia, or things you’d love to experience.

It is very important that you check your list twice before going on any trip as conditions can change quickly. If something is removed from the list, make sure it has been added back in!

While visiting Malaysia, create a map of your territory so that if something happens to your phone or computer, you have a place to travel back to. You can also make a website or app where you can leave messages and comments from friends and family who are visiting to help support your trip.

When traveling, always use an embassy or tourism office in Kuala Lumpur for visa information.

Try local food

how to travel malaysia

If you are hungry, try some of the local food in Malaysia. Many places are open late so you can eat after travelling. Some of the foods are spicy, so be careful if you have an allergy!

Many places sell food by selling samples first, so you can find out what taste good to you before buying a pack. So, if you are hungry while travelling, go and try something!

Also, many of the foods are budget friendly so if you are hungry, you can eat some more. You do not need expensive meals while travelling as most things cost less than back home!

Try some cha-cha-koes or sateeys to learn a little bit more about Malaysian life and culture.

Learn some basic words/phrases

how to travel malaysia

When traveling in Malaysia, it’s important to know some basic words and phrases. Most people will be familiar with only a few of them, and they will be learning new words every day!

Most people who travel to Malaysia are aware of Chinese concepts like zhug (wealth), ria (success), and pao (wealth). However, most are unfamiliar with the term siu mao (success) and its associated rituals.

As you will see below, siu mao is very prevalent in everyday life, and is used as a term to describe things of good/decent quality. This is why it is such a popular word!

Basic Words & Phrases: Describe, Day-to-day life, Do-it-yourself, Food & Drink, Rituals, What Is!, Wedding & Ceremony.

Prepare for the weather

how to travel malaysia

When you’re travelling in Malaysia it is important to know the weather. Major tourist destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Putrajbel, and Kota Kinabalu have year-round weather so you do not have to worry about going out in the rain or snow.

Also, if you are going on a jungle safari or adventure trip where you’re exposed to the weather, then get off of any kind of comfort system and think about your health.

Most places have safety measures put into place for when the temperature drops or people start feeling cold. Plus, safety pins and jackets are always good to have on hand.

Getting sick is never fun but having ways to prevent and treat colds and flu is important too.

Try doing some healthy habits such as stretching before bedtime and talking with your health care provider about any changes that might help improve your health status.

Take tourist cards

how to travel malaysia

While not a rule, we would strongly recommend you do not just buy a travel card in Malaysia. It is usually around USD20-USD30 per day, depending on the size of the card.

Most travel cards in Malaysia are around USD10 per day, making it very easy to purchase too many cards and pay a high fee. Because of this, we would strongly recommend taking out a tourist card at least once in your travels to help avoid this.

That way, you can easily exchange your cards when you get a new one and use it for tourism purposes only! Plus, if you overstay your visa-free tour or visa wise, the tourist card will give you some relief from increased tourism charges.

As an example, our local travel company takes tourists who do not normally travel to Sabah but want to try traveling there on a holiday trip.

Take pictures and share them with us!

how to travel malaysia

Most resorts will let you take pictures on their phones, so do not worry about that. You can also use your phone as a camera memory card which is very helpful if you are not taking many pictures.

Additionally, some resorts will allow you to take pictures with your phone in certain places. So, do not give up too soon!

As mentioned before, theres no real need for a camera with this trip to Malaysia, but if you have one, bring it! There are a few places where photo-taking is allowed by default, so no worries there.

The best way to take pictures on this trip is with the wide-angle lens and good lighting.

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