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Zumanjaro…Are You In?

six flagsThere are all kinds of ways to add excitement to your life.

You could get a flashy car. That’s super expensive.

You could go on a sensational trip. That’s hard to plan and expensive.

You could have a stimulating romance. Not expensive but can be tough to accomplish.

These are all great ideas but take a lot of money, time, and luck.

How about this:


It sounds like it might be a far-off adventure in Africa but it’s actually much closer to home, not expensive and super-easy to accomplish!

Zumanjaro is a brand new ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.

It’s 41 stories tall and connected to the Kingda Ka roller coaster (another thriller).

Here’s how it works…Zumanjaro hoists you up 415 feet (that’s higher than Big Ben and 2x as tall as the Statue of Liberty) and then plummets you back to Earth at 90 miles per hour while Kingda Ka is launched right toward you – at the same time!

Check it out here:

This ride is amazing. You are so high, you can see Philadelphia’s sky line which is 52 miles away, but look quickly because you only will have a few seconds up there.
six flagsZumanjaro: Drop of Doom was recently named the No. 3 most thrilling ride in the U.S. according to USA Today.


While you’re there, since Zumanjaro makes you think of an African adventure, you can also check out the Safari Off Road Adventure. This interactive “ride” takes you up-close to 1,200 animals from six continents including elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes, lions, bison, kangaroos and more.


six flags


Now, this sounds like more my speed.


Here’s what happens to me on rides like Zumanjaro…
-1- I look at the ride from far away
-2- I get nervous.
-3- We get closer to the ride.
-4- I get more nervous.
six flags-5- We get in line.
-6- I try to think of ways of getting out of going on the ride.
-7- I bring some of the ways up to the people with me.
-8- None of them work.
-9- We get closer to our turn.
-10- I think I’m going to pass out or cry or cry while I’m passed out.
-11- I get on the ride.
-12- I take deep breaths and think happy thoughts.
-13- The ride begins.
-14- I HAVE FUN while at the same time thinking I’m going to die.
-15- The ride is over.
-16- I can’t stop talking about how awesome the ride is.
-17- I feel super proud of myself.


Is that how it works for everyone? Does everyone go through a process like this? I think not. I think people just get in line and are excited. Ride the ride and have fun.


I’d love to know what happens to you on these rides! Fill me in 🙂


Although all opinions are my own, Six Flags gave me the opportunity to present this ride to you. For more information, visit or call 732/928-2000.

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