How To Travel Around In Singapore

Choosing your route is a key part of choosing how to travel around in Singapore. There are three main routes you can take, and each has its own set of benefits and challenges. The main routes are the MRT, taxi, and boat lines.

The MRT is the fastest way to get around, with the majority of people using it. The taxi line is more expensive but faster than the MRT, while the boat line offers a scenic route around Singapore and is more relaxing than riding on the metro.

The third option is to use a private boat line which connects Singapore Riverboats or public boats that connect to rivers in Singapore.

How to get around by taxi

how to travel around in singapore

A common way to get around in Singapore is by taxi. Cabbies will typically approach you at major intersections to ask if you want a ride, and if you do, they will drive you where you want to go.

As the car is your main method of transportation, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Cabbies will typically tell you how far they are from the destination and then give you a price for the trip.

Many cab drivers do not speak English so a good phrasebook and dictionary should be enough for most situations. If there are questions that cannot be answered with a phrasebook and dictionary, ask the driver!

Some tips: During rush hour (mid-day and mid-afternoon) most taxis are taking requests for cabs. This is because there may be several drivers trying to get home after work! If it is going to be late dinner time or night sleep overs, make sure to let the taxi driver know.

How to get around by public transport

how to travel around in singapore

Public transport is your best friend when you’re traveling around in Singapore. There are a range of buses, trains, and taxis available, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you can just show up and take your sweet time walking or riding on them!

Many inhabitants of Singapore use public transport to get around the city. Therefore, there are many stations and buildings that have their own taxi stands to pick up your vehicle!

Most people use the Singtel Topup app to book bus, train, and taxi rides. However, if you do not have this app then you must make do with less options for transportation. You will still be able to get where you want to go in Singapore, just take enough time to find a suitable route for yourself!

There are two main ways of getting around by bus in Singapore. The first is via Singpost buses which operate throughout the city. The second is via MRT trains which operate throughout the island.

Know your options for public transport

how to travel around in singapore

If you’re going to use public transport in Singapore, you should know the options available to you. There are many modes of public transportATIONA recently mentioned that new users of public transport should know how to read a map, as there are multiple locations marked on it.

Mostly car-users don’t seem to take the time to read their maps before trying to navigate them. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the location markers on a public transportation map, then you should already know where your stop is!

You can get your own personal id at those machines that tell you which mode of transportation you need. You can also ask a nearby person if you have any difficulty finding your way on your own.

Understand the different routes

how to travel around in singapore

Most people travel around Asia by air, so it is important to know the routes and how to get between locations. The Singapore airport is called Chicken Box 1 & 2, and is located on Blk 5 Jalan Pusat.

Both airports are very centralized, so it is easy to figure out which one you need. The smaller airport closest to town has limited flights and is more popular for international flights.

If you are traveling on a Sunday, keep in mind that there are no flights at all Sundays in June & September due to National Holidays. These holidays can make a difference in where you can fly!

Local carriers like SBS Transit & Trans-Island Bus offer local routes that connect towns and offer transportation between airports.

Choose the best route for you

how to travel around in singapore

While most people find the commute to work or school easy, for people with heavy schedules, it can get hectic. There are so many pathways you can take for student, commuter, traveling student, and resident.

If you are a resident of Singapore, your only travel option is via public transportation. If you are a student, you have the freedom to choose any route to travel as students.

For residents and tourists who want to venture out and explore Singapore, public transportation is your best bet. If you are a student looking to travel as soon as possible, then a public transit system such as the MRT or LRT is your best bet.

If you need to move around between housing units or between cities in Singapore, the rapid transit system is very user-friendly.

Calculate how much it would cost you

how to travel around in singapore

Before you book your trip, it is important to calculate how much it would cost you. There are many companies that offer travel insurance, but make sure that they do not overcharge you. You should be able to cover all of your expenses while traveling in Asia!

Many companies charge higher premiums when the traveler is staying in a very expensive area of Asia like Bangkok or Phuket. This is because the company must make a profit on the coverage.

Using websites like Travel Guard and World Priced Insurance can help you find the lower cost airline tickets, hotel rooms, and other expenses while traveling in Asia.

Buy a transit pass

how to travel around in singapore

If you want to travel around Singapore but don’t have a lot of money to spend? Then it is time to buy a transit pass. A transit pass allows you to travel within and outside of Singapore, so you can take your time to explore this incredible city!

There are two types of transit passes: one that allows you to travel within the city limits only and one that allows you to travel outside the city limits only. The latter is called a regional pass.

To get a regional pass, you must first take an extra trip within the city limits of Singapore and then apply for a new pass at your local MRT station. You can also apply at the same site if you have already taken out your first regional pass.

If you live in the suburbs or out in rural areas, it may be easier to obtain a regional pass by taking advantage of the taxi cabs available throughout Singapore. They will most likely require that you go through their app and obtain your latest ticket before allowing you on their vehicle, making obtaining the passes very easy.

Use the Singapore App

how to travel around in singapore

Now that you have your plane ticket and SIM card, it is time to use the app! The Singapore app allows you to manage your calls, messages, and data connections.

You can also set up a security alert for your phone using the app. This means if your phone is lost or stolen, it will automatically connect you to security via apps like Snapchat!

Once you have the app, you can start planning your day. There are two main apps you will need to use: a call/text/data app and a map/navigation app. The map/navigation app will be used to find places and services around town.

Both of these apps are free, so don’t worry about having plenty of space in your device memory.

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