Osaka Castle

Osaka is one of Japan’s top tourism destinations. The city has a long history, with several historic districts and temples located within its boundaries. Many visitors choose to visit Osaka as a way to see Kyoto in the midst of Tokyo.

Osaka Castle is one of the area’s major attractions. Built in 1419, this imposing castle served as the capital for much of Japan’s medieval era. After being destroyed in war, it was rebuilt in the 16th century and again in the 19th century.

Today, it serves as a museum and beautiful backdrop for many okashas-style tea ceremonies. If you want to experience an authentic okasha ceremony, do it at Osaka Castle!

This article will discuss ways for you to enjoy Osaka Castle on your next visit.

Architecture of Osaka Castle

The exterior of Osaka Castle is rather plain. There are four large faces on the castle, representing the four seasons. These faces represent the major areas inside the castle.

The interior of Osaka Castle is stunning, with many different styles mixed together. You will see tall ceilings, wide open spaces, and distinct colors and patterns.

These decorations were used to symbolize things such as gods, kings, or anything higher in authority. This was done to indicate that people would not attack someone outside of government officials, kings, or even gods!

These decorations also served a purpose in letting people feel powerful enough to enter the castle. A lot of high officials go inside at special times to reaffirm their power and feel rewarded for their work.

Osaka Castle grounds

osaka castle

The grounds of Osaka Castle are a lovely, quiet place to spend time. There are bridges, paths, and waterfalls that connect the castle grounds to other areas of the city and the surrounding countryside.

Many people enjoy coming to the castle to relax and enjoy the beautiful grounds and wildlife-friendly environments that connect them. Many popular parks such as Shiragashi contain interesting critters and plants, making them enjoyable for both children and adults.

Visitors can enjoy exploring the outdoors at any time of year, but July through September are the best months due to their seasonal changes.

During these months, admission is free so you can come and go as you please.

What to see at Osaka Castle

osaka castle

There are many things to see and do at Osaka Castle. You do not have to stay all day to experience everything. In fact, most visitors only spend a few minutes at the castle but it is well worth it.

There are so many things to do in the old city that visitors never know where to start. With so much to see and do, you would be hard-pressed to visit all of it in one day.

Many historic buildings and churches are near the castle making a quick visit a nice refreshing break from the bustle of downtown Osaka.

There are several amusement parks within close distance of Osaka Castle as well, making a good stop before or after visiting the old city.

Old cities have narrow alleys and houses that are hard for modern day residents to get out of. Since these people lived in this area for years, they didn’t build with modern safety standards.

Tips for visiting Osaka Castle

osaka castle

Visiting Osaka Castle is a lovely way to spend the afternoon. There are so many things you can do inside the castle, that will keep you occupied for hours.

A quick tip: While most tours take about an hour and a couple of minutes to prepare their questions and comments, you can save yourself some trouble by doing this.

On the off chance that you have some special requests or insights, let your tour guide know so they can prepare their response with confidence. You never know when something might come up!

One of the most popular things visitors do is go zigzagging through the castle grounds. This is a nice way to get some exercise and airtime after being confined in a tight space for hours on end.

The grounds of Osaka Castle are beautiful and expansive.

How to get to Osaka Castle

osaka castle

You can get to Osaka Castle using either JR or subway lines. If you are planning on visiting the castle for the first time, we recommend taking the subway because it is very long and difficult to do a quick walk in case of rain.

If you are traveling to Osaka for business or just for a leisurely day, then you should use the JR railway system. Both the subway and JR railway stations are near each other so it is easy to access.

Both the metro and rail lines depart from Shinjuku Station which is only a short distance from Osaka Castle. To reach your destination faster, use the combined transportation services!

When visiting Osaka on a day trip, take the train as it will take more hours to get back home than if you had used public transportation.

Maps of Osaka Castle

osaka castle

Osaka castle was built in the late 14th and early 15th centuries, during the shogunate period. It is one of Japan’s three oldest castles, along with Kyoto and Nagoya castles.

The inner part of Osaka castle was used as a military headquarters until 1868, when it became a royal residence. After that, it served as a palace and then as a military headquarters.

Today, you can visit the inner parts of the castle if you have enough time. You can also go inside some of the buildings if you don’t have time but still want to see an historical landmark.

One interesting building inside Osaka castle is the Daigo-jingi-in, named after Prince Daigo (1250-1300), who served as its resident priest for many years. The other notable building is Sanjō-jō, or Sanjo’s throne room.

Photos of Osaka Castle

osaka castle

Not all castles in Japan are picturesque. Some look like a giant head would come to life and start attacking its hapless victims. However, those that look good on camera get published, so why not us too?

Osaka Castle was built in the Heian period around 1194 and is one of the most recognizable Japanese castles. It is known for its distinctive shape, which was inspired by a rice castle that was popular in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Today, it is a national treasure and a must see for any visitor to Osaka. A trip to Osaka Castle is a must on every Japanese castle tour! You will be surprised how easy it is to visit Osaka Castle on your own, though. There are many things to do inside if you can’t bring yourself to go through the gates!

On top of being fascinating as an antique castle, Osaka Castle has become very popular with tourists today.

Video of Osaka Castle

osaka castle

A video is available showing off Osaka Castle in its entirety. It is a short video, only showing the center section of the castle and its surrounding area.

The video features subtitles explaining various parts of the castle as well as helpful tidbits on how to get to it.

You can find the video below.

So why is this important? Because this piece of history is a valuable part of Japanese culture that you should know about! The castle was built in the 14th century as a military stronghold and home to the 5th duke of Aikoku, who ruled from 1332-1342 and 1351-1359.

Because it is such an important historical landmark, visiting Osaka Castle is not just for tourists — everyone must visit at least once in their lives! You can do this by going up to the top or by taking a tour which takes you through all five levels of the fortress.

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