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Who Is…Grantmakers In Aging in Aging (GIA) is an inclusive and responsive membership organization that is a national catalyst for philanthropy, with a common dedication to improving the experience of aging.

That seems like a mouthful, huh? However, this is an interesting non-profit organization who is looking to help our aging population.

They realize that soon one in five Americans will be over the age of 65 and they recognize that our society needs to improve because a society that is better for older adults is better for all people.

grantmakers in aging


The have a number of key initiatives.

GIA’s Age-Friendly Initiative has engaged multiple partners and funders to not just expand funding, but to change and energize local approaches to age-friendly communities. Find resources here.

Rural Aging Initiative: GIA is currently leading a multi-year effort to connect and support key players concerned with rural aging, and ultimately expand resources and services for older adults in rural areas. Find resources here

ReFraming Aging Initiative draws on original social science research commissioned by the Leaders of Aging Organizations and funded by several GIA members, to create a better public understanding of older adults’ needs and contributions to society, strengthen aging-related communications, and subsequently improve the lives of all people as they age. Find resources here.

The EngAGEment Initiative leveraged challenge grants to help teams expand local funding for older adults. The project resulted in more than $5.3 million granted from 22 foundations to address aging-related projects.

Grantmakers In Aging provides its members with a personal connection to key people, high-quality resources, and state-of-the art ideas about aging and all issues related to aging. Dedicated to promoting and strengthening grantmaking for an aging society, GIA is the only international professional organization of grantmakers active in the field. Check out how you can donate here!

Or consider volunteering. You could participate in the Membership Committee, the Program Committee, or the Finance Committee. They seem to have something for everyone.

Please note, I am not working for Grantmakers In Aging. My aim is to shed light on organizations that are dedicated to helping our aging community and hopefully, entice you to get involved in some capacity.

I’d love to know your thoughts on Grantmakers In Aging and ways you have participated in making our world a better place for everyone, especially those on the older side of life. Let me know in the comments section!


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