How To Travel To Malaysia From Singapore

Most people refer to Malaysia as Singapre, but that is not the case for all people. There are two main reasons why someone would call Malaysia Singapore, one being historical ties and the other being geography.

When Europe first began colonizing Asia, they started with China and India. Both countries were very large, rich, and populated. After those two countries came India and Thailand, both of which are smallish land-locked countries.

When the Europeans first came to these countries, they referred to them as India and Thailand, but later on they named them Pakistan and Malaysia, respectively. This was because the country borders some European countries such as France and China. This is a history lesson that most people do not know about!

It is a great way to learn more about another country because of this history.

Find a place to stay

how to travel to malaysia from singapore

Most people stay at a hotel or a hostel, but if you are already organised, you can save a lot of time and money by booking a room or apartment ahead of time.

If you are travelling as a group, ask the other guests if they have trouble finding an accommodation arrangement or if they have trouble with the landlord to rent the premises. If the landlord agrees to let you live there, then great! You have your place!

If not, look around town and find something nice that fits your budget and tastes. Or ask a neighbour or friend to help you find somewhere new!

It is also worth checking out couchsurfing sites to see whether there are any suitable places nearby.

Pack appropriately

how to travel to malaysia from singapore

When traveling to Malaysia, it is important to know what foods you should pack and what foods you should avoid. While the temperatures are hot in Malaysia, do not underestimate the amount of water you will need to stay hydrated!

Poison Ivy is a very common plant species in eastern Asia, and is found throughout fresh water environments. It is also present in dried form. Although it may not look like much, this vine can be very toxic.

In case you are planning a trip to Malaysia and Poison Ivy is an issue for you, then stay aware of proper accommodation awareness. Many times accommodation owners will inform you if someone has poison ivy on their skin, as it can be a indicators that they might be vulnerable to it.

If you want to go somewhere but cannot afford the luxury resorts or places where poison ivy does not pose a threat to your health. Then look into finding places that have minimal protection against it.

Know the culture

how to travel to malaysia from singapore

When you’re in Malaysia, it’s important to know the culture and how to interact with the people there. The main culture is Islamic, and while Christianity is also very prominent, the Malaysians are very religious and use their faith as a way to live.

As an atheist traveling to a Muslim country, you will need to be aware of their religious values and how they apply to people outside of their faith. You can learn a lot about this by watching some YouTube videos or listening to some radio stations!

Even though Islam is part of the Malaysian culture, there are no strict rules against anything. You can say whatever you want as long as you mean it (no expletives used, sorry). As an atheist who doesn’t believe in God, people aren’t afraid to talk to me about anything!

If you need help learning the language or finding ways to integrate into the culture, look up online classes or radio shows for language classes or station broadcasts.

Learn the language

how to travel to malaysia from singapore

Before you go, learn the national language of Malaysia, Mandarin. It’s usually spoken by someone at least once during your trip, so do not worry about being able to speak it back to someone in Singapore!

Most students in Malaysia attend Chinese or Mandarin-based schools so being able to speak Mandarin is an asset. If you are not very familiar with the language, you can still travel to Malaysia as her people will understand!

As for the national language of Singapore, Malay, most people can speak it! So if you are limited in your ability to speak Chinese or Malay, then go for it! You will still be able to talk to some people, just not all of them.

Probably the biggest challenge when traveling to Southeast Asia is learning the lingo. While neither Chinese nor Malaysian nationals always understand each other’s terms, they will usually greet each other in either language.

Money matters

how to travel to malaysia from singapore

While traveling to Malaysia, your main worry may be about paying for your stay and transportation. While the price of hotel and transportation in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are expensive, you can save some money by doing some pre-planning.

In Kuala Lumpur, you can find budget hotels at Lorong Kavi (Kavian) Road and Lorong Aula (Nanyang University). They are usually around $70 per night and have a small fridge and dried fruits/nuts/rice if you need them.

At Aula Court Hotel, they have a nice website where you can book a room online. The price is usually around $120 per night without any special considerations.

If you are going to Singapore, the cheapest place to stay would be in Chinatown or in the suburbs of Sentosa.

Visas and citizenship

how to travel to malaysia from singapore

Before you can travel to Malaysia, you must have a visa from the Malaysian Embassy in Singapore. This can be done in advance by contacting your Malaysian travel agent, but it is also good to do it while you are planning your trip as it would only make sense to have it before leaving India.

As mentioned earlier, there are two kinds of Malaysia visas: diplomatic and ordinary. Both require you to obtain a national identity card (NRI), which is a biometric card that contains your personal information and proof of citizenship.

NRIs cost between S$100 and S$150, making them quite expensive compared to the usual visa fee of around S$30. However, if you plan on travelling extensively or staying for more than 30 days, then an ordinary NRI may be worth it as it would save yourself some hassle later on.

The second kind of Malaysia visa is the ordinary one, which does not require getting an NRI.

Transporting pets to Malaysia

how to travel to malaysia from singapore

If you are travelling to Malaysia with only a cat or a small dog, then you should consider bringing a carrier bag or stack of newspapers to use as a litter box.

Both the cats and the dogs will need their own place to toilet and you will need to train them both how to stay inside the bag!

Using the bag as its own personal litter box is one of the best ways to train your pet. Most cats will not be willing to go outside if they cannot practise their toilet outside the bag.

Similarly, most dogs will not be willing to go outside if they cannot practise their toilet outside the bag. Take your pet for a couple of walks each day to help them get used to being outdoors and training them.

Worried about terrorism?

how to travel to malaysia from singapore

Even though Singapore is a fairly safe city, you should still be aware of your surroundings. Local authorities will also use their freedom to do their jobs, so there is no need to be overly vigilant.

Local authorities will also use their freedom to do their jobs, so there is no need to be overly vigilant. Local police officers and military personnel are always onduty and present in the community.

If you are traveling around Malaysia with children, then it is important to know what dangers exist in the country. There are many stories of children being kidnapped and sold into sex trade and those who are traveling with children should know what they can and cannot do.

As mentioned before, visiting caves or destinations that require heavy equipment or special skills is a good way to learn about Malaysia’s landscape and safety measures.

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