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Writing Secrets

IMG_1101As I focus more and more on my writing, I’m interested in other writers processes, their juicy writing secrets. How they write, when they write, where they write, how they overcome obstacles, when they decide to stop editing, where they get the optimism to keep going after criticisms and rejections.

If I’m interested in others, I thought others might be interested in me. Okay, I know…probably not but if I share others might feel obligated to share too. Okay, I know…probably not but regardless, I’m sharing!

How, When and Where I Write

I write in the mornings at Panera. I write directly to my computer.

Sometimes, I write in the afternoon but find my mind clearer in the morning and I’m able to focus much better.

I write at Panera because I don’t love writing at home. I find it distracting. That seems to be counterintuitive since Panera if filled with talking adults and sometimes screaming kids but the nagging things to do at home are even more distracting.

I used to write on paper and then transfer it to the computer. That worked in some regard because I would edit as I typed but my fingers got tired and cramped. It would limit my writing time so I switched directly to the computer.


Books I’ve Found Helpful Related to Writing

Book In A Month: This booked helped me immensely when it came to structuring my thoughts and book ideas. Trust me, I’ve never written a book in a month. ¬†I know there’s lots of NaNoWriMo peeps out there but it’s not for me. If you are one of them, you might want to consider this book.

The War of Art: I love this book. It put all my fears in check. It let me know, I wasn’t not alone in my crazy thinking. It gave me courage to continue and it pushed me forward. I recommend it highly.

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: This book provides great insight into editing in an easy to read format. It provides exercises and answers (in the back, no cheating).


Books I’m Reading

They say reading helps your writing. I’m taking that seriously. Here’s a list of books I’ve read this year. Let me know if you have other suggestions.


My Biggest Secret

I’m deathly afraid I’ll never be published…not self-published but published in a way my books are at Barnes and Noble or on sale at an airport. That seems like such an odd way to measure success but there it is. Sssshhh…don’t tell anybody!



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