Travel Agency to Japan

travel agency to japan

Whether you’re looking to backpack Japan, join a tour or take your family on a trip to the country, a travel agency can help make your experience unforgettable.

These seasoned experts will plan a personalized itinerary to fit your budget and interests, with tips on how to best enjoy a Japanese holiday. They will also share their unique insight into the culture, history, and local lifestyle.


JTBGMT is an international travel division of the JTB Group, providing a vast line-up of tour products and services through its network of over 170 companies worldwide. The company’s primary goal is to promote Japan as an inbound destination to the world.

It also offers a variety of products related to sustainable tourism, including carbon offset plans incorporated into their bus tours. In March 2022, JTBGMT received the top certification for sustainable tourism, Travelife Certified*2, from the international third-party certifier Travelife, confirming that their products meet more than 200 criteria in terms of environmental conservation efforts and social contributions.

In response to the Japanese economic slow-down, JTBGMT formulated a strategy to sell their products through overseas agencies. This involved a complete revamp of their business system, setting up an efficient IT platform that could seamlessly integrate with foreign agencies’ systems.

Magical Trip

Magical Trip is a travel agency that offers one-of-a-kind tours in Tokyo and across Japan. Its aim is to be truly local at heart, which means each tour is small and intimate and led by a guide who knows their “neighborhood” like no other.

They offer a range of fun and unique experiences such as bar-hopping night tours, cultural informative tours, cycling tours and sumo tours. All of these experiences are led by friendly local guides who will provide you with valuable information about Japanese culture and history.

For example, their bar-hopping night tours are a great way to experience the lively food and drink scene in Tokyo. Their Shibuya and Shinjuku tours will bring you to hidden bars and pubs where you can enjoy quintessentially Japanese drinks such as sashimi, tempura, and sake.

Nippon Travel Agency

A travel agency to Japan that specializes in planning trips for international tourists. Their services include group tours, private packages, incentive programs and more.

Itineraries can be based on the classical Tokyo / Kyoto journey or tailored around a particular theme like history, culture or sports. A good agent can also help you create a schedule that fits your preferences and pace.

They can recommend hidden gems that you might not see if you’re traveling alone. They can also offer phone support throughout your trip in case you run into any issues.

A travel agency to Japan that works with locals can make your trip more personalized, since they know the area and can share their tips with you. Moreover, they can plan your trip to fit your budget and interests.


The team at Keikaku is all about the details when it comes to travel in Japan. They offer a full suite of services to ensure your trip is as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. They can plan every imaginable itinerary and have the inside scoop on transportation, hotel bookings and even local delicacies that make for a truly unique Japan trip.

The company also offers a selection of cool and quirky experiences ranging from bar-hopping to a tour of the most renowned Japanese art deco building. The best part is that they do it all for a fraction of the price and without any middlemen. They owe their reputation to the fact that they have some of the most passionate employees in the business. They know what they are doing and they want to share their passion for the land of the rising sun with you! For all of you Japan fans out there, you deserve the best if you’re planning a trip of a lifetime!

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