Travel Malaysia Restrictions

Traveling to Malaysia is a great way to learn about the country as well as earn some points for your trip. You can also find out if it is restricted or not in this article.

Both Northern and Southern Malaysia are home to rich cultures, making it an exciting place to visit. There are many religions in Malaysia, which creates some interesting opportunities for fellowship.

Since the country is quite large, it is easy to get overwhelmed at times. There are restrictions on what you can and can’t do in Malaysia, so you will need to be careful. Luckily, we have made this article that includes some helpful tips for you to read and take care of yourself before you go!

Doing something that may restrict you may actually be fun as well as useful.

Restrictions on working in certain industries

travel malaysia restrictions

Although Malaysia has a modern, vibrant economy, it also has a serious labour shortage. Companies are required to have permission from the government to hire people over the age of 18, and they must be paid over the minimum wage.

This can be frustrating for those who want to work in an ethical and responsible industry, but cannot yet legally recruit workers. For example, young adults searching for positions within the environmental or social responsibility fields frequently encounter restrictions on their job application content.

There are two main restrictions on the job market for people with legal or non-legal degrees: jobs in public administration or private sector employment. In general, legal professionals find it more difficult to earn money than non-legal professionals due to the higher education fees required to become an administrator or professional in today’s market.

Restrictions on gambling

travel malaysia restrictions

While Malaysian citizens cannot be exposed to any form of gambling, there are some restrictions on the types of games you can play.

Most notably, there are no slot machines or gaming consoles available to the public. However, table and computer games are common.

Many new games are introduced yearly by the gaming association to be shared with the public. These are usually restricted to only online play at present.

Other restrictions include: no live-action or motion picture theaters, no televised sports channels, and no live-action television programs over an hour in length. Only PBS and local stations can broadcast longer than that!

Another important restriction is on signage for gambling establishments.

Malaysia is a Muslim country

travel malaysia restrictions

One of the most notable aspects of Malaysian culture is its emphasis on family. This comes partly in form of traditional values such as faith and partly in the way people treat each other.

Family is highly valued in Malaysia and social norms place a high importance on maintaining relationships with your kin. This comes both offline and online, as kinship is widely valued and respected.

Traditional beliefs are also central to Malaysian culture. Many people believe that when you mix religion and politics that you get corruption, so political restrictions are rare. However, religious restrictions are more prevalent than political due to the influence of Western culture on modern day society.

As previously mentioned, Muslim is the largest religion in Malaysia, so travel to pray or visit a mosque is restricted heavily. However, there are ways to be close to God without falling into idolatry or sin.

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Some countries have restrictions on travel to Malaysia

travel malaysia restrictions

There are several countries that have restrictions on travel to Malaysia.

Need a visa to travel to Malaysia

travel malaysia restrictions

As mentioned earlier, you need a visa to visit Malaysia. There are several types of visas that Malaysian authorities grant, including diplomatic, business, student, and tourist.

If you are a foreigner who needs a visa to travel to Malaysia, you can pick up your visa in Kuala Lumpur or Penang. Both cities have highly developed tourism sectors that cater to foreign visitors.

However, if you are a citizen of Malaysia who wishes to travel abroad without getting an exit permit, you must use the nearest Malaysian embassy or consulate. There is no exceptions made for citizens of other countries!

Visa-free travel between Malaysia and neighboring countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, and China does not apply due to distance reasons. Instead, restrictions apply on arrival and departure locations.

Check the latest travel warnings before you go to Malaysia

travel malaysia restrictions

The Malaysian government issues regular travel advisories to help guide its citizens when travelling in their country. These include health warnings about the tropical weather, elevated traffic fatalities, and the threat of crime.

Most official foreign travel advisories are issued around Valentine’s Day through March, so be sure to check these before travelling to Malaysia.

If you are affected by a warning, it does not mean you are doomed to travel in safety daze though. Several deaths have been attributed to Touristitis, as have several visits from local citizens seeking relief from tourism-related stress.

Know the emergency numbers before you go to Malaysia

travel malaysia restrictions

There are two emergency numbers in Malaysia: the police and the lifeguard. The police can help you if you are in trouble, but they will charge a fee to come to your aid.

The lifeguard can save your life even if he or she does not charge a fee, so it is best to have them. Even though the police may not come to your rescue in an emergency, having the lifeguard is important.

As mentioned before, the Malaysian military can be called for assistance. This includes dialing 112, which is Malaysia’s emergency number. Although this number works anywhere in the world, we recommend using it in countries with terrorist threats because you get fast response!

Having both of these numbers on hand is a good way to plan for an emergency.

Keep your belongings safe while traveling in Malaysia

travel malaysia restrictions

While traveling in Malaysia, you should keep the following in mind.

Keep your passport and card safe. These documents are necessary while in Malaysia, so do not make the mistake of leaving them at home!

Keep your travel insurance coverage. The Malaysian insurance companies do not play nice if you forget to bring your policy.

Keep your cash and debts hidden. While Kuala Lumpur is a decent city to live on a deep-pocketed cashording plan should be maintained while in Malaysia is crucial.

Use an international credit card. Using a Discover or Visa credit card will help hide your finances from the Kuala Lumpur Capital City Bank (KLCB) network and prevent any checks or charges on your account.

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