Singapore Travel Review

Singapore is a wonderful city to visit. It has an amazing history, beautiful temples and churches, fun shopping districts, and exciting destinations close to home. There’s never a shortage of things to see and do in Singapore, so there’s no need to go broke trying to find something interesting to see and do!

Singapore is conveniently located near the South China Sea, making it an important trading center in the Middle Ages. This was when the Chinese government ruled through powerful families, ensuring that everyone had a good quality of life.

Today, Singapore is a modern city with strong ethnic communities. This makes for some interesting places to visit, with different churches, schools, and organizations competing for visitors’ attention.

Excellent transportation system

singapore travel review

As mentioned earlier, Singapore has a dedicated public transportation system called the Integrated Transport System (ITS). This includes buses, trains, and taxis. It is very easy to use and understand, making it very user friendly.

The ITS has its own stations where you can pick up a bus or train station is your location. You will then be sent a driver to take you to your destination!

Using the ITS is not difficult. There are clear maps at each stop indicating how long it will take to get to your destination and whether or not there will be passengers.

Wonderful food

singapore travel review

If you’re a fan of Western-style cuisine, you’ll love Singapore. There are so many amazing restaurants that offer everything from French to Thai to Italian to Mexican to . You’re bound to find one that fits your taste buds.

Many of the restaurants in Singapore are fast food chains, but there are also more upscale ones. We enjoyed a nice, upscale restaurant that offered traditional Asian cuisine as well as modern touches.

Modern-style restaurants offer something special because they can offer different textures and flavors not found in a straightforward meal. They can also add new things like ingredients or twists on familiar dishes.

Outstanding shopping

singapore travel review

If you are looking for fashionable, fun, and unique shopping experiences, no visit to Singapore is complete without a trip to the island’s many malls.

Many of the larger malls have street-side vendors set up in open air shelters or sheltered areas outside. These vendors sell everything from food and drinks to merchandise and parcels!

Many of these vendors are well-known family businesses that have been linked over the years with great success. At a high level, they are highly-regarded by their customers as thoughtful, reliable sellers who keep up good quality products and who care about their customers.

Most of them operate on a cash only system because of the staggering credit card fraud rates in Asia these days.

Top tourist attractions

singapore travel review

Whether you are looking for ancient landmarks or modern attractions, Singapore has you covered. There are many museums and galleries in Singapore, so if you are looking for a new destination to explore, check out some of the top tourist attractions in Singapore.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the most recognizable tourist attractions in Singapore. It is a huge hotel with many guestrooms that are luxurious and well-maintained.

Many local residents use the hotel as their downtown hotel because of its excellent service and unbeatable prices. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Residence is another top attraction in the city state.

These two hotels have earned their reputation as good hotels that offer great services at unbeatable prices.

Cost of travel to Singapore

singapore travel review

When is the best time to visit Singapore? As mentioned above, October to January is the best time to visit as it is cooler then. June to September is also a good month as temperatures are high due to summer!

Does Singapore cost money? There are many ways to spend money in Singapore, but not all places are worth the cost. Tourist sites and monuments can be spent on for free, making this city-state affordable even for a non-traveler.

Costs for accommodation range from $25_$100 per night, with $100 being a very large price tag and only available at night. It depends on your desire for privacy or comfort, of course!

For food, restaurants offer different prices and services such as private tours or public viewing venues have prices as do sights! You get the picture, it’s all about finding what you want costs-wise and dining________.

Frequent flyer programs

singapore travel review

If you’re a frequent flyer, you can also earn miles by playing the airline’s rewards program. The airline will reward you with miles for every flight and journey you make, even if you don’t use your flights or journeys for a long time.

By joining an airline’s rewards program, you can earn more miles than just by flying! You can also spend your miles on flights through the airline’s website or at airport check-ins and boarding gates.

The best part is that your mileage and flight rewards points are equal! So, if you were spending $10 per day on flights, doing 10 nights in Singapore will easily put you over the $100 spent in Singapore spent limit.

Another great way to earn miles is by shopping at online retail stores located at airports. Many of them offer incentives to travelers who spend money while they are visiting their stores.

Hotel loyalty programs

singapore travel review

Currently, there are three loyalty program partners that belong to InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). These program partners are IHG®Membership, Priority Club and SPG. Each of these program partners has their own set of benefits and features.

Unlike the other two partnership systems, IHG Memberships rely heavily on membership cards to access benefits. This is because membership cards are harder to fake than plastic cards.

However, unlike the other two system s, SPG and Priority Club do not require card memberships as a prerequisite for joining. Rather, you must be a member of another prestige East Asia hotel chain or pay a fee to become a Priority Club member.

Money saving tips for travelers to Singapore

singapore travel review

While visiting Singapore, there are several ways to spend your time. You can visit MRT stations, explore Chinatown and the East Coast, or just sit back and enjoy the beautiful city.

It is important to plan your itinerary in regards to when the monuments open and how you will reach them. The Ngee Ann City Convention & Exhibition Centre opens at 6 am, while the Raffles Place monument opens at 10 am.

The Ngee Ann Marina & Downtown Complex opens at 8 pm and closes at midnight, respectively. All three open and close times are highlighted on their websites so you can plan your trip accordingly.

We suggest visiting both the Convention Centre & Marina @ 6 am and 7 am the next day, followed by a visit to the monuments @ 7:30 am and 8:30 am! This will help save you about $2-$3 per person per day in ticket prices.

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